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Cowboy hats, boots and Dallas

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Cowboy hats boots and Dallas
I like cowboy hats.

Whether the hat is silver with a respected blue star
or just creased and tall enough to be seen from afar.

It doesn’t have to be a Stetson – please do know
It works for me if it’s good for the rodeo show.

I like boots.

I admire heavy starch on the denim – increasingly sharp
topped by a pair of firm tipped boots known for kicking arse.

I love Dallas.

I like that city that is kindred to mine. I give it a lot of metropolitan love.
I’m from the last two letters in the tri-abbreviation that is: DF-Dub

D stands for Dallas, F stands for Fort and Worth extends the W.
The metropolis is filled with a whole lot of love, but you can find trouble too.


I love Cowboys.

I never thought of myself as being country, but I now I surely know,
I’ll forever love a cowboy – no matter where I go,

because he is the one who embodies all of things that I like.
Ladies: Losing faith in men? A cowboy will do you right!

Hop on one tonight
and enjoy the chivalrous ride.

PS. He doesn’t have to rock the hat, but the boots are a must.
I’m Qui
shooting-the-bull with thee;  in a good time – do I trust.

Happy Weekend baby!
Go two-step…

A Beautiful M…

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A Beautiful Mixture of Chemistry

A Beautiful Mixture of CHEMISTRY

Whether it’s A Beautiful:

Mind, man, moment, money-wad or Monday –
once on showcase it yields (all involved) a fun day.

A Beautiful Moment is upon us and refreshingly at hand
especially if you’re in good health (body & mind) across this land.

A Beautiful Memory is in the cue of life waiting (for you) to be made,
So take a chance and step up out of your comfort of recluse shade.

A Beautiful Man is a blessing — and someone to rally behind
especially if he’s living within his purpose and enjoys his daily grind.

It’s A Beautiful Monday baby – and opportunity is ours for the taking.
Life is what you make it. Get busy moving and shaking.

Make your Mind up that this week will be beautiful,
I’m Qui
and success is yours – if you’ll just remain dutiful.

A Beautiful Me is required from the inside out
enabling me to seize all opportunity routes.
My attitude is in check and I am out!

Happier Friday

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Because I’m always HAPPY

All week long, I have been on a high
I’ve laughed so hard until I cried.

My fam is blessed, see no one died.
Life is not promised. I’m glad to be alive.

My children are safe, their rooms are… their own.
I’ve got a car full of gas and a warm, peaceful home.

There’s a little money in the bank – all is well and fine.
It’s chilly outside [52 temp nigh], thus I’m shopping online.

I’ve found a cute Calvin Klein jacket, whose price is too fair.
It would look great with my new skirt, my complexion and hair.

I’m online shopping and grinning.
Looking like Charlie Sheen when he says, “WINNING!

I’m Happier right now because the weekend is beginning.
The quality of my life is so good – it feels like I’m sinning.

Happier Friday today – because surely I was just “happy” last week,
I’m Qui
Taking it all in and happily sharing it with thee.

What about Life are you Happier about?

Im just saying

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So as of late I’ve been feeling a little more energetic.
Me – have a seat? Oh no, please. Forget it.

On my toes 24/7 – even when you’re sleeping.
I’m the one who watches the neighbors come home after creeping.

I’m just saying.



Hear me out…

So the other day the block had an electricity black out
just when my tight schedule said “run about.”

I manually opened the garage door
to see my neighbor crossing the paved score.

He’s 86 and as cute as a buttoned-down-player.
He was coming to ask me for a neighborly favor.

His fire alarms were going off – because the electricity out.
He wanted me to call 911 to get the fire dept. to come out.

As I was calling 911, waiting for the emergency call to connect
my neighbor told me a story that would benefit in what happened next.

He told me last week while helping a lost driver conquer his route
that he, for about 5 seconds without provocation – blacked out.

911 finally connected with me and a lady answered the call,
at which time she heard me yell to my neighbor, “Don’t you dare fall.”

He did and I braced the fall with my leg. His condition was stable and fair.
About 3 minutes later, with the operator still on the phone – good ol’ 911 was there.

I’m standing in my driveway with an elderly white man on the concrete,
the 911 responders took one look at me then duly crossed the street…


to stop the neighbors fire alarms from going off – no doubt.
Never mind that the neighbor was in my driveway blacked out.

You can’t help but laugh
when Murphy’s Law doesn’t pass.

Anything that can happen will…
I was on my way out to seal a contract deal,

When my neighbor approached me to make that call,
shortly before he blinked out and had that fall.

My neighbor is doing much better now & my appointment went amidst.
I took a look at the energy I often attract then I hammered out this.

Whenever I see the 86-year old coming I stop to give him the ‘right of way.’
His eyes have seen beyond my gleam – I’m always honored to hear his say.

On my way to smell the roses, my mind completely on “career task slaying”
Opportunity allowed me to help someone else & I’m grateful,
I’m just saying.

Last week I had a necessary utility bill due – I called to extend the time.
At the point the extended day was reached I was still short a few dimes.

But the company didn’t cut me off and I paid my due cost – It was an absolute economical score.
Perhaps billing found a little lenience with me, from good karma I’d stored up before?

I’m just saying.

Recently a young lady egged on the landlord to evict her roommate, in a rush to wreck his groove.
A week later she couldn’t afford the full rent, (twice her amount) and she got evicted too.

I’m just saying.

I could’ve named this piece Karma, but I felt like tag-word playing,
I’m Qui
Hamming it up with thee within some instances where, I’m just saying.”

Doing it again…

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qBefore my WordPress time, I was out on my own
I built a website that I’ll forever call home.

This website holds some of the coldest writings;
The authors were true and their lives:  exciting.

Young was the day and way before President Obama.
Even before Facebook – we assembled and aired ill drama.

Not for the cause of gossip or to spread
but mostly for the purposes of “the mind” being fed.

It was real conversation – perhaps something my man said the other day.
It was raw & untapped – no limits of what the author could say.

Well that was then, though today is shaping us nice,
it seems the grace that blessed us then, has come around twice.

In the age of all that’s good and social network mixing,
it’s good to know there’s a literal site where FREE SPEECH is kicking.

It’s a grown conversation – we say what the heck we feel.
It’s not a profane show. With integrity – we keep it real.

It’s not a PG show and certainly not for the faint at heart.
I can’t believe it’s come around again – 4 years past our part.

But it has indeed. Would you care to drop in and be nosey?
Learn something new, be blushed, breathless and rosy?

Then by all means of hospitality: I invite you to do drop in.
Spectators bring your glasses – Writers bring your pens.


Picture 4
Qui Entertainment Forums

Thanks to a couple of very special and super cool people
We have now breathed new life into our grown folks steeple.

Thanks Charlene & Reuben!
Now let the LITERAL showcase begin.

Oui! Oui!
I’m Qui
and I’ll see you there.

By the Historic way
Happy 2nd Inauguration & MLK Day!

IRS, Back Taxes and

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Death and Taxes

My Testimony: The rent was spent.

I wake up one morning a few weeks ago
to discover I won’t be recieving my paycheck no ‘mo.
Immediately following the mail man knocking at my do’
And handing me that letter –> at which point I froze.

Oh No!

Nothing is as sure as DEATH & TAXES!
It’s all that you need to completely tip your axis.

Fact is, the job outsourced in 2008
and we barely survived on our 401K.
I didn’t pay taxes on it and they surely were due.
I chose to keep the whole sum to see the fam through.

Unemployed until 2011- the 401K money ran out
and precisely at that time, we moved away from the South.

Fortunate us, we didn’t have to move in with mom
but to the Southwest region for a brand new job.

11 months into my new gig, the IRS sent me a note
that said, “Good Morning Qui – to us: YOU still OWE.

Oh No!

It went on to say, “and because it’s been a year that you’ve been employed
We’ll take 80% of your new wages – to curb our annoy.

And with that – they took 80% of my dough the week before Christmas,
But God was still good and seasonal blessings didn’t miss us.

Christmas dinner was had and there were gifts under the tree,
but some wondered about the rent. Mainly the wonderer was me.

I had to catch up on filings — I was 3 years behind.
There were records to be located and receipts to find.

I’d moved out of state and MANY sealed boxes are a garage staple.
But God was good and all was found –  somehow I was (thoroughly) able.

Once filing all back taxes, I was finally able to breathe,
and the garnishment hand of “the man” is now on release.

Thank God & Ooo Weee.

Nothing is for sure, but Death and Taxes -be wise & avoid all stress:
Pay your taxes at time of due or consent to net far less.

The rent was paid when there were only pennies in my bank.
God made that happen.  So to him I give thanks.

As February is approaching, I am sitting rightly on my axis.
The rent will be paid, despite IRS & Back Taxes.

The arrangements I made are menial in comparison
to taking a whopping 80% of my hard-earned-sum!


Doing the math, I just wanted to air it out with you,
I’m Qui
Happy New Year babies – please pay your taxes when they are due!

IRS, Back Taxes, me and you
is surely nothing socially or fashionably cute.

Contact the IRS:,-Installment-Agreements

A couple of cool sites

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Picture 26

Sometimes when you’re online
surfing, bored and out of your mind
all you really and truly desire and want
is a cool website to enjoy and haunt.

Well to your delight
Today I’m listing a few sites:

I’m really into video production, and sometimes, I have to convert file footage from one format to another to alter it, or add it to existing footage I’m working on. Here’s a great free online video converter that can help you make this process a reality: FREE VIDEO CONVERTER

BRAIN GAME! The object of this game is to complete as many words as possible. All the definitions are randomly generated and if at any time you get stuck, you can simply click “skip” to receive a new word: KNOWORD

If you like clipping coupons, or just like having them handy to save you a few bucks off of products & services you use often, try RETAIL ME NOT. There’s an app for it that goes on your phone too.

So you’re heavily into texting, but all texts aren’t good texts. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could put a (Mission Impossible like) expiration on your texts sent to friends, etc? Well now you can. Try sending your “limited-time” picture & video texts via: SNAPCHAT

It’s not too many links, but then how much time
do you really have in between hitting your grind?

It’s a new day, work hard and relax in kind,
I’m Qui
with A couple of cool sites to add variety to mind

And life is new again…

In Communication, Networking, Self Improvement on January 12, 2013 at 5:49 pm

Picture 24I remember having my oldest kid when I was a green 19,
the day of life was young and I was prime for the scene.

I was as wise as a young mom needed to be,
and we made it through – just us three.

Myself, my guy and our bundle of joy in tow,
6 years later, (we felt wise greater and) we birthed one mo.’

With two kids on our hips, we’ve made it thru the last 23 years,
then on December 18, 2012, God blessed us with more life cheers.

Our 21-year old baby has had a beautiful baby of her own!
Happy am I, (I won’t lie), because my daughter is grown.

She doesn’t live with me, she is truly blazing life –
in this world on her terms; navigating the lows and highs.

Happy am I – And life is new again.
I was once the parent, now I’m a wiser grand.

Happy am I – That I see life clearer now.
Not only am I fabulously grand, but still the kats meow!

And life is new again… who would have ever thought,
my oldest child would soon govern the wisdom she was taught?

We live in different states and we thank God for technology,
after the baby was born, I was able to see her immediately.

Facetime, Tango, OoVoo and picture texting
excited me more than Denzel’s secret sexting.

*Ahem!* Not that Denzel Washington is sexting me,
however, if he were – seeing the baby trumps even he! lol!

And life is new again, though I’m the same word-with she,
I’m Qui
Thanking God for the next generation of… ME

Untamed at Unchained: Tarantino

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With his controversial slavery-themed action flick toping the box office charts, the eccentric oscar-winning scribe proves that no subject is off limits

With his controversial slavery-themed action flick toping the box office charts, the eccentric oscar-winning scribe proves that no subject is off limits

Quentin Tarantino isn’t afraid to start some ish. The director who scalped Nazis in Inglorious Bastards and destroyed Japanese mob bosses in Kill Bill is tackling American slavery by unleashing his brand of wildly imaginative storytelling on audiences once again with his new film, Django Unchained.

Set in pre-Civil War South, Django, starring jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kerry Washington, is part dramedy, part love story, part spaghetti Western and a whole lotta badass.

And as is the case many of his previous films, it is not without controversy. after all, despite Django’s gritty and James brown-squealing trailer, portraying slavery on the big screen is no lauging matter. On the other hand, if you think this is a Roots remake, think again.

Tarantino set down with EBONY to discuss popular misconceptions about the film and teaming back up with Jackson:


EBONY: What was your vision for Django Unchained?
TARANTINO: I set out to write a really heart-wrenching story of slavery in the antebellum South combined with an operatic, mythical spaghetti Western story of a Black man who is a slave. then [we] see his mythical rise to not only become a man, but to also become a professional bounty hunter who would literally go into the mouth of hell to extract his princess.

EBONY: A lot of skeptics are critical of your taking on slavery.
TARANTINO: I haven’t liked any of the representations of slavery that I’ve seen on film. So being touchy about what you’ve seen in the past and what could come out based on the past, [the skepticism] is totally understandable. I get that.

EBONY: Are you more confident about Django after doing Inglorious Bastards?
TARANTINO: One of the characteristics of my work is that I madke you laugh at the f—ed up shit. I show things that aren’t funny and are f—ed up, then all of a sudden, against your will, I get you to laugh, you’re a co-conspirator. [Laughs]

EBONY: How do you make slavery humorous?
TARANTINO: To me, there is no humor in slavery. there is no humor in the Holocaust; however, there can be humor in the course of the situation of the story you’re telling.

EBONY: On a scale of 1 to 10, how many n-bombs are viewers in for?
TARANTINO: Since the n-bomb is just the parlance of the day, there’s no limit.

EBONY: Is the mojo still there with Sam Jackson?
TARANTINO: Completely. Sam is such a theatrical beast. He really is. He just devours everything in his path. He’s the bull in the china shop, and everybody else is the china.

EBONY: Any reservation about making this film?
TARANTINO: Asking a lot of Black folks to do something very painful. I thought about getting non-Americans to do it. What stopped me was [going] out to dinner with Sidney Poitier. I was telling him my thoughts, and he said, “For whatever reason, I believe that you were meant to tell this story. You just need to not be afraid You just need to not be afraid of your own movie. You need to get over being afraid.”

EBONY: Favorite scene?
TARANTINO: It’s the sequence at Don Johnson’s plantation when Django tracks down the overseers who f—ed over him and his wife. To actually see a slave wipe out overseers is crazy characteristic. click here to continue Ebony’s interview with Tarantino

The sound track was a traditional and non traditional weave;
the song A HUNDRED BLACK COFFINS was a FOXX & ROSS collab seed:

I rather enjoyed Django Unchained,
I’m Qui
feeling like Quentin T. —> completely Untamed.
It’s my literal claim to fame.

Russell said DO YOU

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Do youLaw #1 encouraged you to SEE YOUR VISION and STICK WITH IT. Law #1 begins with the words: “Never Change for the mainstream – stay in your lane, and if you’re talented  and resilient enough the mainstream will come to you.

Law #2:
It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are. — E. E. Cummings

Russell lays it out: “I’ve been credited deservedly or not, with several innovations in my career. But none have earned me as much respect (and created as many new opportunities) as my perceived ability to identify and build brands.  For over twenty years, I’ve been blessed with a reputation as a tastemaker, someone with a finger on the pulse of what’s cool in music, film, clothes, technology, and even politics. So how has an old bald guy like myself been able to maintain such a precarious perch in the hot-today-cold-tomorrow world of hip-hop? It’s simple.  I always try to follow the Law of Do You, which stresses staying true to who you are and what you like instead of following trends.

That’s something I learned growing up in the hip-hop nation, which has always put a priority on integrity and respecting what’s real.  Over the years, I’ve tried to apply this law to all my endeavors, making sure I only promote products that i believe in, rather than those that seem to have the most profit potential.  Adhering to this law is what has allowed the Def FJam and Phat Farm brands not only to survive in the ficklest of markets but actually to thrive ever year too.

Pursue and execute knowledge whether or not you went to college.

Out of all the laws in the book, this is the one I feel the most confident about, because I’ve seen it work so many times, not only for myself but for the people around me as well.  I’ve seen Kimora Lee find tremendous success with Baby Phat and her other endeavors by Doing Her.  If you choose something with Kimora’s name on it, whether it’s a pair of jeans or a TV show or a perfume, you know you’re going to get her fabulous attitude.  Even if the fashion gods announced tomorrow that fabulous was “out” and shabby was “in,” Kimora would still be fabulous.  She’s going to personify that attitude no matter what’s trendy at the moment.  So if that fabulous attitude is what you’re looking for,  you’ll always know that Baby Phat or Simmons Jewelry is where you can find it.  By always Doing You, Kimora has been able to build a strong, lasting brand.

But while there will be considerable discussion about business in this chapter, never forget that, like every law I promote, Do You really is a spiritual law.  When I talk about Doing Yo, I’m really just asking you to listen to that voice of God inside of you again.  Because without that voice, you’ll never be able to tap into the resources God has blessed you with.  Instead,  you’ll end up following the world, which will never be as rewarding as Doing You and following the path God has blessed you with. Instead, you’ll end up following the world, which will never be as rewarding as Doing You and following the path God has laid out for you.

So if it seems at times during this chapter I’m using material success to prove this law, keep in mind that the toys are just one of the many rewards you’ll receive from staying true to yourself.  Most importantly, you’ll get the happiness that comes from having a positive impact on the world while doing God’s work. From Gandhi to Bob Marley to Tupac, so many people throughout history have been able to change the world by Doing You.  Not even because they’re confident in their own ability, but because they have such a strong faith in the ability that God has put inside them.  They take the time to listen to that voice and have faith, you can use Law of Do You to take yourself to tremendous heights as well.”


Happy Holidays dear readers, allow me to encourage you to
put on for no man and Always Do You.

The world is filled with too many mini me’s, similars and seems alike.
Come strong in who you are. Variety is the spice of life.
Don’t get caught up in the ‘we do it like this’-type trife.
Set out to be distinguished in your unique life stride.

Me? I’m well on my way – there is no other
that blogs and rants in griot chant
than me, the word loving mother.

My style of conversation is not popular and I am not up for change.
I’m Qui
Welcome to Qui Entertainment
where Doing You is everythang!