Gotta Use Protection

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Technology on May 9, 2012 at 11:26 am

Always PROTECT & forgo the stress

Whatever your lifestyle — protect yourself, especially if you’re packing an iPhone 4S or any other smartphone. Because if you drop it you will be crushed… absolutely shattered. And like a hormone riddled teenager you’ll be standing there with an untimely incident on your hands.

Me? Before engaging in a purchase, I’m quick to ask, “Got an Otterbox?”. Don’t be shy to ask for protection.

Fashion is fad & protection is to be had, so I thought I’d post a few quick picks on the best cell cases to take cover with:

Sena Walletbook is perfect for whenyou must leave your iPhone on the table during a business lunch but don’t want others to see your scrolling text messages. The soft leather case, which folds over and snaps, has space for 3 credit cards and a couple of dead presidents. It’ll cost ya’ around $52.

OtterBox Impact series shell is the answer if you’re a ‘chronic dopper’. OtterBox is among the toughest in the business. There are harder shells out there, but these silicone cases feel good, come with a screen protector and fit in your pocket and it’ll only set you back about $19.95.

I own an OtterBox Impact and nothing protects my iPhone4S more from the rectified tile that is my home flooring. I’ve dropped my phone more than a few times and (Thank God – while knocking on wood), there’s been no damage to my cell phone device at all.

Ballistic’s Universal Sport Rugged Pouch is for the biker, blader, or ATVer in you.

It attaches to your clothing and offers heavy-duty protection; spot on for an active lifestyle.

It’s price is universally attractive too – it’ll cost ya around $19.99.

OtterBox Defender Sometimes an extremely hard case is what’s needed. The Defender series comes complete with fail-safes that virtually guarantee your phone will never crack upon contact with asphalt.

The cost of the Defender series is around $49.99.

Sena UltraSlim pouch case is a good bet for the fashionista who prefers a look-at-me cell case and doesn’t fret about dropping her phone. It’ll only cost ya about $29.99. You’ll certainly look stunning with this case, but if you drop it, you’ll just look stunned.

I’m an iPhone packing sister, trying to make a safe connection,
I’m Qui
and if you’re packing like me, you’ve: Gotta Use Protection.

Wrap it up
Scrap it up
The choice is yours.

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