The bus came and…

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking, News, Politics on May 17, 2012 at 6:44 pm

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So I wake up this morning to a couple of people gone.
Donna Summers and RFK Jr’s wife have exited for home.

One died of the lung cancer and the other asphyxiation.
Though crossing over on the same day is their current relation.

I don’t know what Mrs. Kennedy’s reason may have been – or what in life she couldn’t handle.
But there are many reasons to hang thyself/or be hung – per the ABC series: SCANDAL.

Have you seen any of the episodes? They’re certainly good to go!
No one navigates the political scene like Ms. Kerry. Woah.

Life is but a stage – each man his entrance and his exit;
Thus Donna Sommers and Mrs. Kennedy are in the same neighborhood nexus.

We’ll miss them both. I knew not of Mrs. Kennedy, but I do remember Donna S.
The year was 1983 when she and her daughter MiMi entertained us best!
No I didn’t go to the concert, but I was fortunate to catch the taped show.
Life was good in my suburban hood, I grew up on HBO. LOL!

So the bus came and the two ladies entered to reach the other side,
I’m Qui
Celebrating the moment
, because death is a normal in this game called life.

Word to the wise: Don’t accelerate your exit. God’s will won’t fail.
Besides if you believe the Bible– Suicide is a ride into hell.

I really and truly hope not….
Though suicide should never be your go-to opt.
Plan not ever to make it your final bus stop.

Live long. Be prosperous and always smile.
Life is no crystal stair but it gets better by the mile.

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