Is this APPLE rotten?

In Griot, Networking, News, Science, Technology on April 30, 2012 at 7:50 am

Technology Leader isn't a leader at all...

I love chocolate candy and fancy fine sweets.
I love fresh fruit thats plucked from the tree.

I like doing my part and reaping my earned share;
I’d like the APPLE Corporation to be TAX FAIR.

I’d like for them to know that I am far from a whina’
and am really turned off by their manufacturing in China.

I tried to let it slip. I resisted to rant in the form of a blog log –
But then was most turned off to learn about their “Reno TAX dodge.”

I only own one Apple [MacBook Pro], though it cost me nearly 5g’s,
Now I’m over here wishing my workflow could grow via a [US manufactured] PC.

Those Apple Exec’s are good at being silent. They quietly flushed the China stink.
Shame on them for continuing to hem — as if the consuming public would never think.

I consume a lot of good stuff and I pride myself on being a base support.
I pride myself on flocking with birds that are US manufacturing sports.

I’ve always said, I love my Apple. It’s no secret that I fancy fine sweets,
I’m Qui
Wondering ‘Is this Apple rotten’ and where’s a good film producing PC?


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