NEWS in 60 Seconds

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So you’re on the jizee – making that cash,
here’s NEWS in 60 Secondsplease read it fast!

Those who THREAT – Get WRECKED

A Washington [state] man who was accused of threatening President Obama is scheduled to appear in court this afternoon. Anton Caluori was arrested at his apartment yesterday. The secret service said the 31-year old man was armed with a shot gun when he answered the door. Authorities believe Caluori is behind the email threat against President Obama that was sent to the FBI …click here to continue


IN & OUT BURGERS have BEEF with Central Valley Meat Co.

Popular fast food joint, IN & OUT BURGERS has cut its ties with a California slaughter house under investigation for how it allegedly treats animals. The USDA shut down Central Valley Meat Company this week after receiving a video that authorities say showed inhumane treatment. The company said it was disturbed to learn of those allegations.

[WHAT!?! Disturbed only about the allegations?]

The California based company IN & OUT is frequented favorite by stars like Miley Cyrus and says it immediately suspended its relationship with that farm …click here to read more


GOP Attention Split Heading into Tampa

So with less than a week to go until Republicans descend on Tampa and the focus should be solely on the convention but instead is split on a trifecta of trouble for the grand old party:

The Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank says “This might not be a coincidence. It could be divine intervention”.



A new study is showing Americans toss out as much as 40% of the countries food supply every year. According to research by the National Defense Research Council that works out to be almost every other bite we take. The study shows an average family of four wastes more than $20,000 worth of food annually here to read more


You Didn’t Build That

The GOP is still hammering on that “You didn’t Build that” remark; however, James C. Roumell [Founder of Roumell Asset Management in Chevy Chase, Maryland] agrees with the president, that businesses just don’t evolve by themselves.

James recently wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post titled, “What I Built — With Government Help”. He supports the presidents previous statement about ‘if you are successful somebody helped you get there,’ maybe a teacher, maybe somebody created ‘the American system’ that allowed you to thrive. James says, he’s an example of that help and extends his appreciation to pell grants and other government loans that helped him get through college. James says:

Today, I own a small business, an asset management firm with $300 million in assets. Last year we launched the Roumell Opportunistic Value Fund (RAMSX) and hired three more people. We’re growing and creating jobs. I suppose I could pound my chest and take credit for my journey from Detroit to Chevy Chase, from working class to professional. I could say I built it myself. But this wouldn’t be true …click here to read the point of view of James’ American Dream


TomKat Split Official

The Celebraty Couple affectionately known as TomKat is officially a thing of the past. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have finalized their 5-year marriage after just month and a half after Holmes shocked the world by filing for a divorce. Details remain under wraps, but Katie is believed to have custody of their 5-year old daughter Suri … click here for to keep up with TomKat


TJ may stand-in for MJ

Today a judge is expected to tout Michael Jackson’s nephew TJ as full guardian of the late pop stars three kids. The 34-year old became a temporary guardian last month when the kids grandmother [Katherine Jackson] was in Arizona. Now this would mean TJ Jackson will raise Prince, Paris and Blanket if their grandmother becomes too ill to to do so …click here to for more on The Jacksons


LL COOL J Knocked him out

LL Cool J’s training as a TV cop really paid off. The rapper-turned-NCIS L.A.-star caught an intruder at his Cali home earlier today. Police responded to a 911 call from his daughter and now has this suspect in custody who is reportedly suffering from a lot of contusions to the face. The lesson? “Moma said KNOCK YOU OUT” so you do not go to LL Cool J’s house …click here to read more of what moma said

  1. So…breaking into LL Cool J’s house proved to be a bad idea. Who’d have thought? lol!

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