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$9 Cardboard Bicycle Could Be A Game-Changer

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Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni heard about a man building a canoe out of cardboard, he felt a vague sort of spark go off in the recesses of his mind.

There would be many hours of labor and research put into the project but in the end, the bicycle was made from a mere $9 worth of cardboard and can hold the weight of 485 pounds. Gafni says his invention could potentially be a game-changer in the bike world. What do you think? …click here to read more

Nixing the Nixon

Okay he may have great hair and be mega-loads wealthy,
but he looks a lot like Nixon – says Wall Street Journal’s Peggy.

The renowned columnist Peggy Noonan is a proud and noted conservative too,
but she can’t seem to get behind some of things Romney’s prone to say & do.

The Republican party can’t seem to win for constantly losing.
And Mitt’s political speeches, shouldn’t be his for the choosing.

click the picture to see the full WSJ interview
with Peggy Noonan

Sometimes we need supervision – sometimes we need party friends.
Sometimes we need someone to help us begin – before we end.

Premature releases? Mitt’s been known to give them,
forcing Peggy to say, “He looks a lot like Mr. Nixon.”

Watching Mitt speak – often chips away at his introduction as ‘smarter,’
And a string of on-his-own speeches, have left his party in deep water.

Being uncomfortable with reporters questions – during the campaigning phase,
tells the rest of the world you are not ready for the Presidential stage.

I understand his grand dad wanted the title, as did his father and now him.
Alas Mitt sees first hand – being the chief of the free land is not given on a whim.

It’s surely not about how many dollars you can spend or much old lute you can raise
Being President of the USA is not ‘a given’ – because you’re rich and middle aged.

I like Mitt a lot. If my capital gains are in the red – he can fix them.
But I’m just not in the mood today, for another President like Dick Nixon.

Nix the short patience and come with the facts,
I’m Qui
Nixon was a trick-man and he received a huge ax.

  1. I like the cardboard box idea. We could make many underprivileged children smile this Christmas with such an affordable bike. When will they be on the market for purchase and where?

  2. I love getting my news from you! FOX NEWS can suck it!!!

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