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ICE-T on The ART of RAP

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It’s still lunch time in the life of RAP MUSIC and while reading Ebony Magazine [July 2012], I came across a caption that read, “Where’s the beef? Finally, a documentary focusing on the process of Hip-Hop”.

Sounds interesting enough. It caught my attention – so I read on: here to read more

Introducing The ALCHEMIST

I first learned of the book, “THE ALCHEMIST” by Paulo Coelho a few years back when Will Smith raved about its simplicity on The Tavis Smiley [Talk] Show.

Had you ever heard of the book …Click here to read more


Negro Please!

So I’m reading EBONY Magazine (in paper form because I’m old school) and on page 36 I see Henry Louis Gates Jr. discussing DNA and why the majority of us have Caucasion– not Native American– blood.
Adrienne Samuels Gibbs reports:

here is one major misconception that Black people need to stop perpetuating about our history, says Henry Louis Gates Jr., the boisterous Harvard professor, prolific writer and TV personality who is soon to unveil a new season of Finding Your Roots on PBS.
“In all my series and work, I’ve only found one guest who actually descended from a Native American,” says Gates. “The biggest myth in African-American genealogy is, “My grand-great grandmother had high cheek bones and straight black hair.”

He even gave away 10,000 free DNA testing kits to upper-class Black businessmen to prove his point. “Brothers in the streets say DNA don’t lie,” says Gates. “[At this event,] 1500 Negroes in three piece suits lined up all day to spit [into a DNA collection tube]. I told them, ‘None of you Negroes got Native American ancestry. …click here to continue


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Facebook: Friends and Lovers

The social networking site could be the best (or worst) thing to ever happen to your dating life. Follow these do’s and don’ts.

In addition to helping families, classmates and co-workers stay in contact, Facebook has a huge impact on building intimate relationships. But that’s not to say it makes “the love game” any simpler; in fact, it adds another layer of complexity. Ignore certain unspoken rules, and you’ll face severe consequences. …click here to continue


Black People need SUNSCREEN too

Photo Flipbook Slideshow MakerDear brother with the clean bald head: Have you been wondering why the skin on the top of your head is peeling? And LaBella Mocha Sister: How’s that nose-peeling-thing working out for ya?

Forfeit the scaly and unhealthy look by regularly applying sunscreen to your [un]crackable cells of melanin. That means applying it throughout the day – like every 4 hours. I bracketed [un]crackable, because there has long been a syaing that “BLACK DON’T CRACK”. Well I’m black and um… in the face of global warming and the recent years loss of protective ozone layers, “Black is starting to crack”. But take heart, your resilient skin, just doesn’t have to turn into old shoe leather, SUN SCREEN SPF50 does wonders in protecting your mocha brown skin. The higher the SPF number the more it protects you from soaking up the suns rays. So what are the other [lower] SPF’s for? Sun tanning purposes. For our lighter skinned fam [white people] …click here to continue


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Sex & The Senses

Think about it: How hot would your sex life be if you couldn’t touch your partner’s body? Hear his voice? Or see his face? We’re guessing pretty bland. Your five senses—hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste—play a significant role in creating arousal and enjoying sex. “One of the biggest reasons why sex becomes routine is because people stop paying attention to their senses,” says Sari Cooper, a okay certified sex therapist in New York City. “But to fully experience sex in a mindful way, you have to awaken all your senses.”

Want to turn up the heat in your bedroom tonight? Try these sensory-stimulating tips.


Your ability to see lets you appreciate a guy’s drool-worthy physical features (his broad shoulders, dimples or abs) that drew you to him in the first place, but …click here to read more

The Benefits of LUNCH

Today I decided to cook lunch, rather than do take out. Besides I’m on a tight budget and all that I had in the freezer was ground beef, turkey burger patties, frozen fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mangos, pineapple, peaches) and chicken. I went with the chicken, thawed out a few strawberries, pulled fresh spinach from the fridge that I bought last night and mixed up a balsamic vinegarett and tah-dahhh! Lunch is served and the fam is looking at me like I’m a winner.

The delicious & scrumptious meal is low fat, low calorie & high in goodness as it pertains to what your body needs. The bonus: ….click here to read more