In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Politics on June 8, 2012 at 12:51 pm

OMG! It’s been a long time
since I’ve hit you up in Griot rhyme
to talk about the mundane chimes
of our governing political minds
and the sensation of news media headlines.

Well the day is here and I can’t refuse
to lace you up with another NEWS PERUSE:

Prisoner swapping is on the table – I don’t know the Russian Colonels name
that wanted to be swapped out with our POW but it rattled John McCain.

Scott Walker get’s to keep his governing crown
Wisconsin’ers voted to keep him around.

The recall effort was an effort indeed well made,
though it’s official: union congregating is gone away.

Walker’s win may change the way your state bargains with its employees.
Like the right-to-work state of Texas equating to unstable cheese.
You can be hired for 90 days and then given a reprieve
Because “job creators” have a lofty “out clause” ease.

Someone has leaked out war secrets. Someone is a loose-lipped louse.
President O is appalled that folks are pointing to someone in the White House.

The story is surrounding the Cyber attacks and whose in-the-wrong.
The story headlines include Iran and our stealth moving drones…
our secret keeping isn’t looking too strong.

Romney isn’t at CPAC today with Chris Christie and other toast master GOP’s
to talk about stifling the forward futures of folks like you & me.

Ooo Wee. If Romney picks up more rich money – he’ll be a big KOCH & Associates machine.
So me and my friends better donate again to increase Obama’s steam.

Choo Choo!
I’ve got $5 on it — what about you?

The money will add up quick
If you and your friends will throw 5 in the mix.

Let’s make it happen

Former President George H. Bush will be 88 this week.
Regardless of my political party, I think the mention is sweet.

He was our 41st president – I pray God continue to enrich him to remain young.
I wish politics were a game of ALL PROSPER — and not a game of ‘just some.
I’m happy about the Presidents birthday. I wish the ‘royal fam’ lots of fun.
It’s truly an honor to have him pal’ing around at only 88-years young.

There’s really not that much news hanging around to chop at like timber.
Everyone is steadfastly focused on what’s going down in November.

Everyone has their minds locked on their presidential choice.
Everyone will hit the poles November 2nd to resound their voice.

Are you ready for the polls? We’ve only got 4 more months,
I’m Qui
Sealing this NEWS PERUSE with insight, sincerity and fun.

Happy Friday babies. Go out and let your hair down.
Celebrate like you’re Scott Walker – he still wears the crown.
Hate ‘the game’ not ‘the player’. Turn the frown upside down.


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