Sex & The Senses

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Think about it: How hot would your sex life be if you couldn’t touch your partner’s body? Hear his voice? Or see his face? We’re guessing pretty bland. Your five senses—hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste—play a significant role in creating arousal and enjoying sex. “One of the biggest reasons why sex becomes routine is because people stop paying attention to their senses,” says Sari Cooper, a okay certified sex therapist in New York City. “But to fully experience sex in a mindful way, you have to awaken all your senses.”

Want to turn up the heat in your bedroom tonight? Try these sensory-stimulating tips.


Your ability to see lets you appreciate a guy’s drool-worthy physical features (his broad shoulders, dimples or abs) that drew you to him in the first place, but your peepers can enhance sex in other ways. “If you’re having sex with someone you love, keeping your eyes open creates a deeper, emotional connection since you’re visually registering everything about them—not just their looks,” says Kristen P. Mark, Ph.D., statistical consultant and project coordinator at the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University. But if it feels strange to have sex while looking at each other, try closing your eyes. This also heightens physical pleasure by allowing you to focus more on how sex feels without a potentially awkward staring contest.


There’s a reason you get chills when your partner gently strokes your arm or inner thighs. Your skin is one of the most sensitive organs you have. “The skin houses different types of nerves that serve various functions such as detecting hard or soft pressure, temperature or pain,” says Madeleine Castellanos, M.D., a New York-based sex therapist. “When someone attractive touches you, your nerve cells alert the brain’s cortical sensory homunculus—the portion that recognizes sensation and movement—and may register as pleasure.”

Get touchy by stroking each other’s stomach, back and chest—the three areas that may release the most feel-good chemicals called oxytocin—or slowly and lightly run your fingertips up and down your partner’s arms, forehead and the tops of his thighs, which stimulate the C-tactile fibers that induce a sense of comfort. You can also use your hair or fingernails to add some texture to your touch. Just keep in mind that guys tend to prefer a firm touch thanks to higher amounts of testosterone, which thickens their skin, while women are more sensitive to lighter types of touch.


Listening to Usher keeps you motivated during your workout but inviting him into your bedroom (not literally!) can result in hotter sex. A study published in the journal Media Psychology found that when couples listen to music with suggestive lyrics, they find their partner more appealing. “Sexually explicit songs create a sexually-charged environment,” says lead study author Francesca Dillman Carpentier, Ph.D., associate professor of journalism and mass communication at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, “and when you listen with someone you’re attracted to, the lyrics make you focus favorably on their physical attributes, enhancing attraction.”

You can reap similarly stimulating results with a round of dirty talk, so tell him how good he makes you feel or, if you’re feeling bold, whisper a favorite sexual fantasy.


Your taste buds are busy all day detecting sweet, salty, bitter and sour flavors in your food. But they don’t quit during sex. When you exchange deep, wet kisses with your partner, your buds pick up on the taste of his lips and saliva, the latter of which can intensify arousal. “Although it’s just a theory, and there’s been little research on the subject of kissing, one school of thought is that the saliva in a man’s mouth contains trace amounts of testosterone, which he transmits to his partner, increasing her sex drive,” says Cooper. You can play with taste during sex by sucking on a lollipop before kissing for a sugary rush or spicing up oral sex with edible lube.


You love your partner’s scent—that unique, natural odor, which is most potent when he first wakes up in the morning or hasn’t showered yet. Smell is known for its power of association, but there are subtler biological factors at play, too: Famous research published in the U.K. journal Proceedings of the Royal Society found that when couples dig each other’s scent, their bodies are subconsciously responding to the other’s dissimilar immune systems, which appears to signal reproductive compatibility. This could be because offspring born to couples with dissimilar immune systems may be better equipped to fend off more diseases (sexy, we know). So during sex, simply taking a whiff of your partner can boost your libido.

You can also stimulate your sniffer by inhaling other types of scents. Studies conducted by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago found that various scents, such as lavender and pumpkin pie, revs libido in men and women. Try lighting scented candles before sex to release an arousing odor into the room, or give each other a sensual rubdown with scented oils.

We can do it in the dark; we can do it in the light.
We can utilize our senses or you can blind fold my sight.

I like the soft licks and I love the light hand touch.
I’m a fan of making whoopy! I do like it very much.

It’s one thing I can’t forget about and so hense this:
I couldn’t refuse to share my viewes of Sex & The Senses.

Are you sensitive? You should try to be tonight.
I’m Qui
Acknowledging my senses and turning off the lights. (-:

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