All four of her children were shot dead

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Shirley Chambers gave birth to 4 children in Chicago and over the last 17-years she has lost each one to gun violence. She had 3 boys and 1 girl:

  • 18-year old Carlos Chambers was shot to death just after Thanksgiving in 1995. That shooting followed a run-in with a high school classmate.
  • 15-year old LaToya Chambers was fatally shot in the lobby of a Cabrini-Green public housing high-rise in 2000.
  • 23-year old Jerome Chambers was killed while at a pay phone on the street also in 2000.
  • 33-year old Ronnie Chambers was killed when a van that he was in, was shot up by gunmen on Jan. 26, 2013.

And THAT is the end of Shirley Chambers offspring.

Each one of the Chambers children were taken out by the chambers of a gun. Casualties of their environment.

LIFE was not formed to carry unbearable burden piles
or for parents to rue the day that they bury their child.

What’s the rash of the gun violence about?
Who let the mad assault-weapon-holders out?

No one’s trying to take anyone’s gun away – but the violence grows yet.
Though we should make gun applicants submit to a psychological test.

And because of what happened in Newton, CT – with the grade of weaponry and mass bullet sums,
I’d say we should psych evaluate every single person that’s living in a house with a gun.

So let’s say we adopt as much and all that we really ever find
is that the shooters aren’t MHMR but rather choose a terroristic mind.

What do we do when family and friends pass the psych test and all seems cool,
until one day they decide to shoot the gun owner first then go shoot-up a school?

Oh wait! That’s the story of Newton, CT – still it could happen anywhere,
I’m Qui
Let us collectively get control of our gun situation. I’m only pleading because I care.

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