Doing it RAW

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I’ve always lived cautiously. I’ve always lived safe,
but I’m thinking of letting go & consequence is staring me in the face.

I already condone condom-wearing & having protection for your cell phone,
Now I’m advocating eating RAW and I am not alone.

Meet 72-year old Annette Larkins, she’s been Doing it Raw since she was 40.
And the way that she looks against her husband makes a spectator say: Good Lawdy!

Annette started Doing it RAW when she was 40-years old,
and her choice to do so, has panned out to be youthful gold!

There’s another sexy lady, whose lifestyle makes one say “Oui Oui”,
This young lady also does RAW; She’s 72, her name is Mimi.

Mimi Kirk wouldn’t have it any other way,
she’s defying age and is looking great!

She’s got two grown daughters that she loves to parade,
Unfortunately for the kids, Mom looks about their age.

Oops! They better start taking notes from the leader.
Strip down and eat RAW – be a vegan eater.

Me, myself, I eat meat. Me, myself, I’m in boot camp.
Me myself, am looking for a health boost & eating RAW may be my amp.

But before we talk about me, let’s stay focused herein
and talk about the book SOAK YOUR NUTS by the fine & sexy Karyn.

Karyn Calabrese is 65 and she published the book last year.
Her looks by far doesn’t match her age – and is good reason for cheer.

How long have we sought out the fountain of youth?
How long have we known the “processed foods” truth?

How long will we continue to act not wise?
Take a page from these women and put wisdom in stride.

Each woman has published a book on being RAW.
Each woman is the best at her age, that I ever saw.

I’m a 40 year old kid and I yearn to get better.
So I’m peeping Doing it RAW because I’m a go getter.

I started with boot camp and added in CHIPOTLE salads.
Not I’m scoping growing my own lettuce. Yep! I’m going at it.

I’m out here in Arizona, where the summers heat is off the chain,
I could possibly grow food in the fall, but still we lack the rain.

But I’m not giving up so easy, researching these woman gave me pause
I’m on fire and do desire to merge my fitness with Doing it RAW.

Wish me well on my journey and by all means tell me all about yours,
I’m Qui
On a health kick that I pray will stick; For a quality life – I want MORE.

By all means,
How are you DOING IT?

  1. Your stuff is so clever! Good job!

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