The lady that birthed me

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on November 27, 2012 at 8:32 am

My Mom is my Sunshine.
Happy Birthday Mom!

I don’t really have enough time
or connecting versed griot rhymes
to effectively say
how I really feel – today.

Today is my Mothers Birthday and,
I’m sure I’m among her number 1 fans.

I’m the middle child – birthed #2 of 4
and being birthed to her is my biggest score.

My brother also feels the same way, he’s birthed 3 of 4
and being born on Mom’s birthday is by far a monumental score.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mom and little brother Joe G.
You two mean the world to me.

Now I have 2 other siblings, and both are girls,
they too mean the most in my colorful world.

The lady that birthed me, is full of song and never whined.
Her name is Arthurlynn, but I call her Sunshine:

Of a positive and full life – I am a lover,
I’m Qui
and life wouldn’t be nothing for me – without my mother.


  1. Love the momma photo!! She looks like pure joy!

    • Ohhh Thank you Nine Cent Girl. )))HUGS((( Momma is pure joy! God knows I love that lady. THANKS for stopping by and sharing such a special picture and post with me here on QE. I’m most filled with joy (its clearly a part of DNA). lol!

  2. Happy Birthday GG — I LOVE YOU! )))HUGz(((

  3. I love this and I know that Aunt Art and Joe will love and treasure this you are so sweet Im still in tears love yall cuzin Vette

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    • Thank you Colette – I just passed on your wishes to my Mom. Thanks for making her day even more special. )))HUGS((( It means a lot to me. (-:

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