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Enough with all of the pedophile jeers,
Jerry Sandusky’s going away for 30 years.

November 6th is coming soon. REGISTER TO VOTE before its too late,
and sit back with popcorn to watch the Vice Presidential Debate.

I duly miss Texas, and was saddened to hear that just 4 days ago –
Jake Evans killed his Mom & sis and called himself an evil soul.

The hype of the iPhone5 is only for those that want to ignore
what’s really going on at the sweatshop in a country next door.

But more than that, glitches are still rolling strong.
There are already complaints about the camera on the iPhone.

Outspoken poll readers truly hate to be losers
and Jack Welch will no longer write columns for Reuters.

When is it a good time to celebrate you? You know you are a hotty!
October 17th is the official day to LOVE YOUR BODY.

Love all that you are and never mind what you’re not.
Everything about you says ‘why you rock.’

What’s up with the bad service at American Airlines?
Doesn’t every customer crave long lines and bag fines?

The case of US mortgage fraud, will not be let go,
The US is currently suing WELLS FARGO. Uh-oh!


7ELEVEN Election coffee cup results:

Check the results in your state


While the President Obama is bringing Obama Care to fruition,
Romney’s plan shows a big gap for pre-existing conditions.

Do you ever watch poker? Or do you prefer to play?
Phil Ivey won 11.7 Mil – but Punto Banco refuses to pay.

Yes it’s a mouthful,I know but it’s still headline news,
I’m Qui
Fueled by the knowledge and passing on the views.

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