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WHITE is the New SEXY

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The WHITE HOUSE that is. And no – I’m not saying that because I like the Obama’s swagger, but rather speaking about that of (crisis manager) Olivia Pope and President Fitz Grant. Talk about action in the white house – it’s on fire.

Scandal - Olivia & Pres.Grant

ABC’s SCANDAL is in its second season and its awesome. Last season ended with President Grant getting shot, by an assassin and clinging on to dear life. While he lay in a coma, Olivia Pope was proposed to by her ex-and-current beau Senator Edison Davis.

The White House is a breeding ground for hot couples.  All of our 44 presidents have been married upon entering the residence  (except for 1) and none divorced while in reside. President Grant proposes to be the first commander in chief to suggest as much when he asks Olivia to marry him instead of Edwin before Olivia ever had a chance to respond to Edwin.

President Grants wife is a pre-packaged deal. She’s married to the Leader of The Free world and has birthed three of his children. She’s also aware of the torch he carries for Oliva Pope.

Romance eludes the first couples bedroom because President Grant wants Olivia; thus the name of the series.

It’s gripping, it’s good. It’s really, really good.
I partake of it weekly in my soap-loving hood.

6-days out of 7 I am on that satellite view
but on Thursdays, I exhibit a SCANDAL’ous hue
that yields me over to the ABC network
when I can voyeur the intriguing “her.”

Dangerous and on the edge, yet all is in control.
In the arms of a Mustafa; Who else could but hold?
A power two on the horizon, but the pair does not match.
A Scandal is in progress. A naught egg is in hatch.

No one is pregnant, but a secret is kept.
For a series like this — a sister has wept,

then I lept at the chance to follow along,
I’m Qui
Digging ABC and their hue of the Washington dome.
That place where the power couple: Obama’s call home.

Scandal broadcasts THURSDAYS 10|9c on ABC.