A Happy Show for the 1st Lady MO

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Happy Birthday FLOTUS Michelle Obama

I can not say enough about this young lady – and there’s surely not enough good press
To describe the way she represents – so I thought a sisterly view would paint best.

I am but her sister, and it has nothing to do with the color of her skin.
I’m proud to call her sister because Michelle is from the stock of: WIN.

You can’t beat this sister doing good – she’s younger than the Pres, but did you know
she used to be his career mentor before he was ever her beau?

She courted the law first of all and Barack Obama was an addition to the game.
She shared with him knowledge that schooled him like college & ended up carrying his name.
Their core commonality: BIG BRAINS.

By no means is she a wall flower, though she knows how to walk with grace.
I love her position in the medias vision – she keeps a warm smile on her face.

Alas today is her birthday – so I had to compose a griot shout out.
I know it’s not “noted news”, but I’ll bet you there’s ‘gone be a party at the White house.

Oprah and Gayle ‘nem will likely be there & they’ll be toasting to positive hoop’la.
Mika from Morning Joe, Soledad, and Suzanne Maliveaux – but maybe not Rush Limbaugh.

I don’t know. I just wish my name was on the elegant guest list.
But because it’s not, I won’t be a snot – thus I’m sending my fondest wish:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLOTUSFirst Lady Of The United States,
I’m Qui
Glad to bear witness to thee and admiring your style and grace.

Click the PLAY BUTTON or Click HERE.

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