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Have you ever woke up feeling brand new?
Feeling like there’s nothing that you can’t do?

Have you ever felt limitless from your intuitive belly
and believed you could fly like the legendary R. Kelly?

I do.
I have that feeling through and through.

A Happy Weekend is what I’m looking forward to.
A united dialogue between the media, me and you.

Life has trials lined up that we all must go through.
Life has a great silver lining in all that we do.

Are you seeking it? Are you looking? It truly resides within.
Step away from the drama and reap A HAPPY WEEKEND.

In the midst of all that you’ve lost and you’ve gained…
In the midst of it all you can still call upon His name.

And He’ll be there.
Jesus is partial to making you feel better than fair.
Put your cares and your hands high up in the air.
Let reservation run free – like the wind in your hair.

I bid thee A HAPPY WEEKEND – because you deserve it.
Goodness will come your way, because you diligently serve it.

You give like you get. And good things are destined to come in.
I’m Qui
Feeling brand new with thee
– ready for A HAPPY WEEKEND.

Smile and be happy and let God work out all ills.
Stay prayerful and faithful and most of all – stand still.

This weekend is yours.
A Happy Weekend is your score.