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Death and Taxes

My Testimony: The rent was spent.

I wake up one morning a few weeks ago
to discover I won’t be recieving my paycheck no ‘mo.
Immediately following the mail man knocking at my do’
And handing me that letter –> at which point I froze.

Oh No!

Nothing is as sure as DEATH & TAXES!
It’s all that you need to completely tip your axis.

Fact is, the job outsourced in 2008
and we barely survived on our 401K.
I didn’t pay taxes on it and they surely were due.
I chose to keep the whole sum to see the fam through.

Unemployed until 2011- the 401K money ran out
and precisely at that time, we moved away from the South.

Fortunate us, we didn’t have to move in with mom
but to the Southwest region for a brand new job.

11 months into my new gig, the IRS sent me a note
that said, “Good Morning Qui – to us: YOU still OWE.

Oh No!

It went on to say, “and because it’s been a year that you’ve been employed
We’ll take 80% of your new wages – to curb our annoy.

And with that – they took 80% of my dough the week before Christmas,
But God was still good and seasonal blessings didn’t miss us.

Christmas dinner was had and there were gifts under the tree,
but some wondered about the rent. Mainly the wonderer was me.

I had to catch up on filings — I was 3 years behind.
There were records to be located and receipts to find.

I’d moved out of state and MANY sealed boxes are a garage staple.
But God was good and all was found –  somehow I was (thoroughly) able.

Once filing all back taxes, I was finally able to breathe,
and the garnishment hand of “the man” is now on release.

Thank God & Ooo Weee.

Nothing is for sure, but Death and Taxes -be wise & avoid all stress:
Pay your taxes at time of due or consent to net far less.

The rent was paid when there were only pennies in my bank.
God made that happen.  So to him I give thanks.

As February is approaching, I am sitting rightly on my axis.
The rent will be paid, despite IRS & Back Taxes.

The arrangements I made are menial in comparison
to taking a whopping 80% of my hard-earned-sum!


Doing the math, I just wanted to air it out with you,
I’m Qui
Happy New Year babies – please pay your taxes when they are due!

IRS, Back Taxes, me and you
is surely nothing socially or fashionably cute.

Contact the IRS:,-Installment-Agreements

  1. Girl yes! Life has been happening to me like: Ooo Wee. 🙂 I’ve been laughing through most and scraping off the bad, like burnt crust on toast. lol!

    I’m glad to see you back in the Qui Entertainment Forum. YOU ROCK and we have a lot of conversing to get to. See ya in the Forums:

    Peace and Blessings

  2. Wow Qui, this is you…. Bare. Out in the open like this, I cannot even begin to explain how proud I am. That I am not the only one that had gone through such an ordeal, but that u could air it out. Props to you my sister. You’ve always had the courage to put a spin to things and with that you encourage me as well.

    Much love my sister. See you later

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