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A miser is a person that hoards. Is that you? Are you hoarding your metabolic rate instead of contributing to it? So your car has a great engine, but you don’t appreciate it like you should. You don’t change your oil? You don’t run it properly? Are you giving it the good petro or the cheap stuff?

Your metabolism is your bodys motor. It’s beautiful. However the TUNE-UPS and products you use are what keeps it running like new,, ‘My God you haven’t gained a pound since high school. It’s must be your diet.’

Diet isn’t a bad word unless your eating habits are. Which also translate to, ‘Your car isn’t a crappy car, it’s the way that you’re caring for it (or lack of)’.

“As we age, we develop a gunk build-up in the hoses and valves, that need flushing every now and then to perform at our most optimum levels.”

I grew up on home cook meals daily and then on Friday nights my mom would order up pizza or take us to Micky D’s or something. Saturday was left over night and every Sunday was a feast fit for royalty. As I got older my Mom started letting us have more of “say so” in our diet. It was great then, though now I question our adolescent wisdom and my contribution to my own health declination. We started a pop culture in the kitchen that included home cooked meals at leas 4 times a week and fast food on the other 3. We continued to chop away at the good and necessary foods until it was a nightly thing for us to do drive thru at a variety of fast food joints (that now rule the better part of most major roads in every major city). End result, less healthy and prone to holding fat.

I graduated at 120 bounds and 5’2 tall. I wasn’t model perfect. I was pencil like and lacked curves. Curves [and some] is what I sport today. Yeah. I did it. And while my motor is a high revving one with energy to boot – it’s not what it used to be. Going to bed by 10pm is something I do religiously. A few years back, that was not a norm. I was a late owl (sometimes as late 2am or so), who was never late to my 7am class the next morning. Now I turn in at 10pm and while I’m up bright eye’d and bushy tailed by 5:30am, I am usually in need of a nap by noon. It’s about that time that I start to run of gas. I didn’t want to admit it before, but I’m going to do it here today – I think it’s my diet.

In the interest of dropping the sluggish feeling I’ve opted to pay attention to my motor. My metabolism isn’t what it used to be. I’ve been making a myriad of bad food choices that have contributed to the gunk build up that suppresses my metabolic rate. So how do I get the fire blazing agin?

I won’t bore you talking about my morning smoothie of protein, wheat germ, flaxseeds, rasberries, blueberries, pineapple, fresh spinach leaves, vanilla yogurt and soy milk, but such a small change in my diet quickly resulted in lighter moods and clearer thoughts. So clear that I have noticed an increase in concentration to project completions. On the flip side I’ve also noticed that right before bed, I still crave chips. I gave in to the urge last week, after not eating any chips for about 3 weeks. The sodium content was inhumane, (I’m sure). I noticed the bloat. My guy didn’t. But I did. I could feel it too.

Let’s not go there again. So now I’m tasked with following my good diet throughout the day and straight to bed time. It may seem elementary for you, but for me this is task, if I want to jump start my metabolism.

Click here:
Kick Start that Metabolism

While my youth is about me, I’m trying to get an understanding.
When it’s comes to looking good – Priority is demanding.

I’m a lady of leisure (for sure) who enjoys eating out like everyone else,
but I’ve got to do something different – if I want to continue to look my best.

My breakfast is on point and my bedtime snack needs to go.
I’m Qui
I’ve been harboring my motor – but I’m not ‘gone do it no ‘mo.

Here’s a list of foods that help start the metabolism too:

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