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What have you been up to

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And so I’ve been taking it easy
the holidays were sunny, warm and breezy

Thanksgiving was great’full  and Christmas was fun.
While some states gave snow – Arizona blazed sun.
Mmmm yum!

Oral Sum!

And so I’ve been taking it easy – the last 12 months deserve to be cheered,
for yielding wisdom to the Wilson children. I’m looking fwd to the 2013th year.

God has shown up & showed out during the last 365 days.
Leaving me beholden, free and feeling golden – to sing His unbelievable praise.

Indeed! Indeed – Let the roof be raised!
The pastures were plenty. We prosperity grazed.

All the year long we were blessed with good health;
the prosperity of life – far supersedes wealth.

So we’ve all been rich – some gave or lacked giving thanks.
Because the wealth I reference – doesn’t show up in the bank.

Well, think of it this way – money or not, if you’ve got your life: YOU SURELY WIN.
What’s the use of gaining the most dough to spend, if you die young (or alone) -in the end?

So I’ve been taken it easy. Kicking back and enjoying life by the miles.
I’ve been hugging, texting and kissing on my kids more – to invoke smiles.

Thanking God for the memories past, and certainly up for making some of new!
I’m Qui
Glad to be making this moment with thee. Tell me, What have you been up to?

Listen to me say it:

On the 12th Day of Christmas

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QuiEntertainment Baby

capital Well technically, it’s not the 12th Day of Christmas, unless I started my celebrations on December 12th — and I didn’t. I started my Christmas celebrations on December the 1st, but that hasn’t stop me from singing the traditional song with replacement lyrics. Very non-traditional lyrics (in fact), but I love them. Actually, the lyrics belong to Garrison Keller. Do you know him? He has an awesome LIVE RADIO VARIETY SHOW that I listen to on Sunday mornings via NPR radio.

I was born in the 70’s so not exactly the “radio era”, but I’ve always had a strong appreciation for radio variety shows. In the 10th grade I remember finding an AM station that aired old variety shows at night. I listened religiously and set my heart on reviving the art of radio listening. I still hold that charge. I’m still working on it, but until I carve out my own niche of radio variety shows, please enjoy Garrison Keillor with me, and his version of The 12 Days of Christmas. Use your imagination as he names each gift given to him on each day. Laugh at the sound effects that amp your imagination line for line. Without further ado click here and enjoy the variety show:

The 12 Days of Christmas

…On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

12 plumbers humming,
11 bikers skyping…
10 snorers sleeping…
9 ladies chanting…
8 amazing children…
7 Swanson women…
6 geezers playing
5 onion rings,
4 extroverts…

3 frenchmen…
2 squirrel nuts…
and a partridge apparently.

Applaud! Applaud! Applaud!

If you’d like to learn and enjoy more of Garrison Keillor beyond NPR, please feel free to visit his website:

Listening to radio variety shows really gets the mind involved. However, if you’re a visual person, feel free to tune into his YouTube page as well: A Prairie Home Companion.

Me? I’m the EXTROVERT in the song, and I’m feeling quite good.
I’m Qui
Wishing you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS in your radio variety hood.

Feeling real cool and…

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Chilly with a hot flower

[Click HERE to let me say it in your ear]

Tonight it’s chilly out
and I’m really feeling about
It’s not about the dough coming (immediate wealth),

but my heart is full
no bull –
I’m happy and full.

Feeling real cool and abstract
my skirt is short, my boots are black
my cleavage looks like a fine butt crack.
I’m high on endorphins – ain’t nothing I lack.

I’m writing y’all.
Exciting y’all.

All I need is the lacquered top of a piano
while I scale from alto to soprano
in a smokey bar scene
sequence applique on my seams.

I’m writing y’all.
Free styling y’all.

Feeling real cool and without a care,
I’ve got no pressing problems in my hair.
Feeling free like that old willow tree,
Ooo wee. Ooo wee. Ooo wee.

Tonight it’s chilly out
and what I’m really about
is writing verses,
performing off the cuff – no rehearses,
jazz marinating; submersing.
Free styling – no rehearsing.

reminds me to remember
that poetry is at the root
of my soul,
from my head to my boots.
Conversational gold.
It’s a birthright – not to be sold.

So I ain’t selling,
I’m just telling
I’m sweet, comforting and gelling.
Volume is far in range – but I’m not yelling.

I feel good
I wish you would
come cuddle with me

I feel good
I’m in a mood;
a sweetly spirited

Feeling real cool and
All I need is a pen in my hand.
All I want is affection from man
and… and…

Feeling real cool and
I do it acapella – I don’t need no band.
I make my own music. No one night stands.
I prefer to use my hand.

Tonight it’s chilly out
without a doubt
I’m loving you… I’m letting it out.

Twins on perk and lips on pout
without a doubt
I’m sparked because… it’s chilly out.

I don’t need no crackers and no hot sauce.
I just need a pen and pad to get me off.

Come with.
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