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Boobs and other News

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It was this time last year, I was ‘feeling my boobies
and found a lump that knocked me on my booty.

I had my first mammogram in 2011 on the 5th of December,
and what happened afterwards – I’ll always remember…

They found calicfications near my left nipple;
Doubt was cast and the fear did ripple.

I got on the horn and called the saints
who categorized this as a death sentence: aint!

The prayers went up and the blessings came down,
just in time to find me (last month) in a surgical gown.

I had two breast biopsies – mortality was on my mind.
I danced a jig and relaxed my wig – when all came back benign.
The lab results said ‘all was fine.’

The first [stereotactic] surgeon at work – cut me short & had no bed side manners at all.
The second [ultra sound guided] surgeon did his best to make me feel at rest and respectfully tall.

He literally took baby steps with me and helped me to understand,
All would be well with the task in his hands.

He was right and today I celebrate life.
With benign lab results – I sleep good at night.


But what about my sisters who are still in the trenches
who are fighting the cancer battle
in total relentness?


I’m lifting your situation up in prayer.
Please believe in God. He is still there.

Please don’t give up hope – all will be alright.
Please know there are a mountain of prayer warriors on your side.

God is still in the miracle making business.
Have you talked to him lately? Give prayer another visit.

Stand strong. Stand firm. Your heart is weiry – I know.
But go on and claim your victory and let your little light show.

God’s got your back -yo! And so do I,
I’m Qui
Pulling with thee, to get reach conclusion: benign.

Be prayerful and watch for God’s protective sign.
TODAY [dear sister] YOU ARE ON MY MIND.


Unemployment rate drops to 7.8% in September

Read about it here


5 Strategies for Digital Storytelling

Tips to creating a successful digital communication’s plan

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To convey a strong message, digitally, brands must take on the role of a storyteller. The narrative has to be robust enough to withstand the shortened attention spans and quick turnaround of information found on the web. Now that nearly half (49.7%) of U.S. mobile subscribers have smartphones, and Google is activating 1.3 million Android devices per day, it is clear we live a hyper-connected lifestyle that requires mastering mobile and digital storytelling.

The ability to speak in sound bites and effectively humanize your message to your following— a tribe of potential employers or customers, and even other brands—in a compelling, clear, concise transmedia format in real-time is expected. Here care 5 areas you should focus on:

  • Optimize Your Site’s ‘About Me’ Section
  • Write a Worthwhile Twitter Bio
  • Maximize YouTube Descriptions
  • Upload Relevant Photos Only
  • Allow a Story to be Told Via Hashtags
  • Get Brands/Influencers Involved by Tagging

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ROCKING The Pennsylvania VOTE

Just when you thought things were good-to go,
A PA Judge lifts the barge on blocking-the-vote…

In a much-anticipated ruling, Commonwealth Court Judge Robert E. Simpson Jr. ordered that voters without government-issued photo ID should be allowed to cast regular ballots.

“That’s a huge win,” said Witold J. Walczak, an attorney with the ACLU of Pennsylvania, “because last week the judge was suggesting that he was going to have every [voter without ID] vote provisionally.”

At the same time, the judge specifically ruled to allow the state to continue its education and advertising campaign, which currently tells voters that IDs are required.

Walczak said that if the state doesn’t change that message, “we may be back in court.”

“You can’t be telling people you need ID if you’re not actually requiring ID,” he said. “That advertising has to be modified to reflect reality.”

“Confusion is not a good thing on election day,” he said. “Confusion is going to mean some voters stay home. Confusion is going to mean that some poll workers get it wrong.” …click here to continue