The kind of surprise I like

In Communication, Networking, News on January 26, 2012 at 11:14 am

Qui @ President Obama’s LIVE SPEECH at Intel 1-25-12

My guy invited me to lunch and was going to give me a surprise, but the cute lil’ Security lady at the front desk of the Ocotillo campus beat him to the punch:

Cute Security Lady: Wow! You’re quite the lucky guy. Congrats on the tickets.
Me: (lost in conversation, but aware that I’ve come up on some information that I DIDN’T KNOW. But I didn’t speak. My eyes grew bigger.)
My Guy: Well thank you so much.

Cute Security Lady: Gosh. I know of so many people that wanted to see him.
Me: (about to tinkle on myself, because I THINK she’s talking about ‘seeing President Obama’).
My Guy: No doubt. I’m excited.

Cute Security Lady: (noticing the size of my eyes), Oh. Did you know? You didn’t know? (Now looking at my guy) I’m so sorry. Did I ruin a surprise?
Me: (Reminding myself that I’m in public and not to act all black on ’em and start dancing – like I’m on a throwback McDonald’s commercial… I look at my guy in quiet excitement.)
My Guy: No, she didn’t know. I was going to surprise her with them over lunch.

Cute Security Lady: Oh gosh. I’m so sorry.
Me: I’m not! WOW! Peep: My Tickets!

I smiled the entire lunch hour. That’s the kind of surprise I like and Tuesday afternoon was the best! Of course I was up at the crack of dawn Wednesday morning prepping to be a part of HISTORY on so many levels: 1) Seeing The President Of The United States LIVE & in person. 2) Seeing The 1st Black President of the United States. 3) Seeing The President ‘the day after’ he delivered such an incredible State Of The Union Address. 4) All of this, on the very day that Congressman Gabby Giffords Resigned.

I just moved to South Arizona – I was praying and pulling for her God speed recovery and return. She’s recovering well, and like Congressman Wasserman Shultz said yesterday, ‘We look forward to her return someday’.

I was there, behind Fab 32 watching the president re-iterate his State Of The Union Address and encourage us to move forward and be progressive, and to stay in touch with congress about where we want the country to go. He was very thorough and to the point. He had a certain charm about him. Confidence was solid. You couldn’t help but feel comfortable in his presence.


President Obama Speaking at INTEL in Arizona 1-25-12

The good that President Obama has accomplished and is in the process of accomplishing during his administration is incredible. No one is perfect and he’s certainly not magic. Laundry lists are best accomplished one issue at a time. It takes time to complete a laundry list.

Your president is at work – please be patient.

This week, so far has been a high for me.
Never mind the drink and who needs the weed.

I’m happier all the more, because all is going well,
I’m Qui
Appreciating The President & job creation at INTEL.

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