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Not to include fingerprinting and a mug shot, but it sure would be nice to add A NEW BOOK to his bowed shelved collection. Wouldn’t it? Instead of Dad spending all of his time “reading into what you meant by giving him another tie for Fathers Day” try gift wrapping a real page-turner or two for his reading enjoyment, like:

“REPOSITION YOURSELF: Living Life Without Limits” by T. D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes offers readers of the New York Times bestseller Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits a collection of scripture and quotes that provides the spiritual underpinnings of his message about applying Christian principles to adjust to the many changes that life brings.
Reposition Yourself, the narrative book, uses wisdom collected from more than thirty years of Jakes’s experience counseling and working with high-profile and everyday people on financial, relational, and spiritual creativity on the path to an enriched life filled with contentment at every stage.
Reposition Yourself Reflections collects the words that ground Reposition Yourself solidly in biblical teachings. Reflections is an essential keepsake, to carry with you in moments when inspiration and encouragement are needed.

“The BLACK MALE HANDBOOK: A Blueprint for Life” by Kevin Powell – Fwd by Hill Harper

Insight via a collection of essays for Black males on surviving, living, and winning. Kevin Powell taps into the social and political climate rising in the Black community, particularly as it relates to Black males. This is a must-have book, not only for Black male readers, but the women who befriend, parent, partner, and love them.
The BMH answers a collective hunger for new direction, fresh solutions to old problems, and a different kind of conversation—man-to-man and with Black male voices, all of the hiphop generation. The book tackles issues related to political, practical, cultural, and spiritual matters, and ending violence against women and girls.
The book also features an appendix filled with useful readings, advice, and resources. The Black Male Handbook is a blueprint for those aspiring to thrive against the odds in America today.

“The GOOD FOOD REVOLUTION” by Will Allen the CEO of Growing Power

In this book Will is teaching us how to feed a nation — naturally. Allen who is at the forefront of a movement that encourages and pays Black folks to gown our own food, tells his grassroots story in this book [Co-written by Charles Wilson]. Years ago, the former basketball player and corporate businessman bought a farm in Milwaukee, taught himself how to grow food and now teaches urban farming to others. His story is not only compelling but treatise on how our country supplies food and how the absence of a grocery store in your ‘hood is no excuse for not finding a way to feed your family good food.

“FATHERHOOD: Rising to the Ultimate Challenge” by Former Hawks center Etan Thomas

Thomas’ book-length personal essay about the importance of being a dad in this hard back. “FATHERHOOD” was co-written by Nick Chiles with a forward by Tony Dungy. The book intertwines essays from famous dads with Thomas’ own musings on topics such as reading bedtime stories and how his 3-year old hid the cell phone in an effort to get Dad’s full attention. Taye Diggs, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Yao Ming and Ice Cube are among the men who chime in on “FATHERHOOD”.

“A GOLDEN VOICE” by Ted Williams

Ted Tells his own story in “A GOLDEN VOICE: How Faith, Hard Work, and Humility brought me from the Streets to Salvation”, co-written with Bret Witter. He was a military man, a disc jockey, a drug addict, a homeless man and eventually he became a rediscovered man due to his remarkably deep voice. But insta-fame led to another fall from grace and another attempt at rehab. Williams’ tale is raw but poignant. His faith in God sustained him and, he says, is bringing him back to where he used to be.


FATHERS DAY is Coming [Mothers Day was first].
Invest in a dad & LITERALLY remind him of his worth.

Buy him a NEW BOOK and give him a FIRM HUG,
I’m Qui
– Wishing every DAD more LOVE.

[Fathers Day is June 17th]

  1. You’re such a helpful – and cute – blogger! Good work!

  2. Hey thanks for coming over to my blog…and my book reviews are at and I want to tell you I own TD Jakes books! What an amazing preacher…Joel Osteen is my #1

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