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A handful of P

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ositive words are my favorite. It’s a cohesiveness that sticks.
Though every now and then the “P” can play some pun’ful tricks.

I’m just a “P” packing woman, crossing my legs and counting  the days
Until I stand to hit the polling booth and have my lawful say.

Today, I don’t want too much “P”, I like to control the sum,
and so I’ve carefully selected a few for a little Monday fun.

Happy MONDAY Morning – I’m riding shot gun with thee,
I’m Qui
Thankful to you for rolling thru for A Handful of “P”
Ooo Wee

Make today a Sweet “P”

Meet The IOWA Nice Guy By Matt Woolbright

Native Iowan and the host of Iowa Outdoors on Iowa Public Television, Scott Siepker, teamed up with his friend Paul Benedict to make a popular YouTube video dispelling some of the common stereotypes about Iowa.

“The ideal outcome is to get people to know Iowa as it is, and not what you think it is,” …click here to know Iowa


Todd Akins Talks “P”

[ Reports] Representative Todd Akin of Missouri, who also happens to be the state’s Republican senatorial nominee, has some important information for women everywhere:

Now, what is the difference between legitimate and illegitimate rape? Akin, who is somehow a member of the House’s science and technology committee, did not explain. (Perhaps the only way to know for sure is to wait and see if you end up with an illegitimate child.)

Akin added that he does not consider the failure of the uterus’s natural rape-defense mechanism to be a legitimate reason for an abortion …click here for more enlightenment and definitely sign the petition to remove this representative from congress:


The Elephants NEED – Technology

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome The Man that the Republicans need to run against, The Hologram Barack Obama:

Click here:

Gotta love Bill Maher – He’s back with a new season,
but the Hologram-of-the-past, is my commenting reason.

It’s ripe, it’s rank and it’s politically ‘too funny’;
also Reggie Brown impersonates the Pres. to-the-money.

Watch the video QUICK, before YouTube takes it,
I’m Qui
It’s just i-phone work – but I had to make it.


Get your hand off of MY FLOWER

Why is WOMENS HEALTH a topic for political debate?
If I need a mammogram – why should I have to wait?
If my period is off schedule and bleeding is heavy,
Why do I have to wait for politics to help my medical steady?
I need HELP when my body deems its ready.

Women talking to women and caring for one another,
reminds me that it’s not just about us, but about our daughters.
Lord help us if they don’t get the care that they will truly need
because of politics and party partisans and bad sewing of seeds.

If you don’t want a healthcare mandate because you’re not completely sold?
I sympathize and I feel the same way about your intrusive vaginal probeclick here to read mo’


Selling The V-Jay-Jay

The V-Jay-Jay is Oprah’s code-word for vagina. Code-words are cute, but knowing and respecting the organ by its full name is cool with me too. However, the view I’m sharing with you on this Monday Morning has nothing to do with politics, yet and still it’s sensational. The following piece is a throw back article that seems to fit snuggly under “P” as well. Watch-out-now!

[Selling The V-Jay-Jay] Are you PRO-Choice? Do you believe in Womens Rights? Do you think a move such as selling your virginity will be seen as “empowering a woman” or just another sensational move that would not empower women but mark the virginity seller with a historical scarlett letter? It’s certainly up for debate. A womans right to do what she wants is one thing, I (personally) do not feel empowered by the sellers actions, though she claims that is exactly her intention.

Several months back TYRA asked that very question to a 22-year old virgin who is currently taking bids to SELL OFF HER VIRGINITY. So far bids have come in between 1.5 – 3.8 million dollars. Peep a couple of clips from the show …click here for more


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Who doesn’t like to eat? I DO! But I must admit I’m more of a snacker than a 4-course meal connoiseuer. Though at my tender young age, I am trying to correct my bad dietetic ways. So instead of hitting the donut shop or IHOP, I’ve been making protein smoothies every morning for breakfast, for about 6 weeks now.

My skin looks GREAT! I accredit it to the ingredients of my morning smoothies: Chocolate Protein, Frozen BlueBerries, Rasberries, pineapple, vanilla yogurt, [natural raw] wheat germ, flaxseeds, a few leaves of fresh spinach and soy milk (vanilla). It’s quite tasty. Sweet in fact. Which is great for me, since sweets are my thing.

While staying healthy and in shape is a quest I’m working hard to conquer, my kid has decided she wants to open up her own cupcakery. She’s always loved to bake but in the face of CUPCAKE WARS – she’s ready to go at it full throttle. And how did I respond to her future dreams? I said, “GO FOR IT. You’ve got great baking skills for a teenager, (she makes her cookies, cupcakes, and icings from scratch). She has officially started her journey and I’m a trusty team member (like on Cupcake Wars).

Check out the current venture of my mini-me:

The Cupcake Chique

She’s so on-fire about building her business for the long run and even legacy purposes. She does a lot of research and has found some pretty cool FOOD SITES that she’s drawing from. Wether it’s in their style, their artistic baking skills or their enticing web presence — she has found inspiration and is using it as fuel to drive her to her goal. I applaud her and the following sites for being so nourishing, sweet and a reminder that AMERICA is still the place where DREAMS can come true:

Kariv V McMahon
Sweet Little Thang
✓ Eat Cool Haus
The Cupcake Place
The Cupcake Blog

JACK BAUER on Cupcakes

click the image to see video

I’m just a mom. I do what I can
to help out my kid and my fellow man.

So I hit the wire in search of a show
of those who bake – so I could website promote.

My kids website was built 3 weeks back.
I couldn’t let her enter business without having that.

I admit: I’m high on sweets not too much for the the sour.
I’m also fond of technology: Ultrabook & Jack Bauer.

I’m just a mom. I do what I can
to help my neighbor – be they woman or man.

So I hit the wire to see what I could see.
I’m Qui
And for entrepreneurism – I’ll always be sweet.


The benefits of LUNCH

Today I decided to cook lunch, rather than do take out. Besides I’m on a tight budget and all that I had in the freezer was ground beef, turkey burger patties, frozen fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mangos, pineapple, peaches) and chicken. I went with the chicken, thawed out a few strawberries, pulled fresh spinach from the fridge that I bought last night and mixed up a balsamic vinegarett and tah-dahhh! Lunch is served and the fam is looking at me like I’m a winner here for the recipe – it’s to live for.




Decrease the size of your appetite for ASPARTAME. You must. It’s killing you. It’s killing us. Do your own research and save yourself. Be mindful to refrain from chewing MENTOS (or any other sugar free) gum, drinking a diet soda or enjoying a sugar free cookie while engaging in your research. The fore mentioned products are filled with Aspartame and working towards degenerating your health.

I know it’s such strong news and seems to come out of left field, but it’s not. What is in left field is the publics awareness towards the sugar free killer that was FDA approved for dry goods in 1981 and for carbonated soda in 1983. There were 5 deaths attributed to Aspartame prior to 1987 and since then fatality figures have not been made public. Likely because …click here to learn more