What the muck is in your gut?

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I am posting this article, because I care. Sure you’ve heard that some folks act [like they’re] full of sh@#, but the truth is most of us actually are.

I have a girlfriend that danced for an NBA team and she is religious about cleaning out her colon. She’s fine as all get-out, too. Through the years I have complimented her on her girlish figure though it was only in the last three years that she started responding to my compliments – just one word: colonix. At first I thought gross, because all I could think about was this unsightly process of someone being bent over a table with a small vacuum cleaner attachment fixed to their arse and having feces pulled from your innards. Now grant it, no one told me that’s what happens in a colonix session, it’s just a picture I somehow referenced in my head every time I’d hear the word: colonix.

Thee years later and I still haven’t made a move to do so. Since I’m no adolescent, I figure, surely I’m sporting a toxic inner hue so I took to the internet to research to research body toxins and colonix. Both researches yielded me core knowledge and I was 80% sure that I will likely be scheduling a consultation to get a better understanding, but not quite sure I’d ‘go for it’, until I saw this:

So I was leaning towards a cleaning before I saw the video,
and now that I’ve seen it, I really can’t wait to go.

CRAP is an acronym that stands for:

Refined Sugar
Processed food/Pollutants

I’m sure I’m full of crap but things are soon to change,
I’m changing the inside and out – everything except my name.

If you choose to do colonix, professionals suggest you do a series,
and alter what you put in your body, so your innards are less erie.

Adding consistent exercise and a good diet will help to limit your toxic gut,
and after a few sessions of colonix, you’re sure to lose that muffin-top muck.

What the muck is in your gut? I don’t know, but from what I saw last night,
and I’m certain I’m going for a colonix – because I can’t live with a parasite.

–I’m Qui

Ewwww! and Yikes!
Detoxify & improve your quality of life.

  1. I have that a very good cleansing diet will have the same results…and might be healthier…

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