Haunting the Bio beyond the body

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bio_channel_logoYes, I’m a SciFi chic. I make no apologies for it.
But when it comes to life after death – the bio channel can score it.

Many a grieving heart considers ‘a haunting’ to be a plus;
the demand of such, deserves a delicate touch & consumes the  channels line up.
Oh child ‘hush’.

But it’s true.
It’s a friendly reminder to me and you

that energy isn’t destroyed, but is simply transferred
and that spirits are around to be seen, felt and heard [+/-].

You’re just a spiritual being housed in a body.
Your physical frame is what makes you a hotty.

Your 98.6 temperature is what confirms that you are alive.
Without the physical form – you’d be an orb of light.

My choice of research is mild and rests in a few shows
that share insight on where unbodied energies go.

Even though we don’t all see them – I believe they can see us.
So, if you tell me a place is haunted – of me, you’ll get no fuss.

I particularly fancy watching a reality show called Celebrity Ghost Stories
it’s a show where celebrities encounter spirits and yield paranormal glory.

Like Debbie Allen’s story:

I also like My Ghost Story and A Haunting.
There’s no resolve to most of them, yet the feeling forgoes daunting.

But how could there be resolution when we don’t fully understand 
what really happens to a spirit after it eludes the body of man?

I often wonder what compels me to gravitate towards such a subject?
I’ve come to the conclusion “it’s just curiosity (with a healthy side of I love it).”

I don’t mean to seem grim or to be lacking the time of lust and play,
but it’s good to know where spirits go – for we all have to pass that way.

We all know we’re going to die someday – so I don’t think my curiosity is amidst.
If you knew upon death you’d go to Mexico – wouldn’t you research a little Spanish?

Anywho, if curiosity is your hue
satisfy your jones via the satellite tube.

Tune into the BIO channel and check the aforementioned shows
to gain insight on the afterlife and their orbed spiritual glows.

To those who have lost a loved one: Do you ever feel that they are still around?
I’m Qui
Here to confirm to thee, only their body lies in the ground.

When you feel their presence, and you’re alone – your mind is still sound.
Rest assured, the spirits of loved ones passed are very much still around.

  1. Very enlightening post, my old friend. Thanks!

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