Im just saying

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on January 23, 2013 at 8:31 am

So as of late I’ve been feeling a little more energetic.
Me – have a seat? Oh no, please. Forget it.

On my toes 24/7 – even when you’re sleeping.
I’m the one who watches the neighbors come home after creeping.

I’m just saying.



Hear me out…

So the other day the block had an electricity black out
just when my tight schedule said “run about.”

I manually opened the garage door
to see my neighbor crossing the paved score.

He’s 86 and as cute as a buttoned-down-player.
He was coming to ask me for a neighborly favor.

His fire alarms were going off – because the electricity out.
He wanted me to call 911 to get the fire dept. to come out.

As I was calling 911, waiting for the emergency call to connect
my neighbor told me a story that would benefit in what happened next.

He told me last week while helping a lost driver conquer his route
that he, for about 5 seconds without provocation – blacked out.

911 finally connected with me and a lady answered the call,
at which time she heard me yell to my neighbor, “Don’t you dare fall.”

He did and I braced the fall with my leg. His condition was stable and fair.
About 3 minutes later, with the operator still on the phone – good ol’ 911 was there.

I’m standing in my driveway with an elderly white man on the concrete,
the 911 responders took one look at me then duly crossed the street…


to stop the neighbors fire alarms from going off – no doubt.
Never mind that the neighbor was in my driveway blacked out.

You can’t help but laugh
when Murphy’s Law doesn’t pass.

Anything that can happen will…
I was on my way out to seal a contract deal,

When my neighbor approached me to make that call,
shortly before he blinked out and had that fall.

My neighbor is doing much better now & my appointment went amidst.
I took a look at the energy I often attract then I hammered out this.

Whenever I see the 86-year old coming I stop to give him the ‘right of way.’
His eyes have seen beyond my gleam – I’m always honored to hear his say.

On my way to smell the roses, my mind completely on “career task slaying”
Opportunity allowed me to help someone else & I’m grateful,
I’m just saying.

Last week I had a necessary utility bill due – I called to extend the time.
At the point the extended day was reached I was still short a few dimes.

But the company didn’t cut me off and I paid my due cost – It was an absolute economical score.
Perhaps billing found a little lenience with me, from good karma I’d stored up before?

I’m just saying.

Recently a young lady egged on the landlord to evict her roommate, in a rush to wreck his groove.
A week later she couldn’t afford the full rent, (twice her amount) and she got evicted too.

I’m just saying.

I could’ve named this piece Karma, but I felt like tag-word playing,
I’m Qui
Hamming it up with thee within some instances where, I’m just saying.”

  1. You’re the best Robert. I’m still HOOK’ed and I appreciate the global shout out on your website too. Much love! )))HUGS((( 🙂

  2. Great work- again! Check out today’s post to receive your due…

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