In Communication, Networking, News, Science, TV Shows on February 15, 2012 at 8:38 am

And I’m not just talking about his smooth bald head, but have you seen Nick at work? He’s some kind of attention holder. Have you caught a CBS HEALTH POP video yet? They’re so full of medical insight and Nick is the host telling the tale. The information is serious and Nick is a hoot.

What a great way to be informed.
Old baldy has a lot of charm:

Click the pic to see Health Pop: Sex, Booze and Bad Decisions

His web presence yells: DIRT! but no foul or harm.
His web presence could be comparable to a PSA alarm.

Nick is no rookie – and markets himself best.
Nick is a business man who’s renting his charms to CBS.

Yes! He’s got a pretty cool thing going.
I’m Qui
trying to be like Nick & global seed sewing.

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