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iPhones aren’t made by robots – they’re made by human hands. Piece by piece….

Okay – I didn’t blog convey on Monday, because I was duly on a rant.
Breaking up with APPLE? I’m seriously thinking about that.

For what specific reason has this feeling suddenly dawned?
I’m most turned off by the lack of care for the workers at Foxconn.

Now APPLE’s not the only US company that contracts in China.
But when it comes to reaping the most prophet – no other company ranks finer.

APPLE iPhone products are Chinese manufactured from start to complete,
and many of the assemblers barely make enough to live and eat.

APPLE is getting a steal when it comes to paying for labor.
They’re not hiring Americans but love getting money from your table.

You and I are titled: enablers. We’re encouraging them – it’s a fact.
God knows, that APPLE has the dough to help bring our economy back.

So since they have the power – but duly choose not to use it.
When it comes to buying the iPhone 5 — I think I will refuse it.

Sunday morning there was a riot at Foxconn – the employees couldn’t take it no more!
1000’s took to the street (employees & police) – unmanning the assembly floor.

Monday there was still chaos & for a while pics were posted online.
But then the Chinese government found a quick way to erase the proof-of-time.

Though they can’t erase my mind. This issue bothers me so much,
I’m concerned folks choose their iphones over the human life love.

Put the shoe on the other foot and imagine it were you…
I’m Qui
Compassionate about my chinese fam – and what they’re going through.
Be wise when you ‘mobile device’ choose.
To be a part of a trend (in this case), is to lose.

“Intel Inside” ignites mobile branding war

Chipmakers that supply the crucial components inside
smartphones and tablets aim to grab more of the glory

As the mobile computing wars heat up, chipmakers that supply the crucial components inside smartphones and tablets aim to grab more of the glory.

Not content to remain in the shadows of hot consumer brands like Apple or Samsung, chipmakers – including Intel, Qualcomm and Nvidia – want consumers to get to know the processors that power their mobile devices. They hope to build brand loyalty in the process.

Intel is leading the charge by extending its hugely successful “Intel Inside” marketing campaign beyond personal computers. Launched in 1991, “Intel Inside” stickers turned commodity electronic components into premium products, and eventually became ubiquitous on laptops. …click here to get to the core of the smartphone feud


Is this APPLE rotten?

Technology Leader isn’t a leader at all…

From afar, the APPLE looked so good to me.
Now I’m wondering if it’s the fruit from the forbidden tree.

I only own one Apple [MacBook Pro], though (including software) it cost me nearly 5g’s,
Now I’m over here wishing my workflow could grow via a [US manufactured] PC.

Those Apple Exec’s are good at being silent. They quietly flushed the China stink.
Shame on them for continuing to hem — as if the consuming public would never think. …click here and tell me if this apple stinks


Apple, Intel skating to mobile face-off in 2013

With signs that Apple has designed one of the fastest smartphone chips yet, Intel is getting set to rev up its smartphone silicon in 2013.
Performance benchmark site Geekbench is already showing the iPhone 5’s dual-core A6 central processing unit (CPU) with roughly twice the performance of the A5 chips in the iPhone 4S and third-generation iPad. And Geekbench also has the A6 edging out the quad-core chip in Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

And there may be a quad-core Apple A series chip in the works for 2013, according to Linley Gwennap, the principal analyst at The Linley Group.

Ironically, Apple is eclipsing Intel, the world’s largest chip company, in smartphone silicon. So, what can Intel do?

Well, it took a step in the right direction today with the Motorola Razr i, which sports an Intel Z2460 system-on-a-chip (SoC) running at speeds of up to 2GHz, one of the highest gigahertz ratings for a smartphone.

Intel will follow this up with the dual-core Z2580 (the 2460 is single-core) by early next year and, click here to continue the face-off

  1. Thanks for the insight. Thanks for the passion. I’m no techie, but I do care about WHERE my consumer products come from. I still like that MADE IN AMERICA branding. I look forward to see what INTEL has in mind. Great post!

  2. This is the 1st iPhone I’ve opted not to get on launch day. I’ve been an Apple man since 05ish & an iPhone fan since 07 when it debuted. But you are right. Those conditions (don’t quote me on this) were never this bad when Apple’s bread winner where it’s computers and laptops. Those machines were so beautiful, well designed and EXPENSIVE as Heavens gate. Only a few could afford them.

    Now with all this i-devices that fit into more ppl budgets, they don’t care who they shit on to get them mass predicted and into as many ppl’s hands.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still buying my MacBook Pro retina in a few months but I think I’m done with iPhones. Hell I don’t even talk on it. May be done with cell phones all together.

    • I agree brother. This iPhone hype is yielding quite a bit of strife. So you’re thinking of dropping cell phones all together? LOL! I wish I could, but being that I’ve forfeited my land line and travel so often… I guess I’ll be looking for that next promising AMERICAN PRODUCED cell phone for my future.

      Here’s a novel idea: “There are millions of Americans out of work and looking – wouldn’t it be great if APPLE built more production facilities in the United States and employed Americans?” Am I channeling John Lennon? Am I a dreamer? Well, “I’m not the only one”. 😉

      • I’m really looking into straight talk. It’s $45 a month. Not $130 what I currently pay now. My iPad is my new woman. It practically replaced my iPhone & MacBook Pro. I just used my MacBook as my new desktop.

        Your idea is great. Apple is building tons of facilities for more servers to run their iCloud services. They could easily build a factory here. Only issue is its cheaper to build in china oppose to flying all the Chinese over here who are willing to work for $2 an hour.

      • LOL! $2/hr — in this day and age? Where the cost of living is HIGHER than giraffe vagina – in INHUMANE, I don’t care what part of the world you live in. Good luck on that $45/mo [StraightTalk] move. It will bode well when your daughter decides she would like a cell phone on your acct. too. I spk from experience – there are 3 iPhone 4 holders in my home and 3 iPhone data plans. The monthly statement is not pretty.

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