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The VIEW of a Happy Sister

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Gotta Love Sherri Shepherd and the man that makes her happy. Are you still watching The View? If you’ve been missing it – now is a good time to DVR it. They are currently running reruns and I was able to catch Barack and Michelle Obama during their separate visits to the couch.

But let’s talk Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally, (her husband of a year now). Aren’t they cute? This month is their 1-year anniversary. Ebony Mag spoke with her recently and reports this:

s a little girl Sherri Shepherd would sit in front of two TV sets with her grandma — one tuned to a soap opera, the other to The Newlywed Game. It’s no wonder she’d grow up to be the hardest-working sister in TV; recurring guest appearances on 30 Rock, a spin on Dancing with the Stars. Heck even, her own wedding was broadcast last August on Style Network. Currently, Sherri 45, does double duty as co-host of The View and as host of The Newlywed Game. The Game Show Network’s modern take on the classic program showcases three newly married couples from diverse backgrounds who face off in a series of question rounds. During each segment, a spouse attempts to guess his or her mates answer to questions about their relationship, ranging from the first time they met to the details of their love life. The couple scoring the most points wins. “I get to have fun,” Shepherd said in 2010 when she landed the game-show gig. “I’m not going to be arguing with anybody about whether we should pull the troops out of Afghanistan.” As she and Sal celebrate their one-year anniversary this month, we thought the time was right to ask this newlywed a few questions:

The Newlywed Game has its share of blush-worthy-moments, yet seem unflappable.

Shepherd: I am absolutely unflappable … sometimes the answers are so stunning, I have to laugh. ONe man answered that his wife should stay home, have babies and do the dishes. I was so shocked, I had to walk over– in my flip-flops because I take off my six-inch heels when I’m standing — and hit him over the head with my cards!

Do you and Sal ever play the game at home and answer the questions?

Shepherd: We never play the game at home. … I don’t wan tto konw which of my three girlfriends Lamar would like to get with. Yuck, and creepy!

The questions are hilarious. Do you help write them?

Shepherd: We’ve got great writers who do very well without me.

Are you still in the honeymoon stage?

Shepherd: It’s difficult to stay in the honeymoon stage with a 7-year-old who constantly jumps in the bed with us. We try to keep a spark, but it seems as if every time we kiss, Jeffery bursts in the room and gives Sal a look that says, “She’s mine, dude!”

How do you think you two would fare as contestants on the show?

Shepherd I think we’d fail miserably… and leave the show saying, “I can’t believe you said that wasn’t Aunt Janelle’s real hair!”

What life lesson have you learned from hosting the show that you’ll apply in your own marriage?

Shepherd: Laugh a lot, have a sense of humor and treat each other kindly. That will outlast everything.

What’s the craziest question you’ve ever asked a couple?

Shepherd: “If hubby had to make an adult movie with one of his wife’s girlfriends, who would it be?” And the classic, “Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever made whoopie?”

Awwww. What about a touching moment between you and your new husband?

Shepherd: Valentine’s Day was coming. I gave Sal a certificate to a spa and he never mentioned anything to me. I was on ‘The View’ on February 14th feeling very blue. Whoopie [Goldberg] kept asking me what Sal did for Valentine’s Day, and I was trying to put on a brave face as I evaded the question. All of a sudden, the lights went low “My Girl” started playing, and there was Sal in a tuxedo with roses in his hands singing the song to me. I burst into tears, because Sal doesn’t do in-front-of-the-camera stuff. So for him to step out of his comfort zone to serenade me [was] priceless. He had my heart.

How might you celebrate your anniversary?

Shepherd I’m surprising Sal with a trip to a remote island. Between the sun, the pina coladas and the atmosphere, hopefully, I’ll come back pregnant!

We wish Sherri well! It’s good to be happy.
Sherri looks great with her ‘Main Squeeze Daddy’.

I don’t keep up with her as much as I should; to stalk is to be lame.
Thus I missed the break-out news about her hosting The Newlywed Game.

All the same she is still gaming – as well as co-hosting The View,
I’m Qui
Happy like Sherri
& ENCOURAGING you to be too. Ooo!


Sherri & Sal get down at their wedding reception.
Check ’em out!