I’m no carpenter – so I don’t build walls

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No one body can do everything, but you sure can do a lot. I’ve never been one to put creedance in limitations. In fact, I love a challenge and have been known to go for the impossible and in most cases, I’d pull-it-off. But when it came to the most mundane things like running a mile, (or just running period), I couldn’t seem to do it. I tried to blame it on my body-type and allergies. I’m an asthmatic. Little did I know, I was building a wall of limitations as it pertained to exercise. Limitations can be simplified, by using the equation, mind over matter. Have you ever heard of it? My high school sweet heart used to tell me, (in reference to my running limitations) “If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” And I’d always smile and think, “he’s highly optimistic.” But the truth is, he was right. Limitations are walls of mental belief. Walls that I no longer build.

“If you think that you can do a thing – you most certainly can.
If you think you can not do it – you absolutely can not”

Jeff Lewis [Quad amputee]

It’s up to you, which brings me to a reality show production that we’ve been working on and boy have I been enlightened. With our camera’s we follow the lives of 10 very special individuals who have each lost limbs. One of the reality show stars is a Quad, (meaning he has lost all four of his limbs) and each of the others are missing only one or both legs or have lost both arms. There are 4 women and 6 men ranging from maybe 21-60. AWESOME group of folk. Through them I have gained much strength and encouragement. Through them I have realized I am more handicap than they’d ever be. Because their minds are wide open to new and uncharted possibilities, and my own mind (initially) not so much. ABC News did a piece on a quadruple that I’d like to share with you and I an sure you would conclude, life is best lived, “mind over matter”:

Twenty-three-year-old Taylor Morris lost all four limbs in a bomb blast while serving in Afghanistan last May. His childhood friend, photographer Tim Dodd, has documented his recovery, shining light on the unbreakable bond between the hometown hero and his sweetheart.

Taylor and his girlfriend, Danielle Kelly, have known each other since high school.

Taylor and Tim met nine years ago on a summer job on a cornfield. Tim was 18, Taylor only 14.

“I guess being from Iowa that should be stereotypical but that’s exactly how we met,” Dodd said.

The two bonded over their love of automobiles and adventure.

“He and his friends were so young and adventurous and always kind of mischievous,” Dodd said. “I guess that was our common bond. Well, that and cars and motorcycles.”

But everything changed when that bomb went off in Afghanistan.

“The biggest fear anyone can face is losing a good friend of theirs. And that’s almost what I thought happened the day I found out,” Dodd said. “When I found out, I just sat there and cried. No words came out at all.”

Danielle, Taylor’s girlfriend, lived hours away from their hometown of Cedar Falls, Iowa. As soon as she heard the news that he’d been injured, she came straight home.

“She just dropped everything the day she heard and she came home,” Dodd said. “She hasn’t left his side ever since.”

Danielle often carries Taylor on her back and has been with him almost every moment of his recovery.

“She pushes him as much as he pushes himself, and it’s a very mutual determination,” Dodd said. “Just to watch her go through these things and really push him is so inspirational. It’s something we’d all wish of ourselves if we were going through this situation.”

“The picture of Taylor and Danielle working out together — look at their faces,” Dodd said. “You can tell he’s working so hard, exerting a lot of energy. He’s doing his absolute best to get the most of his workout time and he’s really pushing himself. And then you look at Danielle’s face and you can really tell in her smile. She’s smiling, she’s so proud. You can see it in her face. She’s so proud and she’s pushing him and she’s determined too.”

Taylor has made great progress using prosthetic limbs. He even danced with his sweetheart at a friend’s wedding.

Despite the leaps and bounds Taylor has made with the help of Danielle, life has changed forever for the trio.

“Sure, we all miss his hands. It’d be a lot easier if he had a hand or two but those are the things you have to go through. It’s not fun to watch this happen to your friend or watch Danielle deal with this frustration,” Dodd said. “But if anyone can overcome and see the good in everything and succeed, it’s Taylor and Danielle.”

To see more photos of Taylor’s recovery, click here or visit


Mind over matter. You can do it if you believe.
I’m Qui
And we can do whatever our beautiful minds conceive.

I’m no carpenter – so I don’t build walls

  1. That title alone was worth the price of admission!
    Yes, I know your blog is free, but don’t nitpick…

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