Water Cooler Chat

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News on January 24, 2012 at 11:58 am

The Indiana Pacers mascot breaks backboard on halftime dunk
The game had to move to another gym, but the crowd was crunk.

Seal & Heidi Klum have decided to call it Quits.
This is low news – because there public persona has been such a hit.

Joe Paterno has crossed over. He did so on Sunday
to the detriment indeed of the champion Penn State.

Everyone’s time will come – Everyone’s eventually gotta go.
But before you exit this lifetime, try this: healthier meatloaf.
It’s off topic but pretty good – Yo! lol!

Healthier eating is on the rise
as Super Bowl Menues grow bigger than your eyes.
Don’t let high cholesterol be your losing surprise.
Don’t waist it — WASTE IT! Grease & Fat aren’t worth your life.

No one wants to lose out because of that.
Now lets get back to the Water Cooler Chat
It’s always juicy when the headliners are black.

BlackPlanet is the snitcher and dare I say,
Todays juicy couture binds Amber Rose and Sir Kanye: — Amber Rose’s former publicist is putting her thieving ways on BLAST. Janero Marchand claims the stripper turned “model” stole money from him and others. And once Janero told Kanye West that Amber was stealing from him–THAT is what led to their break up. Not Kim Kardashian like Amber is claiming.

We spoke to Janero today to get more details….

Janero made some serious allegations today against his former client Amber Rose. He tweeted about not only introducing Amber to Kanye (whom he worked closely with behind the scenes), but about Amber stealing Janero’s “agent” cut when he booked her for ‘Ye’s “Robocop” video. She got paid $100,000 for the video, and he claims she stole HIS 20% cut as well! And was plotting to steal from Kanye too.

Mr. Marchand gave the additional juicy details. He revealed that Amber’s infidelity and stealing are the real reasons behind their breakup. And since he hates seeing how Amber is dragging other people’s names through the mud to cover her own wrong doings, he’s revealing ALL.

See while Amber Rose was stealing
Kanye was butt gripping,
and writing and taunting,
and later Kardashian flaunting.

Janero was the publicist
who took the $20,000 stiff
from Kanye’s ex-stripper Ms. —
who (now) stands super pissed.

She and Kanye are over
But Ambers frame is a shiny clover.
There’s some other dog (I’m sure) name Rover
that will find and ultimately hold her.

In Ambers life – not much will change.
Every dog like’s hand palming a nice frame. lol!

Ahhh, the lives of the ‘brown & upper crust’.
If I made it into a SOAP, would you eat it as much?

I’m holding up the Water Cooler like its study stand doesn’t work,
I’m Qui
Sipping filtered water and considering a soap opera flirt.

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  1. What’s wrong with people?

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