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This is not D hall – This is a COURT of LAW

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Do you remember when valley-talk and looking cluelessness started to trend, socially? It was in the early 80’s and its parents were the writers of SQUARE PEGS and then a few years later CLUELESS was born. Lucky us, the show CLUELESS single handedly revived the valley-talk trend for another generation or two.

It was apparently so catchy, that neither of the shows have run for decades now, but cluelessness and valley-talk have survived and are thriving quite well on the lips and tongues of million of teens (and even some adults). Like, AWESOME. Right?

What’s valley talk? It’s the (teen) annoyance of putting the word LIKE in front of everything you say. God help you, if you’re trying to get instructions from a girl utilizing valley talk, because it’s LIKE impossible to get a straight answer. A Florida court witnessed clueless and valley-talk first hand via Penelope Soto’s demeanor and responses in the video below:

What happened there:

Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat sentenced Penelope Soto for her disrespectful court conduct. She stood before the honorable bench the day after she was arrested for possession of XANEX. The court clerk asked Penelope if she owned anything of substantial value: money, cars, homes, jewelry, etc. Penelope said “yes.” When the judge asked her to elaborate on what specifically she had of value, Penelope said, “jewelry.” The judge then asked her to how much jewelry did she have, at which time Penelope responded: “A lot.” The judge asked again, “how much?” Penelope responds, “LIKE Rick Ross.” This is when the public defender began to chime in (off camera), “I’ll make it easy for the court respectfully, I’ll step in for her at this time.” But Judge Rodriguez-Chomat responded, “No, I’m not gonna appoint you because she owns a substantial amount of jewelry….”


Then Penelope flipped Judge Rodriguez-Chomat the bird and said, “F%#k you!” For that – she received a double fine totaling $10,000.00, was held in contempt of court and sentenced to 30-days in the county jail.

Maybe now Penelope will feels more like Rick Ross after all. Doesn’t jail time give you mad street cred?

I don’t know. However, if you ever have to go before a judge in a court a law, and are wondering about how you should conduct yourself, please read this first: COURT ETIQUETTE

What happen to personal pride and integrity showing?
Was it over taken by valley talk & the cluelessness growing?

Life is not D hall at high school in the principles office.
Life involves a court of law and a double fine for bliss.

Square Pegs and Clueless were both cancelled long ago,
I’m Qui
saying GET A CLUE and let the disrespectful LIKE-stuff go!

It could land you 30-days in the hole,
and surely that’s NOT where you want to go.