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Ooops! In a last ditch effort to get people to stop talking about his recent surreptitious video, (recorded May 2012), Mitt is now reminding voters of something that Senator Obama said in 1998 – when he stated that he believes in “redistribution to a certain extent…”

Ol man Mitt has made a pretty interesting move.
Perhaps you’ll be jonesing to see this video too:

So have you dropped in on Mother Jones lately? Tell her I said “hello.

Who is Mother Jones?

What does jonesing mean? noun. To have a strong need, desire, or craving for something:  It seems there’s quite a bit of Mother Jones jonesing going on since Mitt Romney’s surreptitious video surfaced.

What does surreptitious mean? adjective. Kept secret, esp. because it would not be approved of : they carried on a surreptitious affair. See note at secret . Better yet, see the video below:

Still digging the fly-on-the-wall view?

Then by all means, spectate on Part II:

This is the man who would like to run our nation?

Click here to read the video’s translation.

It’s important to let a campaigning man vent.

Alas Romney’s not worried about 47 percent.

I still believe ol’ Mitt is a well-intentioned guy,

I just don’t think the presidency is a part of his legacy pie.

If it’s really true that I’m the keeper of my brother,

then I believe in family and I believe in Mother.

Mother Jones lays out the video for you to educate yourself.

Mother Jones got the video feed from one of Romneys guest.

Have you ever been on food stamps, medicade or unemployment?

Then you know it was no high nor a moment of pride and enjoyment.

Why on earth would a candidate think (in the front or back of his mind)

that people prefer to ship their jobs overseas and stand in a government line?

I am not on welfare and being on it – is not an easy thing to do.

You have to apply, beg and try — What a shameful hell to go through.

All for the cause of yielding a little supplemental support.

I too have been in need. I too was an humbled sport.

But the system isn’t devised to be an easy ride at all.

Who wants to cower for handouts instead of working to stand tall?

Come on y’all? You know my guys story: An unemployed engineer for three years.

We chose to move to Arizona to end our financial jeers.

I feel much stronger now that we have a little money going into our banks.

I have so much love for what I went through – I thank God, He didn’t let us sank.

I did feel like folks were sneering at us, because we had no financial means.

Which only gave us the fuel we needed to overcome ‘the jobless scene.’

It meant moving 1600 miles away from all of our family and friends.

It meant that if we wanted independence – We’d have to start over again.

We jumped at the opportunity and without reservation we relocated quick.

Thinking any family prefers poverty – is surely a thought by the snobby rich.

But then again, I’ve been reading the facts and I do duly understand

a lot of Republican voters are holding the governments-assisted hand.

A lot of registered Republicans believe they are the wealth makers —

when in actuality their demographic consists of a load of medicare takers.

Those who are retiring to Florida, or even out here in Arizona’s Sun Lakes,

should pay close attention – YOU head up the government assistant take.

The elderly don’t pay taxes, because they don’t make a lot of money.

To lay foundation on their supplemental relation, just isn’t that funny.

Mother Jones holds no punches and so the website has posted the secret video.

In hopes to help you understand each campaigning man before you go off to vote.

Always be informed in everything you do,

I’m Qui

Standing tall in society and sharing this jonesing with you.

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  1. Mother Jones tells it all. Gotta love democracy! Thanks for the 411 again! Its REEL interesting to say the very least. Wow!

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