Buckle in

In Griot, Networking, News, Qui Audio Byte, Self Improvement on January 9, 2012 at 7:43 am

Alas it’s Monday: Holidays are over & school is back in session again.
I love my teen but miss “free time” for me … school days are my best friend.

Buckle in – it’s a new day and so much to conquer already.
I’m sipping jo while composing griot – My mind is alert and steady.

I’m back on the taxi stroll, I’ve got plenty of driving to do;
In search of a gig for my eldest kid – so we’re job hunting too.

She’s in the medical field, so I hope we’ll be in luck.
Independence is the goal – a bank account on swoll;
she needs to make her own bucks.
Being 20 and broke kind of sucks. lol!

She’s not the only one seeking a new gig – I’m looking to take on more clients.
The film industry skill is my element [for reel] … I stay current and compliant.

If you stay ready – you ain’t got to get ready” <— For this is my true motto.
So Buckle in for this Monday’s spin, a charted WIN is Good-To-Go.

Go for what you want. You’re the driver – so duly Buckle in,
I’m Qui

That shotgun she – riding with you & encouraging a WIN.

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  1. I love that caption! Good work!

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