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My teenager was watching it and

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I thought I’d share it with you.
What do you think of these two dudes?

I like a good skit, so I give the guys dap.
I suppose we’ll call this style: COMEDY RAP[?]

Why did the passenger dude go into “chic mode” and start stressin’?
And what was up with his face when he said, “Askin’ all them quetions?”

Laugh today and definitely Laugh tomorrow.
Do it as often possible when there’s no sorrow.

I saw My teenager watching it and I thought to share it with you,
I’m Qui
Happy to listen to anything that’s not enticing a young teen to screw.
Ooo! lol!

Is this APPLE rotten?

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Technology Leader isn't a leader at all...

I love chocolate candy and fancy fine sweets.
I love fresh fruit thats plucked from the tree.

I like doing my part and reaping my earned share;
I’d like the APPLE Corporation to be TAX FAIR.

I’d like for them to know that I am far from a whina’
and am really turned off by their manufacturing in China.

I tried to let it slip. I resisted to rant in the form of a blog log –
But then was most turned off to learn about their “Reno TAX dodge.”

I only own one Apple [MacBook Pro], though it cost me nearly 5g’s,
Now I’m over here wishing my workflow could grow via a [US manufactured] PC.

Those Apple Exec’s are good at being silent. They quietly flushed the China stink.
Shame on them for continuing to hem — as if the consuming public would never think.

I consume a lot of good stuff and I pride myself on being a base support.
I pride myself on flocking with birds that are US manufacturing sports.

I’ve always said, I love my Apple. It’s no secret that I fancy fine sweets,
I’m Qui
Wondering ‘Is this Apple rotten’ and where’s a good film producing PC?

Suze Orman knows Money

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on April 29, 2012 at 6:40 pm

Ultimate Money Tips
Suze’s new book outlines Financial DO’s and DON’Ts

I don’t know about you, but finances is one area I keep a close eye on. Listening to Suze ever so often helps too. Even though I’m not the chief financial officer around here, ‘I ought to be’, because I can not stand debt. Lucky for me, my guy hates it just as much, so we avoid it like the plague. Unfortunately for us, we’re currently in debt valley because of the last 3 years of recession, however, rest assure this time next year we’ll be sharply on course to hit the exit ramp. While reading EBONY Magazine, I came across Suze in her element: MONEY.

Suze’s the finance guru whose resume includes popular television shows, several best-selling books and a diverse portfolio of financial resources. But don’t think Suze Orman juggles it all at one time. “I believe multitasking is the ruination of perfection,” says the money expert whose latest endeavor is her own prepaid debit MasterCard, The Approved Card. Orman, who was born on the South Side of Chicago, is now a multimillionaire who has “seen it all” financially. The straightforward advisor notes that in todays challenging times, the unemployment rate in the Black community is almost double that of the national average. “[There are] many people living in poverty today [through] no fault of their own,” she says. “They lost their cars. They lost their homes. They lost everything. Why? Because they lost their jobs.”

There are also those of us who have money woes simply because we aren’t good stewards of our money. Whatever the case may be, Orman says there is no financial situation so bad that it can’t be fixed. She shares with EBONY five money tips some of which are in the updated version of her New York times No. 1 best seller The Money Class.

STAND YOUR TRUTH “in [many] African American families, when one person starts to succeed and starts to make money, [he or she] tends to [want to give] money [to relatives]. The problem with that is, [he or she has] $25,000 of debt on credit cards [and is] barely making it but gives $300 or $400 a month to the family. “Tell [your family and friends], ‘I’ve been putting this on my credit card because I just wanted to help you, but I can’t help you anymore because I don’t have any money’.”

LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS but WITHIN YOUR NEEDS Stop spending money you don’t have to please people you don’t like, Orman says, explaining what it means to find this financial balance. “Below your means’ is making a commitment not to spend every last dollar you take home. ‘Within your needs’ requires that you make a clear-eyed assessment of what exactly you were putting in that category.”

FACE IT TO ERASE IT Orman suggests facing your financial situation head-on. This means knowing how much you make, how much you owe and to whom you owe it. Orman says in The Money Class’, “Know your FICO score. If it’s below 700, you have some work to do. …you have just taken a giant step toward getting honest. Do not panic. Do not beat yourself up and do not give up. Making those numbers ‘work’ for you, is in fact the basis [for your financial future].”

TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU’RE MAKING Discussing how much you make brings about healthy dialogue and confidence to ask for raises or other monetary benefits. “Rather than operating in this secret, silent tomb of money… start to give a voice to who we are and what we have. Sometimes you are being so underpaid for the job that you are doing. Someone who’s sitting in the cube next to you [could be doing] half of what you do, making twice as much, and you don’t know that because we don’t talk about money.”

BEWARE OF QUICK FINANCIAL FIXES Orman says that money quick fixes, such as payday loan, aren’t just loans that accumlate interest; instead, they roll over every 30 days and become new loans. For this reason, she says it’s better to stop the costly cycle before it begins. “Your payday loan outlet has got to be x=ed out of your [financial] option. If you are in a situation where you have a bill that you need to pay, it is better not to pay the bill at all than to take a payday loan to pay [it].

Born and raised in Texas – for the most part my finances were sunny
but in the face of the recession I had to relocate to make any money.

The offer to make any money did not come swift or quick;
Unemployment reigned hard and survival was the daily trick.

We didn’t move in with momma and we didn’t call on dear old dad;
We did scrape and save every tangible dime we ever had.

Unfortunately there was a repossession but no blatant foreclosure in our face —
at least not before a job offer yielded us opportunity to move out of the state.

I don’t do payday loans. I can’t borrow money at 400%,
I’m Qui
watching my money closely – which is hard to do if the money’s spent.

Slow down & Count!


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No longer do you have to compromise on speed when you buy a sleek, thin laptop. Ultrabooks come with the power of 2nd Generation Intel Core processors (, and they’re less than 1-inch thick.

There are a few that come to mind off the cuff: Samsung Series 5 BPU530u4b-A01US with 2nd Gen Intel Core i5 processor, Dell XPS13-0015SLV with 2nd Gen Intel Core i5 processor, Toshiba Portege with 2nd Gen Intel Core i3 processor, and the Asus Zenbook UX31-RSL8 with 2nd Gen Intel Core i5 processor.

There are 3 things to look for when shopping for a new lap device: Performance, Style & Design, and Responsiveness.

PerformanceGreat multitasking power, supports 1080p Full HD movie downloads, HDMI outputs so you can watch on your HDTV and long battery life.

Style & Design1-inch thin. How much less bang do you want for your buck? lol!

ResponsivenessSSD’s. Not to be confused with and means nothing close to STD’s. SSD’s are a quick responsive asset. SSD stands for solid-state drivers.

Recently my 17″ MacBookPro with all the fixins broke down on me right in the middle of a MOTIONS class. Lucky me, I had to take a trip to the Apple store and take a seat at the Genius Bar. Nervous for sure. Turns out my video card was bad and unresponsive. The tech was so laid back, quick in diagnosis and cool. Then he said, the cost to repair the video card is $526.50. Knowledge is power – sure, but I just felt naked. Desperate and naked. Thinking (nearly aloud) ‘where in the world am I going to get that kind of dough from on a Tuesday night?’ another tech walks up, analysis the findings and says, while it’s true my warranty is up, (I purchased it in 2008), the replacement would be at no cost to me. Then he jargon’ed tech savviness to the other tech. I signed a contract of repair and was out of there. 7 days later, I’m back with my baby. Muah! She works like new. The Apple techs also cleaned my laptop like NEW! When I turned it on, it had a scuff mark atop of it. When I picked it up, I almost wanted to put it in a box, velvet, or at least wear gloves because it was so clean.

All the same, I now see the importance of having another lap device to lean on, to share the work load with besides my main piece. In her absence I used a DELL. It rode hard, but I missed my Apple. However, in these economic times my budget does not look like Apple money. It’s kind of sounds like it’s screaming pc money. That’s why I’ve been following pc technology of late.

So I ain’t mad at INTEL for doing their thing
and anchoring at the core of many scenes.

I’m not mad at APPLE for being good to me
as I reel this Final Cut legacy.
I am not mad at all.

I am however concerned that
Once you go Mac – you never go back.

I’m Qui
a technology she with a bit of a researching knack.
Can I go back?

Slow Jamming The NEWS

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Definitely enjoy it if your vision is comparable to a college students view.
Give it up for Jimmy Fallon and the POTUS in “Slow Jamming The NEWS”:

I jammed it last night and I’m jamming it this morning.
It’s fun to wake up to, if you need to kick the yawning.

Sing it out in slow form, and give the students a break on their loan,
I’m Qui
Cheering on any future help available – while I pay mine off on my own.

CALL, WRITE and/or EMAIL CONGRESS and say “Don’t raise my rates!”
Make clear that If they do ‘their current career may soon be up for debate’.

Because YOU VOTE! You will undoubtedly have the last say.

Register to VOTE today!

When the LEGEND becomes FACT

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Everyone knows “When the legend becomes fact – print the legend“, and so that’s exactly what Ed Piskor did. He put Fab5Freddy, Blondie and Lee Quinones into print:

Ed has been cartooning professionally in print form since 2005, starting off drawing American Splendor comics written by Harvey Pekar. His winning beginning has lead him to comic’ing the beginning of a history best told in print: HIP HOP. From comprehending ‘spray paint tagging’ to comic ragging – Ed is already a legend himself. Peep his comic point of view.

Welcome to the Brain Rot INTRO: Hip Hop Family Tree, Bull99 Becomes Fred Fab 5

How cool is it for Fab5’s freshness to be so chilled
that Ed would comic about it along side of SUGAR HILL?

That Blondie and The Clash would also be in the same said print,
reiterates that Fab is still a staple in our HIP HOP rent.

Ahhh the life of a legend. It certainly takes one to print one.
I’m Qui
Enjoying Mr. P. & Hip Hop History — by a long shot it is not done…

Sipping MONDAY Slowly

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I awoke this morning to an auto timed brew
exactly 50 minutes past the a.m. hour of 2.

I poured me a cup of jo and wouldn’t you know –
I sipped it in the company of Mica and Morning Joe.

Uh-Oh! They were talking WalMart. They said it wasn’t right
for WalMart to be rue’ing Mexico via crooked building bribes.

They were talking Newt Gingrich in his own spaced out words:
Touching on guns and politics — A lot of fat w/o gird.

I listened a little bit but then had to bid them adu
when I turned on the Wii to JUST DANCE 2.

I worked it outI worked it out & made the effort count for me.
By the time I finished (the 6th routine) I had burned 2000 calories.

I sipped ounces of water in between every song.
Thanks to my early caffeine sip – I was able to go long.

By the end I felt strong. By the end — I was empowered.
By the end I was pretty sure I needed a soaped up shower. lol!

It’s Monday again and it holds a lot of girth.
It’s Monday again, ‘sip it slow’ for what it’s worth.

President Obama is serving up an a.m. Holocaust speech
at the Holocaust Museum in the honor of being free.

Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur are still seeded with hate…
and should be brought to justice (like the TrayVon Martin case).

I’m still sipping jo and skimming the froth.
The burden falls on us all – humanities cost.

The world can take pride — when we all do our part
to uproot bad seeds and not take them to heart.

I’m Sipping Monday Slowly – for it’s within the early hours still,
I’m Qui
Realizing by the 24th hour there’s still an attainable renewable feel.

Let’s make it new again – make it part of your will.
This life doesn’t always have to be a battle up hill.
Good morning world:
This is my brew of a spill.

Negro Please!

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So I’m reading EBONY Magazine (in paper form because I’m old school) and on page 36 I see Henry Louis Gates Jr. discussing DNA and why the majority of us have Caucasion– not Native American– blood.
Adrienne Samuels Gibbs reports:

here is one major misconception that Black people need to stop perpetuating about our history, says Henry Louis Gates Jr., the boisterous Harvard professor, prolific writer and TV personality who is soon to unveil a new season of Finding Your Roots on PBS.
“In all my series and work, I’ve only found one guest who actually descended from a Native American,” says Gates. “The biggest myth in African-American genealogy is, “My grand-great grandmother had high cheek bones and straight black hair.”

He even gave away 10,000 free DNA testing kits to upper-class Black businessmen to prove his point. “Brothers in the streets say DNA don’t lie,” says Gates. “[At this event,] 1500 Negroes in three piece suits lined up all day to spit [into a DNA collection tube]. I told them, ‘None of you Negroes got Native American ancestry. Take the test and prove me wrong.'”

Turns out that most of us — no matter the curliness of our hair or darkness of our skin– have Caucasion blood, much like Branford Marsalis, whose DNA is explored along with Harry Connick Jr.’s this season on the series. Marsalis’ New Orleans ancestry was a rare case in which rape was not the reason why German blood was introduced into the family, says Gates. “Most of our mixed ancestry comes from slavery, but in this case, it was love.”

Gates came to his affinity for dispersing Black ancestral mythology through EBONY’s own Lerone Bennett Jr., the former executive editor who wrote Black history articles for the magazine for many years. Gates decided that he, too, wanted to be sure the truth of Blackness was studied and distributed.

He’s written several books over the past few years and been in the news repeatedly. He was doubly inspired to work hard because of his aging father, who passed away on Christmas Eve of 2010 at age 97. “I was trying to get a lot of work out for him so he could see some [of the] TV series and read some of the books. I didn’t get everything out, but I didn’t do so badly.”

This season, we’ll also learn about the ancestry of Wanda Sykes, Margaret Cho, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Kevin Bacon, Pastor Rick Warren and Robert Downey Jr. In seasons past, we learned that Chris Rock was 30% White; Don Cheadle was 19% White’ and most Blacks descend from on of 46 African tribes– with very different characteristics, hair textures, bone structure and skin colors.

It’s an interesting thing to ponder at a time when pop culture seems to be pushing the term “post-racial,” as if racism were dead. Several authors are publishing books on a so-called “new” kind of Blackness and “new” kind of Black person.

“I think we are in a class crisis within race,” says Gates. “Civil Rights led to affirmative action, which led to the new Black middle class. We have so many needs that we need all of our allies on board because we are in a prolonged struggle for the survival of our people.


I’m black and I know it-
My melanin tone shows it

Though my mothers fathers grandmother was Native American indeed.
And just in case I doubted it — he had a framed photo of she

that was displayed on the wall; his chief concern was for history to stick.
As a tot, I wondered why her stare had a glare & her neck was so thick?
Was she a big boned chick?

I never asked because my other adolescent questions about LIFE were so many.
Besides not many of the adult women in our family were all too waif or skinny.

I did not want to offend. lol!

And so today I am a thick chic and I am most sure we are related.
Whether or not I have a drop of her blood in me – I suppose could be debated.

If it were my grandfathers grandmother on my mothers side who was Cherokee
Does that mean there’s any DNA left from generation-to-generation to show up in me?

I’m willing to be tested.

I’m a fan of Prof. Gates, and a fan of tracing back historical seeds.
I’m Qui
Trusting in Grand Daddy’s word and his framed photo – so NEGRO PLEASE! lol!

NAT GEO bridges the globe

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One might think it’s the genius of satellite news that connects us all
but what about the animals world? Our view could have been stalled,
had it not been for those animal loving folk
Who shoot and produce for NATIONAL GEO.

What about Shaun Ellis “A Man Among Wolves”?
Who abandoned his human family? – but all for the good.

Have you seen the documentary? He’s raising a pack
of wolves in the wild – in their natural habitat.

He bought them from a zoo, because their mom wouldn’t nurture.
And assumed the role of Papa Wolf – his appearance could sker’ ya.

It’s such a selfless contribution for scientific reasons.
He films his progress often – across every season.
He even taught his young trio how to communicate via the howl,
A necessary language for them to survive in the wild.

I’m digging NAT GEO as learning can be a lot of fun.
I’m digging people who take on the challenge – people like Shaun.

Animals are different. Humans assume top rank.
I’m an artist like HOB, with WORDS I like to paint.

Our similarities are far greater than our differences so,
I’m Qui
An avid watcher of National Geo.
It’s great insight, you know?

Dr. Dre brought TUPAC to Coachella

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Watch it for yourself
then ask Coachella and INTEL:
What the hologram shell?!?

INTEL has been vowing that they have the magic stick
that could bring holographic scenes to life with one click.

Of course they didn’t do it alone
and this isn’t the first time technology has visually honed
someone into position to render entertaining bliss.
I remember Christmas 2011 when Mariah Carey did this.

She performed in 5 different places at once invoking Winter to feel hot.
Thus holographs aren’t really all that new but it was good to see TUPAC.

I watched it on YouTube and had to share it with you.
I feel like QUANTUM LEAP‘ing is close – what Dean Stockwell used to do
when Scott Bakula needed him to come through.

Dr. Dre didn’t just bring TUPAC back but he brought Nate Dogg too,
I’m Qui
A lover of Technology
who’s enjoying the holographic view.