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Here’s ‘your watercooler crib sheet’ for the month… and it is as follows::

1) A Song for Trayvon
Chaka Khan Leads the Charge

Is it time for another “We Are the World” or “That’s What Friends Are For”? Apparently so, according to Chaka Khan. The supersongstress gathered an impressive group of friends together to record “Super Life” in honor of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed young mangunned down in Sanford, Fla. Eric Benet, Angela Bassett, Kelly Price, Kenny Lattimore and Boris Kodjoe are among the celebs who donned hoodies for the recording of the song.

2) Juneteenth
Free at Last!

June 19th lives on in our history because on that day in 1865, Texans finally got the news about the Emancipation Proclamation — two and a half years after it had been signed.

Junteenth is a holiday or has an official observance in more than 30 states, including Texas, Alaska, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin, Louisiana and Kentucky.

So toast with BIG RED soda pop and trade your raggedy clothes for something more upscale. it’s Juneteenth tradition

3) Best-selling Artists
No Bootlegging Allowed

In honor of Black Music Month, we scoured the records at the Recording Industry of America and found the handful of our artists who made the best-selling-of-all-time cut. No one is in the top 10, but the following made the top 100 list: Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Prince, 2Pac, R. Kelly, Jay-Z, Boyz II Men, Janet Jackson, Luther Vandross, Earth Wind & Fire, Sade and OutKast.

4) Black History Moment
Another African-American Invention

Edward T. Gilliam was the first Black man to earn a professional engineering license in the state of New Jersey. In 1976, as a mechanical engineer with Allied Chemical, Gilliam created a viscoelastometer, a device for testing solids in tire manufacturing that ultimately led to better ways to extend tire life. Despite such a significant breakthrough, a state official omitted Gilliam’s name when listing new licensees in a 1977 ceremony. Now 92, Gilliam (an uncle of former Pittsburgh Steeler QB Joe Gilliam and Boston College basketball coach Sylvia Crawley) was recently honored by the National Society of Black Engineers and touted for overcoming adversity and racism.

5) Oscar Update
Science Fiction Takeover?

Both Oscar winner Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis have told EBONY they would love to star in sci-fi movies, where they can expand their repertoires. Well, the wishes of The Help starts have finally been granted: Spencer is currently filming the thriller Snow Piercer a story about a rebellion staged by the few humans who survive global warming; and in March 2013, Davis will star in the movie adaptation of award-winning sci-fi novel Ender’s Game, a tale about a child who is trained to kill an alien race using video games that might not be games at all.

Ebony Magazine June 2012

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