Feeling real cool and…

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Chilly with a hot flower

[Click HERE to let me say it in your ear]

Tonight it’s chilly out
and I’m really feeling about
It’s not about the dough coming (immediate wealth),

but my heart is full
no bull –
I’m happy and full.

Feeling real cool and abstract
my skirt is short, my boots are black
my cleavage looks like a fine butt crack.
I’m high on endorphins – ain’t nothing I lack.

I’m writing y’all.
Exciting y’all.

All I need is the lacquered top of a piano
while I scale from alto to soprano
in a smokey bar scene
sequence applique on my seams.

I’m writing y’all.
Free styling y’all.

Feeling real cool and without a care,
I’ve got no pressing problems in my hair.
Feeling free like that old willow tree,
Ooo wee. Ooo wee. Ooo wee.

Tonight it’s chilly out
and what I’m really about
is writing verses,
performing off the cuff – no rehearses,
jazz marinating; submersing.
Free styling – no rehearsing.

reminds me to remember
that poetry is at the root
of my soul,
from my head to my boots.
Conversational gold.
It’s a birthright – not to be sold.

So I ain’t selling,
I’m just telling
I’m sweet, comforting and gelling.
Volume is far in range – but I’m not yelling.

I feel good
I wish you would
come cuddle with me

I feel good
I’m in a mood;
a sweetly spirited

Feeling real cool and
All I need is a pen in my hand.
All I want is affection from man
and… and…

Feeling real cool and
I do it acapella – I don’t need no band.
I make my own music. No one night stands.
I prefer to use my hand.

Tonight it’s chilly out
without a doubt
I’m loving you… I’m letting it out.

Twins on perk and lips on pout
without a doubt
I’m sparked because… it’s chilly out.

I don’t need no crackers and no hot sauce.
I just need a pen and pad to get me off.

Come with.
[Created December 18th, 2012 @ 8:15pm]

  1. Evocative and Provocative…..I would expect nothing less. Painting pictures and raising temperatures with a turn of the verse. Had me singing “Baby its cold outside…”

    • You can be BING CROSBY & I’ll be DORIS DAY:

      Doris: I ought to say no, no, no sir
      Bing: Mind if move in closer?
      Doris: At least I’m gonna say that I tried
      Bing: What’s the sense of hurtin’ my pride?
      Doris: I really can’t stay
      Bing: Baby don’t hold out
      (Both) Ahh but its cold outside! lol!

      Thanks for your feed back Java Wolf. Ahwoooooo! Don’t you do love it when its cold outside? Ow! (-;

  2. Niiiiicceeee…good to see paper and pen put to proper use

    • Thank you for the feed back Mr. Houston. There’s nothing like hearing from a poetic genius like yourself. Ow! Snap-Snap! Snap-Snap! I’m just getting started…

  3. Thank God for December. Who needs a fireplace when you’re feeling real cool and… NICE PIECE MizQui.

  4. I’ve has trouble opening it at work (shh!) but from what I can tell, you have mad oral skills – in relation to this post, I mean!

  5. I feel you. Not literally, of course! I was just trying to be cool.
    How’d I do?

    • Snap-Snap-Snap! You did good baby. )))HUGS((( Did you listen to the audio link? Did you hear me present the piece? I’d love your thoughts on my oral presentation. Ooo wee! lol!

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