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Tomorrow is the next Presidential Debate.
I’m hardly on fire and don’t mind the wait.

I’m ready to vote – my decision is made.
I bid thee God speed in casting your say.

And while you’re at it, please do KNOW for sure
That your employer can’t tell you who to vote for!

Carlton got married this weekend to his fiance of two months.
He’s still witty and she’s blond pretty – I pray their union yields big fun.

He’s also still dancing – the eagle has talon
and is teaching folks via The Body by Vi challenge.

Jessie Jacksons son is resurfacing in the news
He’s under financial scrutiny per the Feds Investigative views.

Tahj Mowry, is more than Tia and Tamara’s little bro,
He’s the star of ABC’s new series scene: a Baby Daddy show.

Yep! Tahj is still on his grind. Tahj is doing quite well.
Tahj was serious about his, and forfeited the limelight of jail.

A healthy girl is all the rage!
Check out these curves – and try to behave…

Fall is at hand, and Winter is destined to begin.
How are you recovering from Summer as it pertains to your skin?

Starting your legacy early is a delicate process – that’s known to go wrong,
Unless you’re Fab5Freddy spreading WILDSTYLE in Honk Kong.

It’s all good for this brother and WILDSTYLE is new again.
I’m among the genuine elites to call this living legend a friend.

It’s MONDAY across the globe – and I’m starting it with my hair down,
I’m Qui
Sipping the jo, passing on Reel-In-The-Know and glad to have you around.

October 17, 2012

Did you see the 2nd Presidential Debate?

Obama and Romney are making presidential debate history.
The way the masses are tuning in is a telling mystery.

Did you see it? If you didn’t, I am sure that you have heard,
Romney went rogue on a terroristic stroll and wanted to flip the moderator the bird.

Candy Crowly brought him back to planet earth with the transcribed hard cold facts,
the president said ‘terroristic’ in the rose garden” and Romney had to chew on that.

Testosterone was high in the room and entertaining was the show.
But if you thought the Pres was a push over – I’m sure that you now, better know.

Romney held his own (or rather his own feet to the fact-checking-fire),
I’m Qui
I enjoyed the 2nd debate and will be attuned Monday down-to-the-wire.

  1. Thanks Hook – I do love to let my hair down… especially on a MONDAY. It’s a great look. (-;

  2. I love when you let your hair down… Good work!

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