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CELEB Twitter Bickering

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Celebrities fight it out online
by: Jorian L. Seay and Mariah Craddick

Grab your popcorn and soda! The celebs are at it again. Our beloved stars are often found on Twitter filling in followers on their busy lives and menial happenings. The social media site can serve as a great publicity platform for some celebs; for others, not so much. What happens when the rich and famous take to the Web to vent? The claws come out. Here is a compilation of our favorite tweet beefs.

Erykah Badu vs Wayne Coyne

THE LEAKED VIDEO for the Badu/Flaming Lips collab “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” sent the Web into a flurry with images of Badu (and her sister Nayrock as a body double) nude and covered in glitter and various fluids including what appeared to be blood. Badu said it was released without her approval and confronted the front man.


BADU SAID: @waynecoyne … you should send at least a ROUGH version of the video u PLAN to release b4 u manipulate or compromise the artist’s brand by desperately releasing a poor excuse for shock and nudity. …You can KISS MY Glittery ASS.”

COYNE’S RESPONSE: “Hey @Fatbellybella I kissed it!!! Thanks!@!!!!!” 


Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

THESE COMEDIANS have flexed their skills by engaging in an online battle of the dozens in 140 (or less) characters at a time, and we couldn’t help but look and laugh.

EPPS SAID: “Kevin hart is the same size as his career!! SHORT LOL”
HART’S RESPONSE: “Yo @therealmikeepps is really marlon [wayans] from the movie white chicks!!!


The Braxtons vs. Jill

JILLY FROM PHILLY tweeted a shout-out to siblings gospel duo Mary Mary for their WE tv reality show, calling it “real representation.” Singing sisters Tamar and Towanda Braxton, who also have a WE tv reality show, took Scott’s tweet as shade to their show.

TAMAR SAID: “RT@missjillscott: Please watch Mary Mary on WE. Finally a real representation. Yay!!!!! [Of freaking what? *gets in her feelings*:]

TOWANDA’S RESPONSE: “…Finally realizing how folk hate on [Braxton Family Values]… Get a life!”

JILL’S RESPONSE: “…Just because I love oranges doesn’t mean I HATE apples.”


Brian McKnight vs. Chris Brown

BROWN ENGAGED in a series of passive-aggressive “tweefs” with R&B singer Brian McKnight. Why? Because McKnight tweeted to express his disgust with a lack of support for his music, referencing Brown’s infamous ’09 altercation wiht Rihanna.

McKNIGHT SAID: “Since everyone’s so opinionated I’m taking suggestions on what I should do next; I’m thinking rent a lambo and beat the shit outta my girl…”

BROWN’S RESPONSE: “…When peoples careers get to the ‘nobody cares’ stage they use my name for publicity! Lol”

Ref. Source: Ebony Magazine


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iPhones aren’t made by robots – they’re made by human hands. Piece by piece….

Okay – I didn’t blog convey on Monday, because I was duly on a rant.
Breaking up with APPLE? I’m seriously thinking about that.

For what specific reason has this feeling suddenly dawned?
I’m most turned off by the lack of care for the workers at Foxconn.

Now APPLE’s not the only US company that contracts in China.
But when it comes to reaping the most prophet – no other company ranks finer.

APPLE iPhone products are Chinese manufactured from start to complete,
and many of the assemblers barely make enough to live and eat.

APPLE is getting a steal when it comes to paying for labor.
They’re not hiring Americans but love getting money from your table.

You and I are titled: enablers. We’re encouraging them – it’s a fact.
God knows, that APPLE has the dough to help bring our economy back.

So since they have the power – but duly choose not to use it.
When it comes to buying the iPhone 5 — I think I will refuse it.

Sunday morning there was a riot at Foxconn – the employees couldn’t take it no more!
1000’s took to the street (employees & police) – unmanning the assembly floor.

Monday there was still chaos & for a while pics were posted online.
But then the Chinese government found a quick way to erase the proof-of-time.

Though they can’t erase my mind. This issue bothers me so much,
I’m concerned folks choose their iphones over the human life love.

Put the shoe on the other foot and imagine it were you…
I’m Qui
Compassionate about my chinese fam – and what they’re going through.
Be wise when you ‘mobile device’ choose.
To be a part of a trend (in this case), is to lose.

“Intel Inside” ignites mobile branding war

Chipmakers that supply the crucial components inside
smartphones and tablets aim to grab more of the glory

As the mobile computing wars heat up, chipmakers that supply the crucial components inside smartphones and tablets aim to grab more of the glory.

Not content to remain in the shadows of hot consumer brands like Apple or Samsung, chipmakers – including Intel, Qualcomm and Nvidia – want consumers to get to know the processors that power their mobile devices. They hope to build brand loyalty in the process.

Intel is leading the charge by extending its hugely successful “Intel Inside” marketing campaign beyond personal computers. Launched in 1991, “Intel Inside” stickers turned commodity electronic components into premium products, and eventually became ubiquitous on laptops. …click here to get to the core of the smartphone feud


Is this APPLE rotten?

Technology Leader isn’t a leader at all…

From afar, the APPLE looked so good to me.
Now I’m wondering if it’s the fruit from the forbidden tree.

I only own one Apple [MacBook Pro], though (including software) it cost me nearly 5g’s,
Now I’m over here wishing my workflow could grow via a [US manufactured] PC.

Those Apple Exec’s are good at being silent. They quietly flushed the China stink.
Shame on them for continuing to hem — as if the consuming public would never think. …click here and tell me if this apple stinks


Apple, Intel skating to mobile face-off in 2013

With signs that Apple has designed one of the fastest smartphone chips yet, Intel is getting set to rev up its smartphone silicon in 2013.
Performance benchmark site Geekbench is already showing the iPhone 5’s dual-core A6 central processing unit (CPU) with roughly twice the performance of the A5 chips in the iPhone 4S and third-generation iPad. And Geekbench also has the A6 edging out the quad-core chip in Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

And there may be a quad-core Apple A series chip in the works for 2013, according to Linley Gwennap, the principal analyst at The Linley Group.

Ironically, Apple is eclipsing Intel, the world’s largest chip company, in smartphone silicon. So, what can Intel do?

Well, it took a step in the right direction today with the Motorola Razr i, which sports an Intel Z2460 system-on-a-chip (SoC) running at speeds of up to 2GHz, one of the highest gigahertz ratings for a smartphone.

Intel will follow this up with the dual-core Z2580 (the 2460 is single-core) by early next year and, click here to continue the face-off

What the muck is in your gut?

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I am posting this article, because I care. Sure you’ve heard that some folks act [like they’re] full of sh@#, but the truth is most of us actually are.

I have a girlfriend that danced for an NBA team and she is religious about cleaning out her colon. She’s fine as all get-out, too. Through the years I have complimented her on her girlish figure though it was only in the last three years that she started responding to my compliments – just one word: colonix. At first I thought gross, because all I could think about was this unsightly process of someone being bent over a table with a small vacuum cleaner attachment fixed to their arse and having feces pulled from your innards. Now grant it, no one told me that’s what happens in a colonix session, it’s just a picture I somehow referenced in my head every time I’d hear the word: colonix.

Thee years later and I still haven’t made a move to do so. Since I’m no adolescent, I figure, surely I’m sporting a toxic inner hue so I took to the internet to research to research body toxins and colonix. Both researches yielded me core knowledge and I was 80% sure that I will likely be scheduling a consultation to get a better understanding, but not quite sure I’d ‘go for it’, until I saw this:

So I was leaning towards a cleaning before I saw the video,
and now that I’ve seen it, I really can’t wait to go.

CRAP is an acronym that stands for:

Refined Sugar
Processed food/Pollutants

I’m sure I’m full of crap but things are soon to change,
I’m changing the inside and out – everything except my name.

If you choose to do colonix, professionals suggest you do a series,
and alter what you put in your body, so your innards are less erie.

Adding consistent exercise and a good diet will help to limit your toxic gut,
and after a few sessions of colonix, you’re sure to lose that muffin-top muck.

What the muck is in your gut? I don’t know, but from what I saw last night,
and I’m certain I’m going for a colonix – because I can’t live with a parasite.

–I’m Qui

Ewwww! and Yikes!
Detoxify & improve your quality of life.

Mother Jones jonesing

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Ooops! In a last ditch effort to get people to stop talking about his recent surreptitious video, (recorded May 2012), Mitt is now reminding voters of something that Senator Obama said in 1998 – when he stated that he believes in “redistribution to a certain extent…”

Ol man Mitt has made a pretty interesting move.
Perhaps you’ll be jonesing to see this video too:

So have you dropped in on Mother Jones lately? Tell her I said “hello.

Who is Mother Jones?

What does jonesing mean? noun. To have a strong need, desire, or craving for something:  It seems there’s quite a bit of Mother Jones jonesing going on since Mitt Romney’s surreptitious video surfaced.

What does surreptitious mean? adjective. Kept secret, esp. because it would not be approved of : they carried on a surreptitious affair. See note at secret . Better yet, see the video below:

Still digging the fly-on-the-wall view?

Then by all means, spectate on Part II:

This is the man who would like to run our nation?

Click here to read the video’s translation.

It’s important to let a campaigning man vent.

Alas Romney’s not worried about 47 percent.

I still believe ol’ Mitt is a well-intentioned guy,

I just don’t think the presidency is a part of his legacy pie.

If it’s really true that I’m the keeper of my brother,

then I believe in family and I believe in Mother.

Mother Jones lays out the video for you to educate yourself.

Mother Jones got the video feed from one of Romneys guest.

Have you ever been on food stamps, medicade or unemployment?

Then you know it was no high nor a moment of pride and enjoyment.

Why on earth would a candidate think (in the front or back of his mind)

that people prefer to ship their jobs overseas and stand in a government line?

I am not on welfare and being on it – is not an easy thing to do.

You have to apply, beg and try — What a shameful hell to go through.

All for the cause of yielding a little supplemental support.

I too have been in need. I too was an humbled sport.

But the system isn’t devised to be an easy ride at all.

Who wants to cower for handouts instead of working to stand tall?

Come on y’all? You know my guys story: An unemployed engineer for three years.

We chose to move to Arizona to end our financial jeers.

I feel much stronger now that we have a little money going into our banks.

I have so much love for what I went through – I thank God, He didn’t let us sank.

I did feel like folks were sneering at us, because we had no financial means.

Which only gave us the fuel we needed to overcome ‘the jobless scene.’

It meant moving 1600 miles away from all of our family and friends.

It meant that if we wanted independence – We’d have to start over again.

We jumped at the opportunity and without reservation we relocated quick.

Thinking any family prefers poverty – is surely a thought by the snobby rich.

But then again, I’ve been reading the facts and I do duly understand

a lot of Republican voters are holding the governments-assisted hand.

A lot of registered Republicans believe they are the wealth makers —

when in actuality their demographic consists of a load of medicare takers.

Those who are retiring to Florida, or even out here in Arizona’s Sun Lakes,

should pay close attention – YOU head up the government assistant take.

The elderly don’t pay taxes, because they don’t make a lot of money.

To lay foundation on their supplemental relation, just isn’t that funny.

Mother Jones holds no punches and so the website has posted the secret video.

In hopes to help you understand each campaigning man before you go off to vote.

Always be informed in everything you do,

I’m Qui

Standing tall in society and sharing this jonesing with you.

[Video Ref. Source:]

Gotta Love

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Snoop’s Bad Girls

You know Snoop be ‘on it’ and I’m sure you’ve heard of his recent business play –
Snoop has changed his name-in-the-game & is now rapping to Reggae.

But his flair for style and a good time has not waivered one bit –
Snoop has put on an all girl COMEDY SHOW & his line up is a hit.

Tiffany Haddish is one of the baddest along with Cookie Hull, Luenell, April Macie and Monique Marvez

All of the woman were hilarious, in big breasted form and A-cups too.
Tho Tiffany Haddish had me crying, walking on the sides of her shoes.

Oooo! The things we do to get a mans attention
So Cookie Hull is well worth the mention:

She was cool, she was slim, her hair cut short – for no beauty turmoil
but she had my side hurting implying her kitti kat is wrapped in foil.

I could bullet-point quite a few laughs, for a more thorough griot flow,
but then the article would be too long – it’s quicker to just watch the show:

SNOOP DOGG Presents:

The BAD GIRLS of Comedy

Gotta Love that side splitting Comedy,
I’m Qui
Inviting you to roll on through, watch the vid and laugh with me.
Ooo Wee!


Bagging KEY & PEELE

They’re mixed, they’re dark and comically tall,
Key & Peele renewed their spill on Comedy Central for this fall.

They’re complexion is creamy like President O’s though complete with a mixed-hood style.
They dress up smart and talk the proper part but when necessary will get buck wild!

Everybody loves the mixed baby with the built-in tan, and curly hair so sweet.
But we also know they hone dual tones and are truly a frosted mini-wheat.

Today curly hair – Tomorrow it could be straight.
They can master on fries or head up the United States.

Two tones residing in one. Could it be the master race?
I don’t know – but it sho’ look so, per the dude in the White House space.

Key & Peele are two grown men, who have lived this duality all of their lives.
And hosting a show on Comedy Central is where the two [Mad TV alums] have arrived.

Surprise! The humor is easy, but does have a touch of reality’s race sting,
I’m Qui
Tuning in to the new seasons spin – Its KEY that I don’t miss a PEELED scene.


The AWKWARD Candidate

NewsWeek (in bold face) called him “A Twit”.
Gotta love the awkwardness of candidate Mitt.

With his shoulders pent back and butt cheeks clinched tight,
He’s running to lead the charge -in the dark with no foresight.

It’s seems painfully clear in the way he represents:
He’s not in it for the people – he just wants to be PRESIDENT.

He’s not for Womens Right and is down with changing voting rules.
There’s nothing more entertaining than watching a dunced fool.

I’m down with Womens Rights and I wish every American the right to vote.
I’m down with the course our country is on and I will voice it at the poll.

But without a little laughter every now and then, life would not be so sunny.
Though I must admit watching the stiff Mitt on a ‘gaff rip’ is laughable and funny.

Gotta Love Mitt. He’s the comic candidate.
He’s good on hurling chief insults and then defending that.

He knows nothing about women – thank God he didn’t birth a one.
And watching his wife try to re-write his life looks like painful fun.

Ann R. ain’t smiling no ‘mo and Mitt is on the vapor trail.
I’m Qui
and I think the debates with President O. will prove to be Romney’s hell.

NEWS Peruse

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$9 Cardboard Bicycle Could Be A Game-Changer

click to enlarge

Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni heard about a man building a canoe out of cardboard, he felt a vague sort of spark go off in the recesses of his mind.

There would be many hours of labor and research put into the project but in the end, the bicycle was made from a mere $9 worth of cardboard and can hold the weight of 485 pounds. Gafni says his invention could potentially be a game-changer in the bike world. What do you think? …click here to read more

Nixing the Nixon

Okay he may have great hair and be mega-loads wealthy,
but he looks a lot like Nixon – says Wall Street Journal’s Peggy.

The renowned columnist Peggy Noonan is a proud and noted conservative too,
but she can’t seem to get behind some of things Romney’s prone to say & do.

The Republican party can’t seem to win for constantly losing.
And Mitt’s political speeches, shouldn’t be his for the choosing.

click the picture to see the full WSJ interview
with Peggy Noonan

Sometimes we need supervision – sometimes we need party friends.
Sometimes we need someone to help us begin – before we end.

Premature releases? Mitt’s been known to give them,
forcing Peggy to say, “He looks a lot like Mr. Nixon.”

Watching Mitt speak – often chips away at his introduction as ‘smarter,’
And a string of on-his-own speeches, have left his party in deep water.

Being uncomfortable with reporters questions – during the campaigning phase,
tells the rest of the world you are not ready for the Presidential stage.

I understand his grand dad wanted the title, as did his father and now him.
Alas Mitt sees first hand – being the chief of the free land is not given on a whim.

It’s surely not about how many dollars you can spend or much old lute you can raise
Being President of the USA is not ‘a given’ – because you’re rich and middle aged.

I like Mitt a lot. If my capital gains are in the red – he can fix them.
But I’m just not in the mood today, for another President like Dick Nixon.

Nix the short patience and come with the facts,
I’m Qui
Nixon was a trick-man and he received a huge ax.

Don’t beat me Mr. Officer – Sir

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Enabled to BEAT the DISABLED

Officials from the U.S. Department of Justice Thursday morning are expected to announce the federal agency’s findings from a more than 14-month-long investigation into Portland police use of force.

The federal agency opened a civil rights investigation June 28, 2011 to determine whether the Portland Police Bureau engages in a “pattern or practice’’ of excessive force, particularly against people with mental illness.
Assistant U.S. Attorney General Thomas E. Perez came to Portland last June to announce the federal inquiry. He said then that the review was prompted by a significant increase in police shootings during the prior 18 months, the majority involving people with mental illness …click here to read more


Attorney Crump is Crunk about…

Policemen using excessive force with arrested and hand cuffed civilians. Benjamin Crump is an attorney representing TrayVon Martin’s family. After successfully bringing TrayVon’s case to light as the trial of George Zimmerman is currently being tried, he has been retained by 3 families in Los Angeles. And while the 3 families are not related to one another, their stories of police brutality are:

  • Aug. 31, when police said a 35-year-old mother of two, Alesia Thomas, had died in the back of a squad car after she was detained. An in-car video revealed “questionable tactics and improper comments” by police during Thomas’ arrest. The footage has not been made public.
  • Ronald Weekley Jr., 20, a college student shown in a cellphone video being pinned to the ground and punched in the face by police who stopped him for skateboarding in traffic on Aug. 18.
  • Aug. 21 arrest of a 34-year-old nurse, Michelle Jordan, who was pulled over for using a cellphone while driving. Videotape of that incident showed LAPD officers slamming Jordan, already handcuffed, to the ground twice before appearing to give each other a “fist-bump.”

This racial thing is getting worst.
More minorities are getting hurt.

And not for reasons of being ‘in the wrong.’
But because brutality is being laid on strong.

In question are our supported police officers;
Who we trust to hold our civil peace coffers.

How many times have I passed a motorist in distress,
immediately after a cop did? What a helpful mess.

What has happened to Alicia Thomas, (God rest her soul),
Will come back on the officers — because karma is cold.

Arresting Ronald Weekly Jr, for skateboarding in traffic –
didn’t warrant the peace officers brutal harassment.

And for the RN Michelle Jordan – who was driving and talking on her cell phone –
the police didn’t have to body slam her (twice). Their response was unjust and wrong.

Every since President Obama took office in 2008,
we’ve found more instances of racial hate on our American plate.

Surely the police will stop and beat whomever they want.
Though it seems “the browner races” are the ones to haunt.

It’s not what they deserve – thus there’s a backlash of calamity.
I’m Qui
Pleading with the men that wear the peace-blue to abandon brutality.

Karma is real and does not stop after your shift ends.
Please know that the harm you inflect will come again,
to harm you, your loved ones and/or a beloved friend.
Bad karma is renewed at each hateful begin.

Be of good tidings, spread peace and gain the peoples trust.
Brutal deeds will be revealed with or without Attorney Crump.

A little off kilter

Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

I don’t know why —
but all isn’t right.
We’ve got violent incites
folks taking other peoples lives.
This is not the way to our universal thrive.

But it is a sign — one that I don’t mind adding a filter,
because weak folk are on a slippery slope and a little off kilter

click here to read more

Embracing 9/11

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The OTHER SIDE of The Game

9/11 Birthday Babies

It has nothing to do with Erykah Badu’s rendition [The Other side of The Game], but more as it refers to the 24-hour display that September 11th reflects. Sure some exited on 9/11, but many were also born on this date. The astrological calendar calls them VIRGOs.

This is the month of the Virgo. Do you know any? They are by far some mystique folk. Their astrology icon is a lady packing wheat. Most astrology icons are animals, besides the duplicitous Gemini, but that’s another story for another month. The Virgo’s are friendly and out going to an extent. My sister is married to a Virgo whose birthday happens to be today: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brother-in-Law. Their union is among the rare. I am friends to and related to quite a few Virgo’s that contently roll solo – easy. So easy, I couldn’t imagine them getting married and succumbing to the rules that clearly state ‘the world does not solely revolve around you.’ I think bro-in-law finds his shoe to be a bit snug, but by outward appearances, you’d never know — because he’s a Virgo.

Virgo’s are smart. Virgo’s are sexy. Virgo’s are great friends. Virgo’s are like that big square piece that doesn’t quite fit into the circle shaped slot that is for regular purposes. They are of a custom design.

Aug 23 – Sept 23

Virgo’s are awesome parents and great friends. They are also good at making something out of nothing and that something will likely become a big awesome deal to others who observe it. Like in the case of the sexy bachelor Fab 5 Freddy. He is all that and a dozen of 30 x 30 canvases, but not quite for general purposes. I’ve spent quite a few 1-on-1 days with the Legend and he is not “normal”. He is fascinating, exciting, creative, intelligent, witty, but not, silly, mundane, cool’less, or regular. Even in his bathrobe, he’s not regular. His mind is always in progressive thought and his actions are swift, (often leaving others behind). Not because Virgo doesn’t care for them, but because opportunity is at hand – at such time he realizes he can do more good going forward, than staying behind to explain his next step. The Virgo has foresight and more often than not, he has insight. It takes a special mate to pair up with a Virgo and keep a balanced measure.

God bless Jay-Z, because Beyonce is surely a Virgo.
And heaven knows how he manages the day to day flow.

Michael Jackson is a Virgo, as is Charlie Sheen.
We’ve watched them both through the televised screen.

They are not “normal” their shape does not fit
within lifes general slots – thus they are a hit!

They are that virginic icon packing a-bundle-of wheat.
They can be terribly rough – then unbelievably sweet.

Though without them, life would lack an exciting treat,
I’m Qui
And for the Virgo — I remain open minded & sweet.

The world would be incomplete
without the wheat packing V.
)))Happy Birthday((( to thee.


We’ll never forget

A young memory. We’ll never forget.

I remember the day very well. My now 21 year old and 15 year old were both in elementary school. We were getting ready to drop them off when we heard about the airplane hijackings. Once we reached the school and walked inside to deliver them to their classes, we heard an overhead announcement say that one of the planes had crashed into a high rise in NY and with my youngest daughters hand in mine , I fell on my knees where I stood, (in the schools foyer/entrance).

You know 911’s story. I know the wound is still fresh.
Somehow it hasn’t vapored off – not even with Osama’s death.

I still think of those children and nothing I can say will bring them back.
Here we are a decade past and our enemies are still …click here to contiue

Move that body!

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Today [9/13], send your questions about school meals to Sam Kass on PTA Back to School Night, with live stream and Twitter Q&A here.

On August 31, the President signed a proclamation regarding National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, which is being observed this September. The President stressed that childhood obesity is a serious public health issue, and in making this proclamation, encouraged our country to commit ourselves to addressing this problem and to engage in healthy lifestyles. Check out all the ways you can play a role this September!


The President “crashed” the Kids’ State Dinner last month, when 54 young chefs gathered for a formal luncheon in the East Room hosted by the First Lady. Don’t miss this great gallery of photos from the Kids’ State Dinner.


You don’t need fancy equipment to be active or work out! Go outside for a walk or run and use public spaces and buildings—like playgrounds or stairs outside a building—to be active. Use stairs for step-ups or lunges. You’ll be amazed at how many things you can do if you think creatively!


Make preparing dinner a family activity. Kids may be more likely to eat healthier foods like fruits and vegetables if they help you prepare them. Reinvent healthy versions of your family’s favorite meals- like a healthy pizza. Buy or make whole wheat pizza crust and add lots of different vegetables for toppings. Invite your family to help assemble the pizza and add the vegetables to let them join in on the fun.


Grant Hill Advocates for Healthy Living
Grant Hill, professional basketball player for the LA Clippers, thanks the First Lady for her work regarding Let’s Move! and talks about his experience joining the First Lady in an event before the 2012 London Olympics to get kids exercising.

First Lady Michelle Obama watches the swimming finals and medal ceremonies at the Olympic Park Aquatics Center during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England, July 28, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Sonya N. Hebert)

Girl Scout Earns Highest Achievement, Inspired by Let’s Move!
Be inspired by sixteen year old Joslyn Simmons, who created a project called Sports 4 Life as part of her membership in Girl Scout Troup 143 in Jacksonville, Florida. She and her friends started MyPlate workshops, and set up recreational activities for elementary kids to show that playing sports and living a healthy lifestyle can be fun.

Supermarket Shopping 101: Read this Before You Hit the Grocery Store
Grocery shopping can be stressful. Use our tips to help your grocery shopping and make the most of your time. From the best times to shop to reading ingredient labels, our tips will make grocery shopping easier and quicker. We also give you a five-night meal plan formula to make eating healthy on a budget easy and delicious.

How about a little Afternoon NOOKIE

When was the last time you played footsies?

Yes, I like a little nookie, as much as the next.
Burning calories is great via the pelvis connect.

I took to google to find out how much of a burn,
sex will yield
those who eagerly yearn:

68 calories can be zapped from the art of kissing
and 80 calories for a massage – if you’re the one that’s giving.

Serving your lover oral will more than flatter he or she,
and will yield you an awesome burn of 100 calories.
Oooo wee!

Here are a couple of sites that will teach you much, much more,
I’m Qui
Into physical exercise and tracking my calorie burning score.

Pick up the fruit and put down the cookie –
It’ll burn much better during Afternoon NOOKIE.


Denise never gets old

Do it with Denise.

This morning, ’round 7, I received a phone call
that put my leisure dreams on a precise pause.

The call wasn’t important, but I was wide awake.
The opportunity to exercise was mine for the take.

I didn’t want to go for a run, I didn’t look so cute,
so I popped in Denise Austin to do what she do.

It’s a 12 minute workout – appropriately called ‘the dozens’.
Do them twice a day and you’ll never say
‘you don’t get stares from your husband.’

In fact I’m almost certain if you make it a habit to continue to do,
You’ll have to overcome the stares of others husbands too. Ooo!

Check out the way
Denise does 12 play:

This is the exact routine I did before I hit the Bowlflex,
I’m Qui
hoping to pass endorphins
admist our online connect.
Now let’s sweat!

A Body In Motion

Zumba gets RESULTS! Andrea C. took Zumba classes lost 100lbs: – Click the pic to visit Marcela.

Sunday mornings are a great time to shake it up! You can do it before you go to church, after you get home from church, or suppose you’re not going to church today — then this is still a great day to shake things up. A body in motion stays in motion. Get to moving!

I am actually on my way out to church as I type, but I thought it would be selfish of me to not share with you what has me feeling alive and on point: EXERCISE.  I’m no guru, just a grown kid resisting the temptation to become stationary and old. Move with me.

The following movement piece is a spicy yet down-to-earth Zumba class I found online. I’ve done Zumba classes in real life, (not at the studio on the video), and the objectives are the same – KEEP MOVING.

Good morning blogging fam – let’s move those eggs and ham!
You’ve got to get up if you want to get down:

Stay Young!

Me? I know it’s fun! Me? I’ve already made the connect.
Me?  I didn’t do it this morning – I did aerobics and Bowflex.
Move that body!

These Women

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I had to go to PP

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Today Ann Richards must have danced in her grave
at the way Cecile Richards worked the DNC stage.

Honesty and truth did manifest and win
when she addressed the rights and health of all women.

I love her white hair and her Ann Richards grin.
I second the notion: Obama’s going to win!

It was April 2011 -I was in Texas and not feeling too good.
Abdominal cramps during my insurance gap sent me to Planned Parenthood.

My job and insurance were shipped overseas in 2008 for sho’,
and without it — my gynecologist couldn’t see me no ‘mo.

Oh! I couldn’t get my uninsured foot in the do’.
Something had to be done. I chose a ‘job relocation’ flow.

Less than a year ago, I found another job with benefits equivalent to gold;
and the way I feel about Planned Parenthood is gratefulness from my soul.

Had I not seen PP in 2011, I would have surely been a statistics chancer.
They found abnormalities on my papsmear and helped me avoid cervical cancer.

I’m just like the millions of other women who look like debatable sitters.
I’m like those millions of women who are rallying behind Cecile Richards.

I’m one of the millions of women, who feel that limiting my right to health care is terribly unfair.
I’m one of those millions of women who regardless of party choice – for quality life – I do care.

There are a 1 million and 1 other bullet points me and those other women share,
I’m Qui
to Cecile Richards leading the cause. I thank God PP was there…

Because I had to go.


We cant find this one

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While reading I came up on this,
a 15-year old girl has gone ‘on the miss.’

Her mother is distraught and on a prayer she dwells;
since August 18th, she’s been MISSING Gabrielle.

Her mother was at work from 7-3:30
though at some point in between the devil got dirty.

Gabrielle was asleep in her bed, securely snug and without a care.
It was unusual for her to not be home in the eve – when her mom got there.

Disturbed and awfully worried, as this all happened on August 18th.
Gabrielle is still missing – Please call 803-576-3000 if you’ve seen…

There is a subject in custody whose cell phone was near Gab’s on that day.
And though he isn’t talking, he’s sitting in a jail cell for temporary stay.

Gabrielle is 15, she’s a cheerleader and plays the guitar.
Gabrielle’s mom is living in darkness – please help her find her DNA star.

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Stacy A. Littlejohn is the creator of VH1’s SINGLE LADIES


It’s really been fun, but she’s got to move on,
SINGLE LADIES bids adu to Ms. Littlejohn.

With two amazing all-consuming seasons under her belt,
She’s going to break to concentrate on scripting more wealth.

It’s a lifetime job to hold an audience in story tell,
and Stacy A. Littlejohn does it so well.

Are you watching Single Ladies on VH1?
It’s a show of relative drama – highs, lows & a lot of fun.

Look at the beautiful array of sisters that are now running on prime time.
God and good – expanding the screenwriting hood
beyond the awesome Shonda Rimes.

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Oprah & Rhianna talked about

What can I say about Oprah and Rhianna?
They’re all snugged up like Brittany and Madonna.

Not really, but their conversation is reeled gold;
Oprah was listening and Rhianna told.

I was looking and enjoying the scene.
I’m Qui

and these 2 women are doing the dang thing.

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