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Good to Go Network Shows

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Tomorrow the good show line up airs on ABC.
Check it out if you’re into vibing comedy:

First up to bat on Wednesday night
is SUBURGATORY and Cheryl Hines.

It’s about “A teenage girl who moves from the city to the suburbs.”
And everything sense worthy is thrown to the curb.
Her dad is single and his best friend is a DDS.
Cheryl plays “the flirtations neighbor in pursuit of man” best.

It’s family comedy in the prime of eve.
They live in the suburs… something like me.

The next show on the line up has big fam appeal
It’s MODERN FAMILY starring Ed O’Neill.
Please tell me you watch this – for it is a hoot.
Their family thing is a circus ring and the kids are really cute.

And if their multi scenario isn’t the show that moves ya,
Tune in to HAPPY ENDINGS starring Damon Wayans Jr.
Little Damon is all grown up – past his Major Payne debute.
He’s seriously funny like his dad & he’s also cute too.

Last on the line is quite the throw —
It’s ABC’s REVENGE served by Madeline Stowe.
Madeline is sexy and used to be so sweet.
Madeline is a b*tch in the Revenge series.
Check her out WEDNESDAY NIGHTS to see what I mean.

It’s always a pleasure for me to reach out and see
how many people are tube watching — like me.

Ooo Wee – I’m Qui
Watching primetime tv.

What are you watching on Hump Day?
Suburgatory @ 8:30 / 7:30pm C
Modern Family @ 8pm
Happy Endigns @ 8:30
Revenge @ 9pm
on ABC

The Weak End…

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How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good.
I perused through the news of our global hood.

I found a couple of pieces I thought I would share.
US NEWS MSNBC is responsible for the columns air.

The first story is rooted in the kink of my hair – HOT like convection.
It’s regarding a pageant for browner complexions. A black reflection:

African-American ‘complexion’ pageant outrages many in St. Louis
St. Louis residents expressed outrage this week over a “Battle of the Complexions” contest scheduled for Friday night, but the event’s promoters said they organized it to honor African-American women and regretted any “misunderstanding.”
The event was set for 9 p.m. local time (10 p.m. ET) at a nightclub in St. Louis. Promotional materials, including the poster pictured at right, promised a contest to see which African-American women are most attractive — those with light skin, those with brown skin or those with dark skin.
“This is the most debatable topic of the year, whats the sexiest skin complexion?? So ladies come out & lets settle this!!” the promoters — Mack TV, a video and music promotional company, and a local “men’s entertainment” promoter calling himself Nelly Da’Celeb — said on a Facebook page for the event, which is not linking to because of extreme language. Click US News MSNBC to finish this brown tale.

Another racy story – though this has nothing to do with race, but rather a random DC fool–
who tried to steal a marked secret service car parked in front of Obama’s daughters school.
A stupid move that proved to not be so cool:

Man tries to steal marked Secret Service car outside Obama school
WASHINGTON — U.S. Secret Service officers arrested a man who allegedly tried to steal a Secret Service car outside the school where President Barack Obama’s children attended classes, officials said.
The uniformed car was parked near Sidwell Friends School in the 3800 block of Wisconsin Avenue Northwest when the man tried to drive away with it abut 2:30 p.m., according to the Secret Service.
The man, identified as Josh Gibson, quickly was taken into custody and taken to D.C. police for processing. He was charged with carjacking.
The incident had nothing to do with the school, officials said.

So the weekend was weak on a front or two,
I’m Qui
Glad that it’s Monday. I feel stronger with you.

All in ‘they Kool Aid

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So Chris Brown and Rhianna have a new slamming collab out – have you heard it? Jam It!

It’s the first kind of public interaction they’ve had in a long time. I like the song and wish them both well– but they’re not a couple. They’re just two artists jamming in out the studio. They are not an item…not a couple. In fact, Chris is currently in a relationship with Karrueche Tran. And even though he’s been spending time with Rihanna as of late, Karrueche says she and Chris have an “open relationship” – so no stress.

Don’t start none – won’t be none,
Karrueche seems like she’s a lot of fun.

It’s about time women understand,
just because you date him – doesn’t mean you own the man.

Just because he dates you – you are not on “Ye ball and chain”.
Relax and take it easy – your coolness won’t be in vain.

Karreuche is doing the dang thang & she’s doing it dating Chris.
He’s not compliant in returning her calls quickly. But she’s still the GF Ms.

He comes and goes as he pleases. Including kicking it with Ms. Rih-Rih.
Karrueche is right not worry – for Karrueche is a hot little she.
Oooo Wee.
Something tells me, that after Chris B.,
she’ll easily rebound with another “popular he”.

And so all is well. And no foul funk.
Unless you count The FIGHT INVITE -Twitted by @CMPUNK.

He doesn’t like Chris from the time he put his hands on Ms. Rih.
CMPunk took it seriously and can’t let things be.

He said he’ll choke Chris out – he said so in no verbal rage.
I believe CMPunk is a wrestler on a professional ring stage.

He’s not the only spectator that seems to have something to say.
Chris and Rihanna have moved on but folks are still All in ‘they Kool Aid.

And because of … they will continue to get paid.

Kiss Kiss
I’m the ‘Don’t drink kool aid’ Ms.
I’m Qui
Wishing all parties involved the happiest bliss.

Hospitality and Hugs

In Communication, Griot, News, Politics on February 19, 2012 at 9:44 pm

What Michelle Obama did the other day
when the White House Tourists came her way:

February 16th, 2012

In a stunning checkered dress and sporting a warm glow –
visitors were greeted with HUGS from Mrs. M.O.

And that’s the way we do it in the USA – yo!,
I’m Qui
Hospitality and Hugs, the Obama’s are good to go!

Funny Commercial Break

In Communication, Griot, Networking on February 16, 2012 at 10:25 am
Funny Commercial Break

Geico's Marketing and Advertising Department ROCKS!

When you think SAVING MONEY – does Geico come to mind before coupon clipping and cutting back on miscellaneous spending? Well Ronald’s got ya’ beat. Saving money means so much to him, he’s taken to the stage to karaoke about it. I think the Geico Advertising and Marketing department personnel are some of the best! Anytime is a good time for a commercial break laugh.

I (like the next girl) do love saving money,
Though doing it Ronalds way seems refreshingly funny.

Please take time to listen to his karaoke words,
and peep the way he demonstrates his profile verbs:


Check me out
Everybody says I have a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip.

5 foot 10…

My sign is Sagittarius – I’m into Spanish Cheese
My hair line is receding but I’m getting a weave.
[getting a weave]

Who wants some Ronald tonight!?

Gieco rules and definitey grabbed my attention,
I’m Qui
and I dig it thus I had to share the mention.

Who wants some Ronald tonight?


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And I’m not just talking about his smooth bald head, but have you seen Nick at work? He’s some kind of attention holder. Have you caught a CBS HEALTH POP video yet? They’re so full of medical insight and Nick is the host telling the tale. The information is serious and Nick is a hoot.

What a great way to be informed.
Old baldy has a lot of charm:

Click the pic to see Health Pop: Sex, Booze and Bad Decisions

His web presence yells: DIRT! but no foul or harm.
His web presence could be comparable to a PSA alarm.

Nick is no rookie – and markets himself best.
Nick is a business man who’s renting his charms to CBS.

Yes! He’s got a pretty cool thing going.
I’m Qui
trying to be like Nick & global seed sewing.

Picking and Choosing

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Don’t wait for someone to ask you to be their sweet.
Beat them to the punch and invite them out to eat.

Stop by the store and buy a box of candy –

And put it on the desk of your office flirt fancy.

Why not?
Make this Valentines Day hot!

Don’t wait for exciting to happen to you – INVOKE it.
If there’s a cutie you’re digging – then SHOW IT.

(The next verse only applies to all who are grown,
got a job, paying your bills and a place of your own)
We’re all mature here – so please don’t be vexed
when I ask you “When was the last time you had sex”?

I’ll bet – I’ll bet that that’s too long.
Go grab your Valentine and embrace ’em strong.

Make dinner for them when they come home.
Go above and beyond and reap you “some”. lol!

I think I will duly take my own advice and make today real nice,
I’m Qui
Encouraging thee, to Pick and Choose a Valentine you MORE THAN like
and make a good night.

…And an even better breakfast tomorrow. Ow!

Click the PLAY button to hear Qui say it

The power grid tripped…

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My Saturday had been going along well, there was the ZUMBA class that morning, lunch with two of my most beloved peeps in the world, a little shopping and then home, where I fully intended to keep the feel good party going. A couple of hours into the domain thing and my 14 year old kid knocks on my door and says, “Mom, who’s Whitney Houston?” I was shocked she’d ask. I thought maybe the child has fallen and bumped her head. I replied, “How do you mean? Are you okay?”. She responded, “Yes, I was just wondering if she’s the singer you love so much…” I interrupted with “Yes she is and you love her too”. My favorite teen then said, “I’m on FACEBOOK and everyone keeps saying ‘RIP WHITNEY HOUSTON’…” She kept talking, but I faded out of conversation, picked up my iPhone4S and read the news for myself: The first article (I saw) listed on google.

It was as if the power grid tripped. I think I subconsciously blacked out for a few seconds. I was still conscience, but totally unavailable for thought … forget a comment. I didn’t speak for a minute or two. I just sat there. I felt lightly nauseous. I was breathing shallow. Then my good mind kicked in and told me to breathe. I enhaled (big) through my nose and exhaled through the lips. That’s when I heard my daughter saying, “Mom?” I looked at her and said, “Yes, it’s the singer. It’s not a mix up. She’s gone.” I didn’t cry. I was nauseous. Truth was in the room and the lights were on. How sobering. For so long “sober” eluded the topic.

I’m melancholy with sober right now.

My heart goes out to Bobby Brown. Bobby was in Mississippi about to perform with NEW EDITION when the news broke. He missed the first number they did, because he was obviously yielding grief. However, he was able to join the ensemble on the second number, paid honor to Whitney, then sang TENDERONI (solo) in her memory. Read more about Bobby’s reaction here.

My maternal heart goes out to Bobbi Kristina. I can’t imagine her pain. I wish the SISTER COMMUNITY, (Super Star sisters that loved and closely befriended Whit, like Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, and Oprah – even) would look after her. Kind of like God Mothers. You know? Say Bobbi K want’s to go into the music business, she may not be a singer, but maybe Mariah Carey or Jennifer H. could use an intern. Or maybe Bobbi K wants to go into television production, maybe Oprah could facilitate an internship at “OWN” or something. It’s a good idea – right? I just don’t want us as a people to pass Bobby K off as “grown”, knowing good and well, her life is highly comparable to that of a child star. Bobby K will surely suffer from her mothers passing in lows — that many of us will never know.

You can say what you want about Bobby Brown and Whit’s relationship. I do believe he loved her. I do not blame him for her demise in any sense. Whitney was a grown woman. I’m a grown woman. My choices are my own. My being the operative word. Whitney loved Bobby – through right, wrong and indifference. And the details therein — are none of my business. I wish every life to be happy. Life is too short to live it any other way. It’s your life. Spend it the way you want to. Blame no one for the way your life was spent. It’s yours. Other folks have theirs to live. Be happy. Love. Live. Whitney did.

The power grid tripped and the lights went out.
But it was only for a moment and no reason to pout.

Whitney was my Leo sister and I too followed her moves.
Whitney was grown and her decisions were her own – she had her own groove.

She loved Bobby hard and made Bobbi Kristina out of love.
Her very existence was a blessing in itself – her voice: a strong vocal hug.

A force to be reckoned with. Linger not on her death.
Whitney loved life, and left us with her absolute best.

Beyond the recordings that will make us remember the lady,
Let us rally around the surviving ex-husband and baby.

Let’s not blame anyone for anyone – In the end – it doesn’t matter.
Let us embrace Kristina with a support’ful demeanor via positive history chatter.

Let’s be a community who can positively handle lifes low grips,
I’m Qui
Surely missing Whitney – the reason the power grid tripped.

So I went to see the Doctor

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It was Friday night and I was online researching “dancing”, in search of taking on a new physical activity. That’s when I came across DANCE DOCTORS in Gilbert, Arizona. I’m no dancer and the last time I took interest in a dance class was 1998. I joined a SWING DANCE CLASS and as fun as it was having my big behind thrown around the room by young men half my weight – I eventually forgot about our meetings and ended up forfeiting the benefits I could’ve reaped from the group.

So here we are 14 years later and I still have the bug. Surely Dance Doctors can help me conquer the crave via a ZUMBA class. Right? So I went for it. I sent them an email from their website and the instructor called me back within the hour.

The class only costs $7.00 for one hour of ZUMBA. I had $14 dollars on me and a 14 year old child riding shot gun. The class started at 11 a.m. on a Saturday morning – the kid and I showed up at 10:30. ‘Talk about anxious. Ten minutes later Stephanie, (the class instructor) shows up and promptly at 11 a.m. we were warming up our bodies preparing to be choreographed. Stephanie is young, hot and energetic – before we began I was praying for strength. lol!

We ZUMBA’d for 70 minutes non stop. No commercials – No pause button. There was also a student/instructor in the class named Debra. ‘Talk about Sexy. Between Stephanie and Debra I was trapped and resorted to dancing it out, trying to parallel their level of Zumba aerobic sexiness. Oh it was rough (the entry level of challenge), and when I looked up at the mirrored wall…I looked rough too. But guess what? I never stopped. I didn’t break. I didn’t sit out a dance. I went through the entire 70 minutes. Partly because I felt strongly about “If you want to look like Stephanie and Debra…45-55 minutes of dance will not cut it. WORK IT OUT QUI.” I was resilient. I came and I conquered. Of course I wore my body media arm band and once home I hooked it up to the MACBook Pro and saw that I burned 1000 calories. 1000 calories? Whoo Hoo! That is going to look great NOT going into my new pair of jeans. I left those calories with the Doctor – on the Dance room floor. I feel so sexy, so (on the road to being) sleek and so empowered today. Have you seen the doctor? I’ll see them again next Friday. Ay Caramba!

How are you shaping up for Spring? You know it’s around the corner…

Swing Dance, Salsa, Hip Hop or Rumba,
If you like to dance – go on & Try ZUMBA!

Solving Diane Jenkins Murder

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Have you been watching The Young & The Restless? Are you following the story line closely? Recently video surfaced of Nikki Newman fighting on the pond bridge with Diane Jenkins. Deacon shot the film and edited the footage to appear that Nikki killed her. And even though the authorities have a locker full of evidence, (including Deacons cutting room floor footage), they still came to the conclusion that Nikki did it.

Don’t be fooled by the writers attempt to have an “invisible hand”. Please tell me you remember the zip lock bag Ronan flaunted that had the syringe in it? Diane had a drug in her system, and though the name of the drug escapes me, it was the same drug that Patty poisoned Jack and Genevieve with on Thanksgiving Day. Remember that? I do. I DVR’d it.

So the writers have seemingly closed the case by blaming Nikki Newman and then “conveniently” dropping the charges on her in the name of “self defense”. Ok. Really? THAT NEVER HAPPENS in real life and what happened to investigating the owner of the syringe or the drug that Diane had in her system that slowed her heart rate & facilitated her death?

A note about “the video” Deacon made showcasing Nikki with the bloody rock and Diane’s lacerated head: I do believe Nikki picked up a rock and hit Diane in the head, but I don’t think that’s what killed her. While Diane lie unconscious I believe Patty entered the scene, verbally expressed her dislike for Diane to her unconscious face and gave her an overdose of the drug. Then for whatever convenient reason, Patty dropped the syringe, allowing Ronan to find it, zip lock it and add it to official evidence.

Patty is once again whisked away to a prison hospital facility to sport a white huggers jacket in a room with down comforter walls. Much like the place Adam must her found her in – in the first place.

Oh yes! The real story still lies dormant waiting to future surface. You gotta love those Bells and the associate writers of this show.

The writers of the show are great at making trash appear envious and livable.
I’ve enjoyed the hoops and noted the loops but the writers hand was not invisible.

This isn’t Vegas yet there are slights of hands but the dealers aren’t clean,
I’m Qui
and if you believe Nikki did it – Maybe you’ve missed and an episode or a scene.

Trust me, Trust me –> Crazy Patty did it.
and in the future Nikki’s charges will be completely be omitted.