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Theo grew up and I love the way he REEDs!

I suppose Malcolm Jamal-Warner was like, “So if you didn’t like the idea of the Cosby Show…” where there was a black doctor successfully married to a beautiful black professional woman and heading up a well cultured family“…then you’re going to really take issue with two black doctors in a successful marriage, raising a family” and pretty much – cut from the same COSBY cloth.

It’s beautiful.

I used to love The Cosby Show. It opened up a world of NO LIMITS for me. I discovered the series when I was in the 9th grade [1985-86]. My kid is in the 9th grade now, and just discovered REED BETWEEN THE LINES. Ooo! Great timing & how relevant. I hope she finds NO LIMITS & Relevance in every single episode – like I did.

The cool thing is even though it’s clearly set in the 2000’s, the children of Dr. Carla (Psychiatrist) and Alex Reed (Univ. Professor) remind me a lot of the Cosby kids. The Reeds have a set of fraternal twins, (a girl and a boy) and a younger daughter. Style and individuality in wardrobe makes each one stands out and is vibrantly reminiscent of the 1980’s – something like Tempest Bledsoe, Lisa Bonet, and Malcolm J. used to dress.

RBTL is a comedy with real life social situations about being online, self-identity, self-improvement and other familial situations. Today BET channel is running a marathon of Season 1. Tune in and see yourself… tune in and see your kids. Tune in and see how nice lil’ Theo has grown up to be. He plays a great (and wise) dad. His character beyond The Cosby Show is nothing short of impressive. His physique follows suit. Ooo!

Had you seen him? Did you know?
Had you caught an RBTL episode?

Season 1 was a hit
Season 2 is coming quick.

Well actually I can’t find a date for when Season 2 begins,
But when it does, I implore you to tune in.

Don’t let Newt Gingrich go on believing
Blacks have no aspirations, beyond rapping and weeding.
Newt must be on a diet of “resin & seed” eating.

Anywho, REED BETWEEN THE LINES looks a lot like me and you,
I’m Qui
Digging the cast of ‘The Cosbys II’, because watching my reflection is what I’m into. Ooo!

  1. I’ve been an absent friend, but it’s nice to see you haven’t lost your touch!

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