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The 2-Minute Checkup

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Ebony Magazine has this awesome column that can usually be found in the center of their magazine called The 2-Minute Checkup. It’s always full of interesting tid bits of information. This months column tackled bed bugs, muffin tops and blood shot eyes. It’s a mixed bag of give – please take what you can use:

I’m a victim of the country’s recent bedbug epidemic. I’ve gotten rid of my bed and had the house fumigated, but there are still bite marks all over my body. How can I keep the bedbugs away?

[Response] Bedbugs, which at one time were all but eradicated by the use of pesticide DDT, are again becoming a problem in the United States. Because the little critters feed on the nutrients in your blood, they bite to break the skin and get their dinner and can cause itchy, red spots anywhere on the body. Some people have significant reactions to the bites and require medical attention.

Try vacuuming your new mattress and washing your bed linens and pajamas in hot water (at least 122 degrees Fahrenheit), since al bedbugs can be killed at this temperature. Alternatively, you could dry your bedding on high heat for a short time to kill the bugs. If these things fail, you need to call the exterminator again.


No matter how many pounds I lose, I can’t seem to get rid of my muffin top. Short of liposuction, what can I do? Please help. I need to look good in my skinny jeans.

[Response] The truth hurts but this truth will set you free– of your muffin top. There’s just one way to lose weight: sustained caloric constriction and increased aerobic exercise. Period. If you carefully evaluate any diet program, you will find that at its core is caloric restriction. The best programs will also require that you increase your exercise. Beware the advertisement that says you can lose fat “without lifting a finger.”

Such a claim can’t be true because it violates a law of physics. Honestly, if I knew of an effective, alternative way to lose fat, I would be a gazillionaire! The good news is that anyone can lose weight. What makes the task difficult is the psychological transformation that has to occur before one can shed the pounds. This transformation requires a change in mindset, which most find hard to achieve.

Many people tolerate muffin tops because they don’t realize how toxic fat around the midsection is. In fact, it’s the most toxic fat because it contributes to an increase in weight-related diabetes, heart disease and dangerous blood clots. So, my friend, this is about more than looking good in your clothes. Eat less, move more, and you will live a healthier and happier life — all while rocking your skinny jeans.


My eyes always look bloodshot, and no, it has nothing to do with too many cocktails. What can I do to whiten my eyes?

[Response] If it matters, I believe you, because alcohol is just one reason your sclera (the white part of the eye) can become red. Bloodshot sclera result from swelling or irritation of the tiny capillaries. Treating your red eyes begins with determining the cause, since treatments can differ significantly.

The good news is that most causes of chronic red eye aren’t dangerous. Dehydration, irritation from contact lenses and fatigue are common causes. Seasonal allergies or reactions to pet dander, dust or pollen can also make your eyes red. And keep in mind, some people have year round allergy symptoms, while others have symptoms that worsen at certain times of the year.

If your red eyes are associated with itching, discharge, changes in vision or pain, call your doctor; these are signs of something serious if not treated in a timely and appropriate manner.

All of the Q&A insight is good news to me.
I’m Qui
Paralleling that magazine who stays on the urban scene: Big E.

Investing in KARMA

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What kind of karma are you building? What kind of future will fate be yielding?
The following 5 stories – are of karmic inherited glory:

Bad Butt Burt

He always played flagrantly when he was playing ball,
and when an injury hospitalized him – no one visited at all.

He never had a kind word to say to anyone about anything.
Soon he found himself lonely – because his phone would never ring.

He never listened to his parents. Their wisdom was an unwanted blur.
Now his own children won’t talk to him. What’s life-without-love worth?

Old Burt died early and no one was there to see.
However, what did survive him was his shady legacy.

Does it even matter to you and me?
The moral of the story: Don’t be a BBB.

Playful Polly

She thought it was cute to cut people down
until she realized her friends were no longer around.

And once the word got out, that she likes to back bite,
She found herself in quite a few unfortunate fights.

She would always poorly quip – ‘Girl – you know I was just playing’.
But words hurt deep & no one wanted to hear the quip that she was saying.

Precarious Carrie

She thought it was cute to sleep around with anyones man. That is until she fell in love and got married.
KARMA made it a 3-some when she found out her husband fathered the child her best friend carried.

Billy The [Other] Kid

Billy didn’t grow up with his dad but he always gave him top notch respect.
When his dad passed, he was sincerely sad & consoled by his newDNA sibling-connect.

New sisters and brothers that he did not know.
and they embraced him firm – a familial show.

Unfortunately in life – Dad’s family really treated him bad.
Billy alone respected his dad & reaped (by will) every dime that he had.

His new found siblings retreated from Billy – then grew bitter and mad.
FYI: disrespecting your parents could easily yield you an inheritance lack.

Jilting James

He thought it was cute to slang drugs, cut everyone off and curse his father and mother,
until cop raiding season busted his game with reason –and an abandonment by his lover.

He thought his girl was down to ‘ride or die’.
She rode with cops and gave prosecution testify.

Oh my!

About LIFE :

Life is real and what goes around does come around.
Please take care to project your character as sound.

Be conscience of what you’re doing and the decisions that you make.
A good life is available. What’s your give for the take?

Anything worth having – you must definitely work hard for.
No one will co-sign for a slacker to reap a lotto score.

Think about it and think good, about insulting your friends.
This is where your good character downfall begins.

Life is what you make it. I’m just a wisdom-seeking moma,
I’m Qui
Sewing good seeds because I duly believe in Karma.

When life corners you into a pinch –
history shows us  that Karma Comes Quick!


HOME is Where the KARMA is

What goes around, comes around.
Are you living in a place that is peacefully sound?

How’s your neighborhood looking? Are you contributing good?
Be the ‘karma center’ in your neighborhood:

HOME is where the KARMA is…

Check out the link and redecorate your space,
I’m Qui
Always conscience of my karmic place.


KARMA on a Can of Soup

ndy Warhol once glorified the Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup label;
50 years later Campbell’s is glorifying Andy – as best as they are able.

click to enlarge

How – you might ask? By creating and selling Special Edition Labels with reprints of Andy Warhol’s work on their Condensed Tomato Soup cans. There are only going to be 1.2 million of them in circulation and they will be available at TARGET starting Sunday [9/2/12].

The irony that only hindsight coule see is, back in the ’60’s – Campell’s Soup considered suing Andy for reproducing their label in his art until they realized his paintings were a huge phenomenon and Warhol was a massive hit. Eventually Campbell’s Soup realized Andy’s artistic show of love of their soup can label is what was really ‘Mmm mmm good‘  and dropped the law suit. Now whose ‘reproducing’ whose work?

Today Campbell’s Soup is riding on the Warhol wave &  it looks good on them.

Andy was a fan of the tomato soup can and consumed it most often, I am told.
He painted out of love and got a cold shouldered shove,
yet today he is honored as gold.

His soup rendition is still among the most popular reprints ever sold.

Sometimes we should let things marinate before we write them off.
Campbel Soup is much more cooler – post the work of Andy Warhol.

–Qui 8/30/12

A handful of P

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ositive words are my favorite. It’s a cohesiveness that sticks.
Though every now and then the “P” can play some pun’ful tricks.

I’m just a “P” packing woman, crossing my legs and counting  the days
Until I stand to hit the polling booth and have my lawful say.

Today, I don’t want too much “P”, I like to control the sum,
and so I’ve carefully selected a few for a little Monday fun.

Happy MONDAY Morning – I’m riding shot gun with thee,
I’m Qui
Thankful to you for rolling thru for A Handful of “P”
Ooo Wee

Make today a Sweet “P”

Meet The IOWA Nice Guy By Matt Woolbright

Native Iowan and the host of Iowa Outdoors on Iowa Public Television, Scott Siepker, teamed up with his friend Paul Benedict to make a popular YouTube video dispelling some of the common stereotypes about Iowa.

“The ideal outcome is to get people to know Iowa as it is, and not what you think it is,” …click here to know Iowa


Todd Akins Talks “P”

[ Reports] Representative Todd Akin of Missouri, who also happens to be the state’s Republican senatorial nominee, has some important information for women everywhere:

Now, what is the difference between legitimate and illegitimate rape? Akin, who is somehow a member of the House’s science and technology committee, did not explain. (Perhaps the only way to know for sure is to wait and see if you end up with an illegitimate child.)

Akin added that he does not consider the failure of the uterus’s natural rape-defense mechanism to be a legitimate reason for an abortion …click here for more enlightenment and definitely sign the petition to remove this representative from congress:


The Elephants NEED – Technology

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome The Man that the Republicans need to run against, The Hologram Barack Obama:

Click here:

Gotta love Bill Maher – He’s back with a new season,
but the Hologram-of-the-past, is my commenting reason.

It’s ripe, it’s rank and it’s politically ‘too funny’;
also Reggie Brown impersonates the Pres. to-the-money.

Watch the video QUICK, before YouTube takes it,
I’m Qui
It’s just i-phone work – but I had to make it.


Get your hand off of MY FLOWER

Why is WOMENS HEALTH a topic for political debate?
If I need a mammogram – why should I have to wait?
If my period is off schedule and bleeding is heavy,
Why do I have to wait for politics to help my medical steady?
I need HELP when my body deems its ready.

Women talking to women and caring for one another,
reminds me that it’s not just about us, but about our daughters.
Lord help us if they don’t get the care that they will truly need
because of politics and party partisans and bad sewing of seeds.

If you don’t want a healthcare mandate because you’re not completely sold?
I sympathize and I feel the same way about your intrusive vaginal probeclick here to read mo’


Selling The V-Jay-Jay

The V-Jay-Jay is Oprah’s code-word for vagina. Code-words are cute, but knowing and respecting the organ by its full name is cool with me too. However, the view I’m sharing with you on this Monday Morning has nothing to do with politics, yet and still it’s sensational. The following piece is a throw back article that seems to fit snuggly under “P” as well. Watch-out-now!

[Selling The V-Jay-Jay] Are you PRO-Choice? Do you believe in Womens Rights? Do you think a move such as selling your virginity will be seen as “empowering a woman” or just another sensational move that would not empower women but mark the virginity seller with a historical scarlett letter? It’s certainly up for debate. A womans right to do what she wants is one thing, I (personally) do not feel empowered by the sellers actions, though she claims that is exactly her intention.

Several months back TYRA asked that very question to a 22-year old virgin who is currently taking bids to SELL OFF HER VIRGINITY. So far bids have come in between 1.5 – 3.8 million dollars. Peep a couple of clips from the show …click here for more


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Who doesn’t like to eat? I DO! But I must admit I’m more of a snacker than a 4-course meal connoiseuer. Though at my tender young age, I am trying to correct my bad dietetic ways. So instead of hitting the donut shop or IHOP, I’ve been making protein smoothies every morning for breakfast, for about 6 weeks now.

My skin looks GREAT! I accredit it to the ingredients of my morning smoothies: Chocolate Protein, Frozen BlueBerries, Rasberries, pineapple, vanilla yogurt, [natural raw] wheat germ, flaxseeds, a few leaves of fresh spinach and soy milk (vanilla). It’s quite tasty. Sweet in fact. Which is great for me, since sweets are my thing.

While staying healthy and in shape is a quest I’m working hard to conquer, my kid has decided she wants to open up her own cupcakery. She’s always loved to bake but in the face of CUPCAKE WARS – she’s ready to go at it full throttle. And how did I respond to her future dreams? I said, “GO FOR IT. You’ve got great baking skills for a teenager, (she makes her cookies, cupcakes, and icings from scratch). She has officially started her journey and I’m a trusty team member (like on Cupcake Wars).

Check out the current venture of my mini-me:

The Cupcake Chique

She’s so on-fire about building her business for the long run and even legacy purposes. She does a lot of research and has found some pretty cool FOOD SITES that she’s drawing from. Wether it’s in their style, their artistic baking skills or their enticing web presence — she has found inspiration and is using it as fuel to drive her to her goal. I applaud her and the following sites for being so nourishing, sweet and a reminder that AMERICA is still the place where DREAMS can come true:

Kariv V McMahon
Sweet Little Thang
✓ Eat Cool Haus
The Cupcake Place
The Cupcake Blog

JACK BAUER on Cupcakes

click the image to see video

I’m just a mom. I do what I can
to help out my kid and my fellow man.

So I hit the wire in search of a show
of those who bake – so I could website promote.

My kids website was built 3 weeks back.
I couldn’t let her enter business without having that.

I admit: I’m high on sweets not too much for the the sour.
I’m also fond of technology: Ultrabook & Jack Bauer.

I’m just a mom. I do what I can
to help my neighbor – be they woman or man.

So I hit the wire to see what I could see.
I’m Qui
And for entrepreneurism – I’ll always be sweet.


The benefits of LUNCH

Today I decided to cook lunch, rather than do take out. Besides I’m on a tight budget and all that I had in the freezer was ground beef, turkey burger patties, frozen fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mangos, pineapple, peaches) and chicken. I went with the chicken, thawed out a few strawberries, pulled fresh spinach from the fridge that I bought last night and mixed up a balsamic vinegarett and tah-dahhh! Lunch is served and the fam is looking at me like I’m a winner here for the recipe – it’s to live for.




Decrease the size of your appetite for ASPARTAME. You must. It’s killing you. It’s killing us. Do your own research and save yourself. Be mindful to refrain from chewing MENTOS (or any other sugar free) gum, drinking a diet soda or enjoying a sugar free cookie while engaging in your research. The fore mentioned products are filled with Aspartame and working towards degenerating your health.

I know it’s such strong news and seems to come out of left field, but it’s not. What is in left field is the publics awareness towards the sugar free killer that was FDA approved for dry goods in 1981 and for carbonated soda in 1983. There were 5 deaths attributed to Aspartame prior to 1987 and since then fatality figures have not been made public. Likely because …click here to learn more

NEWS in 60 Seconds

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So you’re on the jizee – making that cash,
here’s NEWS in 60 Secondsplease read it fast!

Those who THREAT – Get WRECKED

A Washington [state] man who was accused of threatening President Obama is scheduled to appear in court this afternoon. Anton Caluori was arrested at his apartment yesterday. The secret service said the 31-year old man was armed with a shot gun when he answered the door. Authorities believe Caluori is behind the email threat against President Obama that was sent to the FBI …click here to continue


IN & OUT BURGERS have BEEF with Central Valley Meat Co.

Popular fast food joint, IN & OUT BURGERS has cut its ties with a California slaughter house under investigation for how it allegedly treats animals. The USDA shut down Central Valley Meat Company this week after receiving a video that authorities say showed inhumane treatment. The company said it was disturbed to learn of those allegations.

[WHAT!?! Disturbed only about the allegations?]

The California based company IN & OUT is frequented favorite by stars like Miley Cyrus and says it immediately suspended its relationship with that farm …click here to read more


GOP Attention Split Heading into Tampa

So with less than a week to go until Republicans descend on Tampa and the focus should be solely on the convention but instead is split on a trifecta of trouble for the grand old party:

The Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank says “This might not be a coincidence. It could be divine intervention”.



A new study is showing Americans toss out as much as 40% of the countries food supply every year. According to research by the National Defense Research Council that works out to be almost every other bite we take. The study shows an average family of four wastes more than $20,000 worth of food annually here to read more


You Didn’t Build That

The GOP is still hammering on that “You didn’t Build that” remark; however, James C. Roumell [Founder of Roumell Asset Management in Chevy Chase, Maryland] agrees with the president, that businesses just don’t evolve by themselves.

James recently wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post titled, “What I Built — With Government Help”. He supports the presidents previous statement about ‘if you are successful somebody helped you get there,’ maybe a teacher, maybe somebody created ‘the American system’ that allowed you to thrive. James says, he’s an example of that help and extends his appreciation to pell grants and other government loans that helped him get through college. James says:

Today, I own a small business, an asset management firm with $300 million in assets. Last year we launched the Roumell Opportunistic Value Fund (RAMSX) and hired three more people. We’re growing and creating jobs. I suppose I could pound my chest and take credit for my journey from Detroit to Chevy Chase, from working class to professional. I could say I built it myself. But this wouldn’t be true …click here to read the point of view of James’ American Dream


TomKat Split Official

The Celebraty Couple affectionately known as TomKat is officially a thing of the past. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have finalized their 5-year marriage after just month and a half after Holmes shocked the world by filing for a divorce. Details remain under wraps, but Katie is believed to have custody of their 5-year old daughter Suri … click here for to keep up with TomKat


TJ may stand-in for MJ

Today a judge is expected to tout Michael Jackson’s nephew TJ as full guardian of the late pop stars three kids. The 34-year old became a temporary guardian last month when the kids grandmother [Katherine Jackson] was in Arizona. Now this would mean TJ Jackson will raise Prince, Paris and Blanket if their grandmother becomes too ill to to do so …click here to for more on The Jacksons


LL COOL J Knocked him out

LL Cool J’s training as a TV cop really paid off. The rapper-turned-NCIS L.A.-star caught an intruder at his Cali home earlier today. Police responded to a 911 call from his daughter and now has this suspect in custody who is reportedly suffering from a lot of contusions to the face. The lesson? “Moma said KNOCK YOU OUT” so you do not go to LL Cool J’s house …click here to read more of what moma said

Getting Back To It

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The Grind


7-days til’ school starts across the Lone Star [state] mix.
A-Z started a few weeks back; to be exact, about 6.

I’m sitting here in Chandler, on this Monday Morning
where 5 am promptly ceased my sleepy-eyed yawning.

I am an involved parent, who likes to be all-up-in-it.
I chauffeur to and from school, everyday: 80-minutes.

There’s a school bus stop by my home to a much trendier place,
they call it a school, but it’s much too cool for my kids innocent space.

It’s the assigned school zone that I live in & my neighborhood is the best.
But the school itself, is built on wealth and parallels a popular school from the west.

Beverly Hills 90210. Do you remember that show?
The kids were rich, [the ratings were sick] and drama was good to go.

My kid attended last year – but she doesn’t want to go no ‘mo.
So I chauffeur the distance, for her academic growth.

I do what I’ve got to do and now I’m fixed on my grind – talking to you.
I’ve got some marketing research to do – to elevate a clients ‘web presence‘ view.

I’ve got some customer service calls to make.
I love my clients, but some need reminders to pay.

I’m happy on this Monday Morning: I’ve got my life, health and strength.
I’m happy on this morning because I’m paid up on the rent.

I’m happy on this morning because my cup of jo’ is on point.
I’m happy on this morning because my space is a positive joint.

How are you this morning, and what good have you got planned for the week?
I’m Qui
Feeling high on “THEE” for dropping by to peep my feed.
Ooo Weee.
I’m sweet on thee.

Good Morning and Thank You very much.


How do you legitimize rape?

[ Reports] Representative Todd Akin of Missouri, who also happens to be the state’s Republican senatorial nominee, has some important information for women everywhere:

Now, what is the difference between legitimate and illegitimate rape? Akin, who is somehow a member of the House’s science and technology committee, did not explain. (Perhaps the only way to know for sure is to wait and see if you end up with an illegitimate child.)

Akin added that he does not consider the failure of the uterus’s natural rape-defense mechanism to be a legitimate reason for an abortion …click here for more enlightenment and definitely sign the petition to remove this representative from congress:

No sooner than the week could officially begin,
Republic Representative Todd Akin had to weigh in.

And now you see why I keep bringing ‘My VAGINA’ up
‘She’ needs protecting from these right-winged nuts!

Airing It Out

My Flower. My Kitti Kat. My VAGINA!

Come on. We have to talk about it sometimes. Don’t let those pushing to take away womens rights be the only ones talking about it – even though they don’t like to call it by its name. “Vagina.” There! I said it and sometimes the word needs airing out.

I’m obviously worried about my own vagina too;
as it relates to politics and the birth control issue.

I’m worried about rape and hoarding unwanted batter.
I’m worried because Republicans said – the HOW’s don’t matter.

If you’re impregnated from a rape, be informed young lady,
The Republicans said NO RIDDANCE – you must have the baby,
click here to read more 



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A Tattle Tales Hell

On Thursday, Ecuador granted Assange political asylum at its London embassy on the grounds that, if extradited to Sweden to be questioned about sexual assault allegations, he would be at risk of further extradition to the US to face espionage or conspiracy charges.

Assange sought refuge at the embassy two months ago following the dismissal of his final legal appeal against extradition to Sweden.

Senator Carr has repeatedly dismissed suggestions that the US has any interest in prosecuting and extraditing Assange. In June, Senator Carr also told the ABC Insiders program: “I’ve received no hint that they’ve got a plan to extradite him . . . I would expect that the US would not want to touch this.”

However, the Australian embassy in Washington reported in February that “the US investigation into possible criminal conduct by Mr Assange has been ongoing for more than a year”. The embassy identified a wide range of criminal charges the US could bring against Assange, including espionage, conspiracy, …click here for more on Assanges predicament


GREATNESS Includes 2K Sports, Jay-Z & Michael Jordan

There’s an old saying, good is the enemy of great, a theme that we hold close at 2K Sports. As mentioned before, we have an extremely talented development team, and we’re never truly satisfied. – There have been lots of long nights debating what if or what could we do to make the game better from last year. This attitude is contagious across the company and is what’s pushed us to produce what we feel is the best basketball game on the market today. Our goal at the start of each development cycle is not a sales figure, it’s to surpass what we’ve previously done and what anyone else has done and so far that mentality has worked out extremely well for us. Sticking with this philosophy, we feel we’ll fare well in this, and future markets,” Argent wrote.

2K said Jay Z handpicked the 24 songs and has been extremely active and hands-on in his role as executive producer, Argent wrote. It has been that way since 2K first approached the musical artist, who also owns a small piece of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and designed the team’s logo. HOT NBA News usually leads me down a road of thought to NBA greats like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. More specifically, Kobe Bryants [2012 Dream Team] comments (paraphrased), ‘this years Olympic Dream Team was better than the ’92 Dream Team’.

Mikes response, “Well, I knew that was going to be a debate. It is a debate. We’ll never know, but let’s talk about it if you want to talk about it. I know Kobe said some things early on, and I responded. The 92 Dream team was, I felt, a more well-rounded basketball team. He thought we were a little old…So, I think the team, itself, would have been well-rounded defensively, offensively, inside, outside. I just felt like we had enough size that we could contend with the 2012 team. One of the things the 2012 team lacked was size. We probably would have attacked them from inside and then outside. Our defense would have been pretty much solidified with the shot blockers as well as perimeter defensive players,” Jordan said. “I don’t think we would have had any problems with them.”

Great video game premise:

1992 Dream Team -vs- 2012 Dream Team

Jordan speculated that the ability to play the two teams head-to-head in NBA 2K13 would probably generate more debate – not less — about which team reigns supreme.”

Does everyone remember the roster for that original “Dream Team?” Look at the picture above to see how many Hall of Famers you can name. (Spoiler alert: Christian Laettner isn’t one of them).

Wall Street Journal – Speak Easy 

[August 16, 2012]


Is Romney-Ryan Ticket a TOTAL RECALL

Playing out like a movie…

[Former Rep. Mel Levine (D-Calif.)]
With the announcement of Governor Romney’s presumptive running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan, I am beginning to wonder if this election will be 2008 all over again.

To be clear, I believe that Congressman Ryan is an intelligent man. He has clearly devoted himself to his work and commands an impressive knowledge of the U.S. fiscal policy. But Ryan’s intelligence does not blunt the impact of his extremist budget or right-wing voting record.

It doesn’t end there. Congressman Ryan would like to end Medicare as we know it, turning it into a voucher system which puts the burden of payment on the backs of seniors. According to CBS News, the elderly would have to pay as much as 68 percent of their health care coverage under Congressman Ryan’s plan, compared to the 25 percent they currently pay. What’s more, according to the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan think tank, the plan would replace Medicaid with block grants, causing between 14-27 million low-income Americans to lose health insurance.

Just like Governor Palin, Congressman Ryan’s extremism is not contained to one policy area. Congressman Ryan has maintained a radically anti-choice agenda, stating that all abortions should be illegal, even in the case of rape or incest, and co-sponsored a personhood bill that would declare that life begins at fertilization, effectively outlawing most forms of birth control. He also shares Governor Palin’s intolerance for equal rights for all, …click here to complete the question of a TOTAL RECALL Campaign


The VIEW of a Happy Sister

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Gotta Love Sherri Shepherd and the man that makes her happy. Are you still watching The View? If you’ve been missing it – now is a good time to DVR it. They are currently running reruns and I was able to catch Barack and Michelle Obama during their separate visits to the couch.

But let’s talk Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally, (her husband of a year now). Aren’t they cute? This month is their 1-year anniversary. Ebony Mag spoke with her recently and reports this:

s a little girl Sherri Shepherd would sit in front of two TV sets with her grandma — one tuned to a soap opera, the other to The Newlywed Game. It’s no wonder she’d grow up to be the hardest-working sister in TV; recurring guest appearances on 30 Rock, a spin on Dancing with the Stars. Heck even, her own wedding was broadcast last August on Style Network. Currently, Sherri 45, does double duty as co-host of The View and as host of The Newlywed Game. The Game Show Network’s modern take on the classic program showcases three newly married couples from diverse backgrounds who face off in a series of question rounds. During each segment, a spouse attempts to guess his or her mates answer to questions about their relationship, ranging from the first time they met to the details of their love life. The couple scoring the most points wins. “I get to have fun,” Shepherd said in 2010 when she landed the game-show gig. “I’m not going to be arguing with anybody about whether we should pull the troops out of Afghanistan.” As she and Sal celebrate their one-year anniversary this month, we thought the time was right to ask this newlywed a few questions:

The Newlywed Game has its share of blush-worthy-moments, yet seem unflappable.

Shepherd: I am absolutely unflappable … sometimes the answers are so stunning, I have to laugh. ONe man answered that his wife should stay home, have babies and do the dishes. I was so shocked, I had to walk over– in my flip-flops because I take off my six-inch heels when I’m standing — and hit him over the head with my cards!

Do you and Sal ever play the game at home and answer the questions?

Shepherd: We never play the game at home. … I don’t wan tto konw which of my three girlfriends Lamar would like to get with. Yuck, and creepy!

The questions are hilarious. Do you help write them?

Shepherd: We’ve got great writers who do very well without me.

Are you still in the honeymoon stage?

Shepherd: It’s difficult to stay in the honeymoon stage with a 7-year-old who constantly jumps in the bed with us. We try to keep a spark, but it seems as if every time we kiss, Jeffery bursts in the room and gives Sal a look that says, “She’s mine, dude!”

How do you think you two would fare as contestants on the show?

Shepherd I think we’d fail miserably… and leave the show saying, “I can’t believe you said that wasn’t Aunt Janelle’s real hair!”

What life lesson have you learned from hosting the show that you’ll apply in your own marriage?

Shepherd: Laugh a lot, have a sense of humor and treat each other kindly. That will outlast everything.

What’s the craziest question you’ve ever asked a couple?

Shepherd: “If hubby had to make an adult movie with one of his wife’s girlfriends, who would it be?” And the classic, “Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever made whoopie?”

Awwww. What about a touching moment between you and your new husband?

Shepherd: Valentine’s Day was coming. I gave Sal a certificate to a spa and he never mentioned anything to me. I was on ‘The View’ on February 14th feeling very blue. Whoopie [Goldberg] kept asking me what Sal did for Valentine’s Day, and I was trying to put on a brave face as I evaded the question. All of a sudden, the lights went low “My Girl” started playing, and there was Sal in a tuxedo with roses in his hands singing the song to me. I burst into tears, because Sal doesn’t do in-front-of-the-camera stuff. So for him to step out of his comfort zone to serenade me [was] priceless. He had my heart.

How might you celebrate your anniversary?

Shepherd I’m surprising Sal with a trip to a remote island. Between the sun, the pina coladas and the atmosphere, hopefully, I’ll come back pregnant!

We wish Sherri well! It’s good to be happy.
Sherri looks great with her ‘Main Squeeze Daddy’.

I don’t keep up with her as much as I should; to stalk is to be lame.
Thus I missed the break-out news about her hosting The Newlywed Game.

All the same she is still gaming – as well as co-hosting The View,
I’m Qui
Happy like Sherri
& ENCOURAGING you to be too. Ooo!


Sherri & Sal get down at their wedding reception.
Check ’em out!

News Peruse

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Happy Birthday To QUI

Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker [August 15, 2012]

Happy Birthday to me! I’m content in A-Z.
Happy Birthday to me-eee. I’m just passed 23. lol!

So today is my birthday. I’ve officially been celebrating since August 1st. THANK YOU to everyone who has found me on every social network that I am registered on to Wish Me A HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I’m taking your fondest advice to heart.


This is my first birthday [ever] in another state away from the familial roots, and you know what? I kind of like this no-one-knows-me, so I can act-a-fool-at-the-bar type of freedom. Too bad I don’t drink [like that]. Imagine how people are looking [at me] once they realize that I’ve been drinking water all night.

My reason for wilding out: It’s MY BIRTHDAY darnit!

And while I dance atop a few bar tables
I thank God for my birth – the proof is my navel.

I thank God for my life and to have another chance
To kick it with you and to bar table dance.

I’m thankful for water. It does fill my cup.
I’m thankful for your support – so very, very much.

I’m thankful for the Birthday Wishes, I’ve received thus far,
I’m Qui
Living in the A-Z and feeling like a global star.


So it’s a new day at the start of a new week,
I pour myself a cup of jo and make it Nestle sweet.

My inbox is caught up – so today I can pick and choose,
thus I decided to satellite surf and peep the current news.

I know that you’ve heard the Elephant say,
Mitt chose Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Paul Ryan’s the guy with the big blue eyes,
youthfully chiseled and closed smile – wide.

He’s a good looking man and the official republican running mate,
so why did Mitt introduce him as the next President of The United States?

I’m not making this up. It happened indeed.
Check it out for yourself, per the following feed:

Greatness is cut from a cloth of which there is no template,
God bless the athletes who repped us well at the Summer Olympics.

Gabby and Aly were golden as their teammates followed medal suit.
Then Phelps & ‘nem went for a swim and picked up a few more too.

Competition was stiff – countries lined up for the hit or miss.
Bottom line, the USA did fine and the winnings went like this:

We went for and conquered THE GOAL & a whole lot of GOLD in the process

Click the pic to read the details of each team who won what medals in particular.

The heat wave is letting up this week across the nations board;
satan vacates from 48 states, its TX & AZ — he hoards.

Today Phoenix’s HIGH will be 115 degrees
It’s 12:30 now @ lunch time chow and already 102 with ease.

Texas is slated to warm up to 100 degrees tops.
Arizona keeps the sun-on-ya so the ‘temp rise’ don’t stop.

Congratulations to the other 48 states. I hope you enjoy the break,
I’m Qui
Perusing the News
& sharing with you: A mixed bag of give and take.


Happy Birthday LEO’s

[August 14, 2012]
Happy Birthday to Mila Kunis and Halle Berry.
May your special day be sexy and extra merry.

Happy Birthday to all LEO’s celebrating the era.
I wish we could all kick-it and toast one together.

In my personal life, I’m connected to so many Leo’s.
I love them hard at their best and pump them up at their lows.

I dig them across the board on more points than a few.
Tomorrow is my birthday. Meow – I’m a Leo too. Ooo!

Happy Birthday to Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Angela Bassett as well.
What an outstanding Leo line-up. A winning prides tale.

Happy Birthday to you, your loved ones and your LEO friends too,
I’m Qui
to be humping this Tuesday from my Sunny Pride view.


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Friendship and Neighbors

oke someone in the eye and they will shed tears;
but wound their heart
and they will show deep pain.

You can throw stones to frighten birds away,
and you can end a friendship
by tossing insults.

Threaten a friend with a sword,
and you can still hope
the friendship will heal.

And you can argue with friends
and later, win them back.
But if you are arrogant
and insult them,
if you tell their secrets
or harm them
when they trusted you,
they will be gone for good.

Earn the trust of your neighbors when they are poor
and if they become wealthy
you can celebrate with them.
Be a true friend
when they have troubles,
and later they will share
their inheritance with you.

Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

When you smell smoke
you will soon see flames,
and when you hear insults,
you will soon see murder.

I will never be ashamed
to protect my friends,
and I will always be there
when I am needed.

But if they turn and harm me,
all who find out
will be on guard
against them.

Sirach 22: 19-26

I didn’t make it up, I’m just sharing it with you.
And now you know about The Book of SIRACH too. Ooo!

I’m Qui
Easy on a Sunday Morning

on my way to church to do some worship joining. Yay!


Is True Friendship Dying Away

Is a Virtual Friendship better than a Real Life Friendship?

To anyone paying attention these days, it’s clear that social media — whether Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any of the countless other modern-day water coolers — are changing the way we live.

Indeed, we might feel as if we are suddenly awash in friends. Yet right before our eyes, we’re also changing the way we conduct relationships. Face-to-face chatting is giving way to texting and messaging; people even prefer these electronic exchanges to, for instance, simply talking on a phone.Smaller circles of friends are being partially eclipsed by Facebook acquaintances routinely numbered in the hundreds. Amid these smaller trends, growing research suggests we could be entering a period of crisis for the entire concept of friendship. Where is all this leading modern-day society? Perhaps to a dark place, one where electronic stimuli slowly replace the joys of human contact.

Awareness of a possible problem took off just as the online world was emerging. …click here to continue


Facebook: Friends and Lovers

The social networking site could be the best (or worst) thing to ever happen to your dating life. Follow these do’s and don’ts.

In addition to helping families, classmates and co-workers stay in contact, Facebook has a huge impact on building intimate relationships. But that’s not to say it makes “the love game” any simpler; in fact, it adds another layer of complexity. Ignore certain unspoken rules, and you’ll face severe consequences. For instance, click here to continue the Facebook 411

85% of Women report feeling ANNOYED BY FaceBook FRIENDS


How to Spot & Remove SPIRIT DRAINERS

Are your FRIENDSHIPS good for you?

Let’s talk FRIENDSHIP. Remember that? You were introduced to the idea of “friendship” in daycare and the concept has been with you every since. Some friends are positive keepers and some friends are energy reapers.

Which one are you and how can you change the tide, or at least unplug yourself from the drain gang? …click here to read more


Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I talk to my kid a lot, to stay on one social accord, but what about talking to them about:: Crime. Recession. Terrorism. Tsunamis. In our digital age, the news—much of it big, scary and confusing— is everywhere, all the time. And whether it’s on television or radio, in print or online, teens and tweens are constantly exposed to disturbing stories, images and videos that can cause them to view the planet as a threatening, terrifying place. “On the other hand we want our kids to know what’s going on around them,” says Michael Brody, M.D., chair of the television and media committee for the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. “Problem is, the news is not rated. A lot of it is sensational, horror-story stuff …click here to continue this read


Six Friendship Rules to Live By

Being friends through thick and thin is no small feat. Make your friendships deeper and stronger with this list of friendship tips for teens — or “friendship rules” — from Teen Advice.

1. Be Yourself
It may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of teens struggle not to lose their identity once they become part of a group of friends. Though who you are is always changing, especially during your teenage years, some aspects of your personality will stay pretty much the same. Figure out what those things are and think hard about who you want to be, then present yourself honestly and genuinely to the people you hang around with.

Sometimes you’re going to disagree or not be the most popular member of the group. However, you will always feel you’ve been true to yourself — and that you haven’t become somebody else’s clone …click here to learn more