Black People need SUNSCREEN too

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow MakerDear brother with the clean bald head: Have you been wondering why the skin on the top of your head is peeling? And LaBella Mocha Sister: How’s that nose-peeling-thing working out for ya?

Forfeit the scaly and unhealthy look by regularly applying sunscreen to your [un]crackable cells of melanin. That means applying it throughout the day – like every 4 hours. I bracketed [un]crackable, because there has long been a syaing that “BLACK DON’T CRACK”. Well I’m black and um… in the face of global warming and the recent years loss of protective ozone layers, “Black is starting to crack”. But take heart, your resilient skin, just doesn’t have to turn into old shoe leather, SUN SCREEN SPF50 does wonders in protecting your mocha brown skin. The higher the SPF number the more it protects you from soaking up the suns rays. So what are the other [lower] SPF’s for? Sun tanning purposes. For our lighter skin fam [white people] who want to get a little bit browner [a tan], they might opt for a lower SPF, so that the sun penetrates a little bit, but you… How much browner do you want to get? You were born brown, now it’s your job to keep your beautiful skin in healthy and mint condition.

Sunscreens are actually multitaskers now a days and not just for sitting out at the pool or by beach. Science is going above and beyond UV protection and are adding other benefits of using their manufacturers products: from tacking blemishes to smoothing cellulite and wrinkles. These super sunscreens boast ingredients that will leave you beautiful and burn-free all summer long.

For instance:

Tired of body breakouts?
Greasy, heavy sunscreens are notorious for clogging pores and aggravating blemish-prone skin. To the rescue: a sheer-tinted formula that’s infused with lavender oil (like Philosophy Shelter Sunscreen, $20 for 4oz., at The oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help heal blemishes and kill the bacteria that can cause future breakouts. Plus, the tint conceals pimples and redness, so skin looks clearer on the spot.

Fed up with cellulite?
The sunscreen secret to smoothing and hiding lumps and bumps: a formula with sunflower oil and aloe that also contains a bronzer (like Australian Gold Spray Gel with Instant Bronzer, $9 for 8oz., at drugstores). The oil’s palmitic fatty acids lock in moisture, so skin appears smoother, while the aloe’s monopolysacchrides repair collagen for a firmer look. Bonus: The bronzer creates a golden glow that helps legs appear longer and leaner.

Can’t stand crepey-ness?
“The skin on the decollete’ is thinner, has fewer oil glands and is more vulnerable tot he sun than other parts of the body,” says Debra Jaliman, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City and author of Skin Rules. “When exposed to UV rays, this area incurs damage over time that results in fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots — all age tattletales.”

The fix: Try a sunscreen infused with reparative mango and papaya extracts, as well as a subtle shimmer, (like Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect, $10 for 6oz., at drugstores). The papaya’s papain enzymes help gently remove dead skin cells while the mango’s powerful antioxidants (vitamins A and C) promote rapid cell turn-over to plump wrinkles and lighten sun spots, says Dr. Jailman. What’s more, the shimmer cleverly diffuses light all over the chest making wrinkles and discoloration less visible. With daily use, you’ll see a softer, smoother decollete’ in as little as three weeks.

Black is Black and it will crack
If you don’t protect it. And that is a fact.

Brothers and sisters: Skin cancer is real.
Use the sunscreen to avoid burn-and-peel.

You don’t have to tan. Your melanin is nifty.
So when you buy sunscreen – make it SPF50.

I like to swim as much as the next,
I’m Qui
mindful to apply it
to my back and my neck.

The sun is real. It’s a scorcher-hitter plus
I don’t want a black neck like Forest Whittaker:

Bernie Mac cracks a joke on Forest W.’s neck

[Ref. First For Women Magazine]

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