In News on July 26, 2012 at 9:15 pm

Facebook: Friends and Lovers

The social networking site could be the best (or worst) thing to ever happen to your dating life. Follow these do’s and don’ts.

In addition to helping families, classmates and co-workers stay in contact, Facebook has a huge impact on building intimate relationships. But that’s not to say it makes “the love game” any simpler; in fact, it adds another layer of complexity. Ignore certain unspoken rules, and you’ll face severe consequences. …click here to continue


Black People need SUNSCREEN too

Photo Flipbook Slideshow MakerDear brother with the clean bald head: Have you been wondering why the skin on the top of your head is peeling? And LaBella Mocha Sister: How’s that nose-peeling-thing working out for ya?

Forfeit the scaly and unhealthy look by regularly applying sunscreen to your [un]crackable cells of melanin. That means applying it throughout the day – like every 4 hours. I bracketed [un]crackable, because there has long been a syaing that “BLACK DON’T CRACK”. Well I’m black and um… in the face of global warming and the recent years loss of protective ozone layers, “Black is starting to crack”. But take heart, your resilient skin, just doesn’t have to turn into old shoe leather, SUN SCREEN SPF50 does wonders in protecting your mocha brown skin. The higher the SPF number the more it protects you from soaking up the suns rays. So what are the other [lower] SPF’s for? Sun tanning purposes. For our lighter skinned fam [white people] …click here to continue

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