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Happy Birthday To QUI

Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker [August 15, 2012]

Happy Birthday to me! I’m content in A-Z.
Happy Birthday to me-eee. I’m just passed 23. lol!

So today is my birthday. I’ve officially been celebrating since August 1st. THANK YOU to everyone who has found me on every social network that I am registered on to Wish Me A HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I’m taking your fondest advice to heart.


This is my first birthday [ever] in another state away from the familial roots, and you know what? I kind of like this no-one-knows-me, so I can act-a-fool-at-the-bar type of freedom. Too bad I don’t drink [like that]. Imagine how people are looking [at me] once they realize that I’ve been drinking water all night.

My reason for wilding out: It’s MY BIRTHDAY darnit!

And while I dance atop a few bar tables
I thank God for my birth – the proof is my navel.

I thank God for my life and to have another chance
To kick it with you and to bar table dance.

I’m thankful for water. It does fill my cup.
I’m thankful for your support – so very, very much.

I’m thankful for the Birthday Wishes, I’ve received thus far,
I’m Qui
Living in the A-Z and feeling like a global star.


So it’s a new day at the start of a new week,
I pour myself a cup of jo and make it Nestle sweet.

My inbox is caught up – so today I can pick and choose,
thus I decided to satellite surf and peep the current news.

I know that you’ve heard the Elephant say,
Mitt chose Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Paul Ryan’s the guy with the big blue eyes,
youthfully chiseled and closed smile – wide.

He’s a good looking man and the official republican running mate,
so why did Mitt introduce him as the next President of The United States?

I’m not making this up. It happened indeed.
Check it out for yourself, per the following feed:

Greatness is cut from a cloth of which there is no template,
God bless the athletes who repped us well at the Summer Olympics.

Gabby and Aly were golden as their teammates followed medal suit.
Then Phelps & ‘nem went for a swim and picked up a few more too.

Competition was stiff – countries lined up for the hit or miss.
Bottom line, the USA did fine and the winnings went like this:

We went for and conquered THE GOAL & a whole lot of GOLD in the process

Click the pic to read the details of each team who won what medals in particular.

The heat wave is letting up this week across the nations board;
satan vacates from 48 states, its TX & AZ — he hoards.

Today Phoenix’s HIGH will be 115 degrees
It’s 12:30 now @ lunch time chow and already 102 with ease.

Texas is slated to warm up to 100 degrees tops.
Arizona keeps the sun-on-ya so the ‘temp rise’ don’t stop.

Congratulations to the other 48 states. I hope you enjoy the break,
I’m Qui
Perusing the News
& sharing with you: A mixed bag of give and take.


Happy Birthday LEO’s

[August 14, 2012]
Happy Birthday to Mila Kunis and Halle Berry.
May your special day be sexy and extra merry.

Happy Birthday to all LEO’s celebrating the era.
I wish we could all kick-it and toast one together.

In my personal life, I’m connected to so many Leo’s.
I love them hard at their best and pump them up at their lows.

I dig them across the board on more points than a few.
Tomorrow is my birthday. Meow – I’m a Leo too. Ooo!

Happy Birthday to Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Angela Bassett as well.
What an outstanding Leo line-up. A winning prides tale.

Happy Birthday to you, your loved ones and your LEO friends too,
I’m Qui
to be humping this Tuesday from my Sunny Pride view.

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  2. Happy be-lated Birthday Qui! We know you had a blast and we are wishing you many, many more celebrations.

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