NAT GEO bridges the globe

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Science, TV Shows on April 18, 2012 at 11:13 am

One might think it’s the genius of satellite news that connects us all
but what about the animals world? Our view could have been stalled,
had it not been for those animal loving folk
Who shoot and produce for NATIONAL GEO.

What about Shaun Ellis “A Man Among Wolves”?
Who abandoned his human family? – but all for the good.

Have you seen the documentary? He’s raising a pack
of wolves in the wild – in their natural habitat.

He bought them from a zoo, because their mom wouldn’t nurture.
And assumed the role of Papa Wolf – his appearance could sker’ ya.

It’s such a selfless contribution for scientific reasons.
He films his progress often – across every season.
He even taught his young trio how to communicate via the howl,
A necessary language for them to survive in the wild.

I’m digging NAT GEO as learning can be a lot of fun.
I’m digging people who take on the challenge – people like Shaun.

Animals are different. Humans assume top rank.
I’m an artist like HOB, with WORDS I like to paint.

Our similarities are far greater than our differences so,
I’m Qui
An avid watcher of National Geo.
It’s great insight, you know?

  1. Someone asked me the other day if I were raised by a pack of wolves. I responded, “No. I was raised by Shaun Ellis”.

    They were speechless. lol!

  2. Your skills remain as polished as ever! Great post.

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