Why he’s still important

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream –> a dream that he shared with us;
then life for him grew increasingly dim, and became much more difficult.

As if it weren’t enough that he was born non-white
He was given the daunting task of heading up The CIVIL RIGHTS.
A task that duly cost him his life…

But let’s just say, he hadn’t been born
and racism ruled with no civil alarms
and you and I shared no equality charms
and the word “unity” was still riddled with thorns.

The world would be different.

If Martin Luther King had not taken a firm stance
and declared equality for each and every man…

If he had not been progressively charting on that – his last day,
I don’t think we’d have to much to rally around and celebrate.

The world would be filled with even more unbridled hate.
I thank God for Dr. King’s bravery towards his life and his fate.

And that is why without deny we calendar acknowledge MLK.
He’ll always be important – as long as there’s more than one race.

His larger than life bust is a welcoming face.
I see Washington, DC went big with his memorial space.
I’ve got to get out and visit that place….
Race issues still need a lot of space.

A lot has changed since the year of 1968.
Our Commander In Chief has a charming brown face.

Possibility was born when that preacher had a dream.
That Civil Rights Preacher was Dr. Martin Luther King.

If you’re enjoying the betterment of race relations that forego ignorances sorrow:
Then let me see you waving your hands at any of the scheduled parades tomorrow.

I’m sure to be filming and enjoying the day,
I’m Qui
Glad to be in unity as we celebrate MLK.

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