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How’s your KARMA

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What kind of karma are you building? What kind of future will fate be yielding?
The following 5 stories – are of karmic inherited glory:

Bad Butt Burt

He always played flagrantly when he was playing ball,
and when an injury hospitalized him – no one visited at all.

He never had a kind word to say to anyone about anything.
Soon he found himself lonely – because his phone would never ring.

He never listened to his parents. Their wisdom was an unwanted blur.
Now his own children won’t talk to him. What’s life-without-love worth?

Old Burt died early and no one was there to see.
However, what did survive him was his shady legacy.

Does it even matter to you and me?
The moral of the story: Don’t be a BBB.

Playful Polly

She thought it was cute to cut people down
until she realized her friends were no longer around.

And once the word got out, that she likes to back bite,
She found herself in quite a few unfortunate fights.

She would always poorly quip – ‘Girl – you know I was just playing’.
But words hurt deep & no one wanted to hear the quip that she was saying.

Precarious Carrie

She thought it was cute to sleep around with anyones man. That is until she fell in love and got married.
KARMA made it a 3-some when she found out her husband fathered the child her best friend carried.

Billy The [Other] Kid

Billy didn’t grow up with his dad but he always gave him top notch respect.
When his dad passed, he was sincerely sad & consoled by his new found DNA-connect.

By new sisters and brothers that he did not know.
But they embraced him firm – a familial show.

Unfortunately in life – Dad’s family really treated him (dad) bad.
Billy alone respected him & reaped (by will) every dime his dad had.

His new found DNA-connect retreated from Billy – then grew bitter and mad.
FYI: disrespecting your parents could easily yield you an inheritance lack.

Jilting James

He thought it was cute to slang drugs, cut everyone off and curse his father and mother,
until cop raiding season busted his game with reason –and an abandonment by his lover.

He thought his girl was down to ‘ride or die’.
She rode with cops and gave prosecution testify.

Oh my!

About LIFE :

Life is real and what goes around does come around.
Please take care to project your character as sound.

Be conscience of what you’re doing and the decisions that you make.
A good life is available. What’s your give for the take?

Anything worth having – you must definitely work hard for.
No one will co-sign for a slacker to reap a lotto score.

Think about it and think good, about insulting your friends.
This is where your good character downfall begins.

Life is what you make it. I’m just a wisdom-seeking moma,
I’m Qui
Sewing good seeds because I duly believe in Karma.

When life corners you into a pinch –
history shows us  that Karma Comes Quick!

HOME is Where the KARMA is

What goes around, comes around.
Are you living in a place that is peacefully sound?

How’s your neighborhood looking? Are you contributing good?
Be the ‘karma center’ in your neighborhood:

HOME is where the KARMA is…

Check out the link and redecorate your space,
I’m Qui
Always conscience of my karmic place.


KARMA on a Can of Soup

ndy Warhol once glorified the Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup label;
50 years later Campbell’s is glorifying Andy – as best as they are able.

click to enlarge

How – you might ask? By creating and selling Special Edition Labels with reprints of Andy Warhol’s work on their Condensed Tomato Soup cans. There are only going to be 1.2 million of them in circulation and they will be available at TARGET starting Sunday [9/2/12].

The irony that only hindsight coule see is, back in the ’60’s – Campell’s Soup considered suing Andy for reproducing their label in his art until they realized his paintings were a huge phenomenon and Warhol was a massive hit. Eventually Campbell’s came to realize that Andy’s love of their soup can label was truly ‘Mmm mmm good‘ for their marketing legacy and they dropped the silly idea of a law suit. Whose reproducing whose work now?

Andy was a fan of the tomato soup can and consumed it most often, I am told.
He painted out of love and got a cold shouldered shove,
yet today he is honored as gold.

His soup rendition is still among the most popular reprints ever sold.

Sometimes we should let things marinate before we write them off.
Campbel Soup is much more cooler – post the work of Andy Warhol.

–Qui 8/30/12


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Shaun T’s 5-Week Plan to Fix Your 5 Problem Areas

Shaun T, creator of the Insanity Workout, is back with a 5-week plan to tighten your most common problem areas. Flush the fat and revamp your butt, thighs, waist and more with his food tips and heart-pumping 15-minute workout!

Shaun T. is an all-around great guy. It appears that he can put the fitness twinkle back in anyones eye, abs or thighs.

Picture 11
Click here to WORKOUT with Shaun T. EVERYDAY for FREE via online video

Shaun T. is smoking hot and he likes to FITNESS mingle,
and for all who are interested, this cutie is not single.

I bought the INSANITY workout just 3 weeks ago
and I have dropped 4 solid pounds with many more to go.

I say 4 solid pounds because there wasn’t just water weight shedding.
Just Shaun T’s drill instructing and me in-motion and sweating.

I’m slowly evolving my eating habits and trimming up my plate.
I take vitamins and supplements and drink chocolate recovery shakes.

Transformation takes time; it is FITNESS that I am fond of.
Mentality over Reality – like the ever evolving Madonna.

No one does it better – ‘Staying young and looking good.
I don’t mind being Shaun T’s billboard in my neighborhood.

I’m in no rush to drop a few sizes or to even fit into a new dress.
I’m in a marathon for a quality-of-life that weighs 30 pounds less.

I don’t want to be on prescriptions and I don’t want to be cut on,
I’m Qui
working out with Shaun T.
 because I’m ON THAT that INSANITY jones




Mother-of-five who went from size 20 to a size 8 becomes a top body builder

capital letter Joanna Rainey, 45, went on a diet when a doctor bluntly told her she was obese. Until then she had been completely oblivious how heavy she had become.

‘I looked in the mirror I saw a thin woman. In my heart of hearts I knew I was overweight but thought I looked all right,’ she told MailOnline. Problem is, she ruptured two discs after her last son was born while bending over to pick him up.  Joanna says: ‘The doctor told me it was to do with my weight.’  Though she was highly offended, the surgery she needed to relieve the pain, could only be executed if Joanna lost weight…

Picture 6

Read more:



Jermaine Dupri Talks So So Def 20 Year Anniversary, His Music Legacy and More

Picture 7

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Producer and record label owner Jermaine Dupri brought southern Hip-Hop to worldwide audience 20 years before anyone realized the future of rap music was in the south. He then added select blends of the smoothest R&B sounds around with a platinum-adorned roster that featured Da BratKriss KrossXscape, Jagged Edge and Bow Wow.

Today the label features Fresco Kane and Anthony Hamilton as two of their most recognizable talents, as well as a stable of musicians who are just a hit away from being a household name.

Read more… 1,693 more words  or peep the videos

Happy Go-Lucky Baby Huey

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Baby Huey_LelandHe’s 6’3; he’s 16.
He’s sweet as pie with an adolescents gleam in his eye.

He’s got big ideas – he’s got big dreams.
His big baby frame sports a 38 inseam.

His shoulders bear man-mass in space,
but there’s very little facial hair upon his face.

I don’t think he even realizes how big he is.
Shoe strings hang as he walks with other kids.

Bouncing a basketball or sliding on a skate board,
but in the height and weight category – this baby hoards.

He towers & adolescent showers; his age bleeds through.
He looks up to me, the young-giant-he but I am only 5’2.

I am maternally fond of the oversized he.
His name is Lee – I call him BABY HUEY.

Have a very TALL Pre Friday!
I’m Qui
Griot’ing with thee in the animated way:

WHITE is the New SEXY

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The WHITE HOUSE that is. And no – I’m not saying that because I like the Obama’s swagger, but rather speaking about that of (crisis manager) Olivia Pope and President Fitz Grant. Talk about action in the white house – it’s on fire.

Scandal - Olivia & Pres.Grant

ABC’s SCANDAL is in its second season and its awesome. Last season ended with President Grant getting shot, by an assassin and clinging on to dear life. While he lay in a coma, Olivia Pope was proposed to by her ex-and-current beau Senator Edison Davis.

The White House is a breeding ground for hot couples.  All of our 44 presidents have been married upon entering the residence  (except for 1) and none divorced while in reside. President Grant proposes to be the first commander in chief to suggest as much when he asks Olivia to marry him instead of Edwin before Olivia ever had a chance to respond to Edwin.

President Grants wife is a pre-packaged deal. She’s married to the Leader of The Free world and has birthed three of his children. She’s also aware of the torch he carries for Oliva Pope.

Romance eludes the first couples bedroom because President Grant wants Olivia; thus the name of the series.

It’s gripping, it’s good. It’s really, really good.
I partake of it weekly in my soap-loving hood.

6-days out of 7 I am on that satellite view
but on Thursdays, I exhibit a SCANDAL’ous hue
that yields me over to the ABC network
when I can voyeur the intriguing “her.”

Dangerous and on the edge, yet all is in control.
In the arms of a Mustafa; Who else could but hold?
A power two on the horizon, but the pair does not match.
A Scandal is in progress. A naught egg is in hatch.

No one is pregnant, but a secret is kept.
For a series like this — a sister has wept,

then I lept at the chance to follow along,
I’m Qui
Digging ABC and their hue of the Washington dome.
That place where the power couple: Obama’s call home.

Scandal broadcasts THURSDAYS 10|9c on ABC.

How much do you love your kid – The Game Show

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How much do you love your kid GAME SHOWThe school calls hours after you’ve put your child on the bus for school and informs you that he never showed up. What do you do?

DONNA raced down to the police station with a picture of her son Wylie, pleading for help in finding him. That’s when she was approached by Nick Dart, the host of a new reality game show, HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOUR KID?

NICK: You have 60 minutes to find your child. We’ll provide you clues. If you win you’ll get $500,000, but if you lose … well, let’s not think about that right now. Instead I want you to take a look at this monitor and then I want you to ask yourself, “How much do you love your kid?”

In a desperate need to bring her son home safe, Donna played the game. Before the close of 60-minutes, Donna solved every clue, found her son and was awarded the $500,000 prize at which time the Nick offered to double the reward if she could catch the kidnapper, then he armed her with a gun. Again Donna conquered the task – she found the suspect and shot him to death. The show announced her award of $100,000,000 as she was being cuffed and put into a police squad car.

That’s when Forrest Whittaker came out of the woodworks and into the camera frame as Rod Serling.

The moral of the story was, “What good does it do a man to gain the world and lose his soul” [Mark 8:36], or perhaps more specifically stated, “What good is it for you to win a million dollars if you won’t be able to partake in the joy of it?”

The reality game show idea that The Twilight Zone was selling was very cheesy and corny, but then again, aren’t most reality shows a bit of such? In fact the cheesier and the cornier it is, the longer the 15-minutes of fame, (ie.. The Kardashian laundry list).


Reality game shows are not my thing,
from living island remote to standing on stage to sing…
Reality games shows are just not my thing.

However, I very much like reality shows.
My preferred topic now-a-days is ghosts.

I don’t watch A PARANORMAL STATE or a  GHOST HUNTERS story
Tho I fancy giving the BIO channel most of my line-up glory.

I like Celebrity Ghost Stories and a show called The HAUNTING
I like The Long Island Medium because her say is rarely daunting.

In light of all that reality television is,
I’m Qui
And there’s just nothing cool about gaming the kids.

The SOTU in a Hiaku

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Giving homage to the first STATE OF THE UNION Address of the year, I recapitulate in haiku. Enjoy. 🙂

The POTUS took the podium:

The captain lined up the ship mates of both corridors and divvied them their share.

Guiding the ship was smooth but the seas were not.

The ball of the musket was loaded but not fired. The NRA had an eye brow up.

Nobody moved – nobody got hurt. The captain exited softly with his stick.

The REPUBLICAN RESPONSE was given by Marco Rubio:

The prepackaged meal was laid on a white plate and the content was short.

Cotton around the pie-hole early – proved the server lacked passion.

Marco Rubio killed me getting thirsty near his short speech end.
I’m Qui
and I couldn’t resist to say,”Stay Thirsty My Friend.” LOL! 🙂


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Christopher DornerThere’s a black dude in Cali who’s singing deaths song,
a former LAPD officer who says he’s been done wrong.

His name is Christopher Dorner and he wrote a revenge manifesto
then started a killing spree with the offspring of his working co.

Yes, he’s already killed three people and have wounded five.
The LAPD lives in fear as long as he’s roaming alive.

Because the last of the three that Dorner has killed was a LAPD cop.
The first two were family of another officer who’s listed to get got.

Right now –BREAKING NEWS is HOT –  a couple of rangers have found him
and that they are currently shooting-it-out up in Big Bear Mountains.

That is what’s going on right now @ 3:12pm via headline news.
I’m Qui
On the edge of my seat glued in to a satellite view.


The two rangers that Dorners engaging in gun battling with
both have been wounded. His charges grow thick…

The media is citing ‘this maybe the beginning of the end.’
It’s being broadcast live. We’re all tuned in…

**UPDATE [before the SOTU Speech]**

Dorner was held up in a cabin in the snowy woods,
a place out of his comfy hood,
after gun fire exchanges,  he barricaded himself
and for hours to come his face remained stealth.

Post 3.5 hours of hold -up, a blazing fire consumes the cabin plot
shortly before that, responding officers heard a single gun shot.

The cabin now burns in majestic sized flames.
All law enforcers can think about is bagging his remains.

In the meantime, this seems like the end.
Dorner exited life, as the STATE OF THE UNION began.



8pm —

A body has been recovered and is on its way to the autopsy table.
Law enforcers will be happy to proclaim it’s Dorner – as soon as they are able. 🙂


10pm —

NEW REPORTS state: there is no body in the custody of police.
Tonight LAPD enforcers will sleep with little to no peace…


24-Hours Later —

Authorities are still NOT SURE that the body recovered from the cabin is Christopher Dorner’s. The remains are under autopsy and the story is laying low.

Which makes one think – the remains ARE NOT Dorners.

Also, the officers (and their families) who WERE on the manifesto are still in hiding/custody.

I am.


2/15/13 —

Authorities have confirmed that Christopher Dorner met his demise in the burned out cabin. Details as to how, (by fire, smoke, or the single gun shot they heard prior to the explosion) have yet to be given.

Grateful for a few things

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dont take for granted

  • That I woke up in my right mind
  • That I have the activity of my limbs
  • That I have family and friends
  • That I am loved

I am Grateful for a few things. I am grateful for you.
I am grateful last week is over and we all made it through.

I’m grateful that spring is soon on the way.
I’m grateful that the beach will be hiatus play.

I plan to hit NEWPORT BEACH more than a few times.
I’ve got screen writes to explore & journals to write.

There’s nothing like hiding out there
and basking in the sunsets (as if without a care).

I am grateful that my eyes have 20/20 vision and that my health is good,
I’m Qui
Grateful for a few things, one of which is because you visit my wordpress hood.


What are you grateful for?

This is not D hall – This is a COURT of LAW

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Illustration by:

Illustration by:

Do you remember when valley-talk and looking cluelessness started to trend, socially? It was in the early 80’s and its parents were the writers of SQUARE PEGS and then a few years later CLUELESS was born. Lucky us, the show CLUELESS single handedly revived the valley-talk trend for another generation or two.

It was apparently so catchy, that neither of the shows have run for decades now, but cluelessness and valley-talk have survived and are thriving quite well on the lips and tongues of million of teens (and even some adults). Like, AWESOME. Right?

What’s valley talk? It’s the (teen) annoyance of putting the word LIKE in front of everything you say. God help you, if you’re trying to get instructions from a girl utilizing valley talk, because it’s LIKE impossible to get a straight answer. A Florida court witnessed clueless and valley-talk first hand via Penelope Soto’s demeanor and responses in the video below:

What happened there:

Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat sentenced Penelope Soto for her disrespectful court conduct. She stood before the honorable bench the day after she was arrested for possession of XANEX. The court clerk asked Penelope if she owned anything of substantial value: money, cars, homes, jewelry, etc. Penelope said “yes.” When the judge asked her to elaborate on what specifically she had of value, Penelope said, “jewelry.” The judge then asked her to how much jewelry did she have, at which time Penelope responded: “A lot.” The judge asked again, “how much?” Penelope responds, “LIKE Rick Ross.” This is when the public defender began to chime in (off camera), “I’ll make it easy for the court respectfully, I’ll step in for her at this time.” But Judge Rodriguez-Chomat responded, “No, I’m not gonna appoint you because she owns a substantial amount of jewelry….”


Then Penelope flipped Judge Rodriguez-Chomat the bird and said, “F%#k you!” For that – she received a double fine totaling $10,000.00, was held in contempt of court and sentenced to 30-days in the county jail.

Maybe now Penelope will feels more like Rick Ross after all. Doesn’t jail time give you mad street cred?

I don’t know. However, if you ever have to go before a judge in a court a law, and are wondering about how you should conduct yourself, please read this first: COURT ETIQUETTE

What happen to personal pride and integrity showing?
Was it over taken by valley talk & the cluelessness growing?

Life is not D hall at high school in the principles office.
Life involves a court of law and a double fine for bliss.

Square Pegs and Clueless were both cancelled long ago,
I’m Qui
saying GET A CLUE and let the disrespectful LIKE-stuff go!

It could land you 30-days in the hole,
and surely that’s NOT where you want to go.

All four of her children were shot dead

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Picture 22
Shirley Chambers gave birth to 4 children in Chicago and over the last 17-years she has lost each one to gun violence. She had 3 boys and 1 girl:

  • 18-year old Carlos Chambers was shot to death just after Thanksgiving in 1995. That shooting followed a run-in with a high school classmate.
  • 15-year old LaToya Chambers was fatally shot in the lobby of a Cabrini-Green public housing high-rise in 2000.
  • 23-year old Jerome Chambers was killed while at a pay phone on the street also in 2000.
  • 33-year old Ronnie Chambers was killed when a van that he was in, was shot up by gunmen on Jan. 26, 2013.

And THAT is the end of Shirley Chambers offspring.

Each one of the Chambers children were taken out by the chambers of a gun. Casualties of their environment.

LIFE was not formed to carry unbearable burden piles
or for parents to rue the day that they bury their child.

What’s the rash of the gun violence about?
Who let the mad assault-weapon-holders out?

No one’s trying to take anyone’s gun away – but the violence grows yet.
Though we should make gun applicants submit to a psychological test.

And because of what happened in Newton, CT – with the grade of weaponry and mass bullet sums,
I’d say we should psych evaluate every single person that’s living in a house with a gun.

So let’s say we adopt as much and all that we really ever find
is that the shooters aren’t MHMR but rather choose a terroristic mind.

What do we do when family and friends pass the psych test and all seems cool,
until one day they decide to shoot the gun owner first then go shoot-up a school?

Oh wait! That’s the story of Newton, CT – still it could happen anywhere,
I’m Qui
Let us collectively get control of our gun situation. I’m only pleading because I care.

[Ref. source: ]