Sex is like playing bridge

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Does the bridge lead to good sex?

Rediscovering Foreplay

Woody Allen once said that “Sex is like playing bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you need a good hand.”  So how’s your game? What makes a good partner? It’s you, paying attention to the little things that will put your partner in the mood …click here to learn more

Reviving the Orgasm  (esp. after 40)

Why is 40 a daunting number? When I was younger, all I remember ever hearing about women and the age 40 is, “If you think sex is good now, just wait until you’re 40.”  I shreaked at the thought of  having exciting sex at 40 when I was a teenager, however, now that I’m 40, I feel quite differently. I love sex.  I love it by the humps and the pounds. The only problem is my bridge partner is concerned about ‘the money game’ at this stage in his life and spends most of his nights thinking of ways to get ahead, or sleeping off exhaustion from the earlier work day so much so, that he’d usually be asleep before I could even say the word nookie.

Enticing your playmate

Well, that (whole falling asleep early-thing) wasn’t working, so I threw in another element that’s been known to keep folk awake in bed: like lingerie and naught toys. Of course now he’s not only been wide awake in bed, but showered and sitting up, ready to play. I know what you’re thinking, “what man would dare doze off, knowing there’s a domestic stripper in his bed?”  Well you may be on to something there, but I don’t think it’s his love for  a domestic stripper, lingerie or toys that keep him up as much as him wondering how much fun I’m going to have without him.  Oh yes. Good times are coming regardless.

Use it or lose it

During my research on this topic (late last night), I came up on this information:

The more sex you have, the more you will stimulate
blood flow to your genitals to improve lubrication

and felt like I should get to work quick ‘using it’ because I certainly don’t want to lose it.   Are you ‘using’ yours?

Tighten the Snatch

I don’t know why I used the word snatch with you. I apologize if you’re offended. However, if  you are [offended] – your age is showing.   Snatch is an old 70’s porn term best known as another word for vagina.   Anywho, if you’re going to start indulging in nookie activity more regularly, you certainly want to increase your chances of orgasms and the euphoria that follows – one way to do this is by exercising your kegel muscle. You simply contract the muscle that makes you tinkle and stop. You can sit in 5-10 minute intervals contracting and releasing your kegel muscle, or you can use a kegelmaster.

It [kegelmaster] looks like a pleasure toy but is greatly used for toning kegel muscles and claims to have some very tight results.   A snugger fit has been linked to greater orgasms.  If you’re bridge partner is less than enthused, ‘tighten up your game’ and things are sure to change.

Sex is a vital part of your overall health,
don’t cast it off – not even for a spell.

If you dare abandon, you must be foretold,
If you’re not having sex, you’re sure to get old.

Masturbation is a great alternative – as orgasms must be expressed.
If you’re partner isn’t a good bridge player, I believe you can do it best.

Whatever you do – don’t give up on the internal workout.
Orgasms play a big part in what longevity is all about.

Sex is like playing bridge, if you don’t have a good partner, you’ll need a good hand,
I’m Qui
Wishing you the best with your mate or yourself and your mono-playing band.

  1. Hilarious quote! Great post!
    You can’t go wrong with a naughty post…

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