How much do you love your kid – The Game Show

In TV Shows on February 17, 2013 at 7:13 am

How much do you love your kid GAME SHOWThe school calls hours after you’ve put your child on the bus for school and informs you that he never showed up. What do you do?

DONNA raced down to the police station with a picture of her son Wylie, pleading for help in finding him. That’s when she was approached by Nick Dart, the host of a new reality game show, HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOUR KID?

NICK: You have 60 minutes to find your child. We’ll provide you clues. If you win you’ll get $500,000, but if you lose … well, let’s not think about that right now. Instead I want you to take a look at this monitor and then I want you to ask yourself, “How much do you love your kid?”

In a desperate need to bring her son home safe, Donna played the game. Before the close of 60-minutes, Donna solved every clue, found her son and was awarded the $500,000 prize at which time the Nick offered to double the reward if she could catch the kidnapper, then he armed her with a gun. Again Donna conquered the task – she found the suspect and shot him to death. The show announced her award of $100,000,000 as she was being cuffed and put into a police squad car.

That’s when Forrest Whittaker came out of the woodworks and into the camera frame as Rod Serling.

The moral of the story was, “What good does it do a man to gain the world and lose his soul” [Mark 8:36], or perhaps more specifically stated, “What good is it for you to win a million dollars if you won’t be able to partake in the joy of it?”

The reality game show idea that The Twilight Zone was selling was very cheesy and corny, but then again, aren’t most reality shows a bit of such? In fact the cheesier and the cornier it is, the longer the 15-minutes of fame, (ie.. The Kardashian laundry list).


Reality game shows are not my thing,
from living island remote to standing on stage to sing…
Reality games shows are just not my thing.

However, I very much like reality shows.
My preferred topic now-a-days is ghosts.

I don’t watch A PARANORMAL STATE or a  GHOST HUNTERS story
Tho I fancy giving the BIO channel most of my line-up glory.

I like Celebrity Ghost Stories and a show called The HAUNTING
I like The Long Island Medium because her say is rarely daunting.

In light of all that reality television is,
I’m Qui
And there’s just nothing cool about gaming the kids.

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